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This story is a sequel to Sirens of the Night

Things were looking up. Sunset Shimmer had friends, her popularity with her fellow students was on the rebound. She even had three new cousins! Then Anon-A-Miss struck. Can the Dazzlings prove Sunset's innocence before tragedy strikes?

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Wait, so anon a miss posted a picture of sunset taken from a third person and people still think she is anon a miss? I mean, as much as we give the rainbooms a hard time for not trusting sunset, the evidence did point to her.

The students at CHS are operation under a mob mentality. They are not thinking rationally at this point. The want a scapegoat and they chose Sunset.

sorry but don't like this chapter. the bit with Sunset and Pinkie Pie was way too fast.
was wham bam thank you sam fast.

i can't take it seriously.

Anon-A-Miss just screwed up. Not only is Sunset in the picture but why would she put herself and the only other students on her side down by calling them monsters.

Honestly though I was expecting more turbulence between Pinkie and Sonata before Pinkie joins team Sunset. Maybe the rest of the school thinking Aria and Sonata are part of Anon-A-Miss as well. Something along those lines

My sugestion is you rewrite the chapter, and try to put more work into the right pacing and people's emotions. Plus you have to consider the new facts you have created with your previous story.
First, Sunset lives with Celestia, what makes her more mentaly stable.
(Actually her breakdown in the comic itself was stupid. The real Sunset would reather have become angry and run of to find the true culprit.)
Second, Aria and Sonata are at CHS. For exemple, after the hall way scene would Pinkie gotten quite a tongue-lashing from her girlfriend. Were she would had most likely gotten shown her error and would herself apologice.
(Again, the real Pinkie would from the start had doubts about Sunset as the culprit. Same goes with Fluttershy and the loyal Rainbow Dash.)

They'll take the case!!!

I confess that when you said that you wanted to make an Anon-a-Miss-themed story, I was a little afraid of what could come out, but not at the level of bad story, but something really dark and gloomy I found in some stories to This theme. In fact I had made three thousand mental journeys about what would happen between Pinkie and Sonata, but I'm glad that the siren made sure to bring his girlfriend on her side to defend Sunset. But if I can give you some advice, you should lengthen the conversation between Pinkie and Sunset, the kind that while the sirens are talking in the kitchen, Pinkie asks Sunset why this "cruel act" and Sunset that tells her that it is not it was she who would never have done such a thing to the only people who loved her and given a second chance. Then Pinkie tells her how she could prove she is not Anon-a-Miss and Sunset replies that she can not prove it, but asks Pinkie to believe her because at the moment the only thing she can give her its her word. After this conversation the two look each other in the eye and Pinkie begins to remember all the happy moments spent with Sunset and at the same time when she was cruel and mean, and that's where the light comes on in Pinkie's head and starts to notice something that does not square in this story and then make peace.

I hope I have not bored you too much. However I'm curious to see how the story continues. I can not wait to read the next chapter and see how the sirens reveal the mystery of Anon-a-Miss and above all, of whom Adagio fell in love.

This should put an interesting twist on things.

I thought so, will Scootaloo use the fact that she is closer to Sunset to further Anon-A-Miss, or will she see the error of her ways?

"Who is your daughter," Scootaloo asked, "is it Rainbow Dash?!"

"No," Celestia answered with a chuckle, "Sunset Shimmer."

it's here we need the dramatic squirrel!


I must say that I like the twist that is taking this story, I can not wait to read the next chapter!

I wonder how the other Crusaders will react when Scootaloo tells them they've been victimizing the Principal's daughter.
I'm thinking spontaneous frizz freaking :pinkiegasp:

Next chapter!

Next chapter!

Next chapter!

Next chapter!

Next chapter!

NEXT CHAPTER RIGHT NOW!!!:flutterrage:

YES! Another chapter! Great job, I'm really enjoying this story I can not wait to read the next chapter!

P.S: I hope that from the next chapter, seen the entry of the scene of Sci-Twi, can be born the basis for my favorite ship!

P.S.S: Flutttershy and Rarity courage! now you're getting there that Sunset is innocent, do not back down and convince the others!

I'm glad that you are enjoying the story. At the moment I have no intention of shipping Sunset and Sci-Twi.

Skunk Apes?

The Florida version of Bigfoot

I thought it was a skunk and a ape were doing the bareback bump which made the skunk ape.

"It's a long story," Sunset said as she got up to exit the room, "and we have school tomorrow, but I promise I will tell you. For now, welcome to Celestia's Home for Wayward Children."

Sunset nearly walked into Celestia as she exited Scootaloo's room.

"Celestia's Home For Wayward Children," Celestia said with a raised eyebrow.

"What else would you call us," Sunset replied, "good night mom."

That is bloody amazing

I am more expecting Twidagio from this series

"Who is your daughter," Scootaloo asked, "is it Rainbow Dash?!"

"No," Celestia answered with a chuckle, "Sunset Shimmer."

Scootaloo nodded and watched as Sunset left the room. Do I tell her who Anon-A-Miss is, she thought to herself, or do I just keep it to myself? Ugh why does ice have to be so damn hard?

Because it's the solid phase of water, silly filly!:pinkiehappy:

It was either that or a Trump joke. :facehoof:

Well I'd say you worked that out pretty well.
Good job👍
Don't think I didn't notice the Gilda/Lightning Dust ship you're trying to sail.

Missed opportunity with Sonata, should have had her have a magnifier glass and asked Aria if it makes her eye look big

If it takes revealing who Anon A Miss for the girls to realize how stupid they were...i say Sunset cuts ties with them, maybe not for good. But for awhile, and they need to earn the friendship again.

I like the current chapters it very good, thou adagio may come to regret supporting Cinch, even if she on her case.
This could backfire and damage ehr relationship with Twilight and the others.
In the future,

Thanks. I have plans for the Cinch/Adagio storyline. Cinch will get what is coming to her.

ANd this is why Dream Messages are a terrible idea. Dreaming is done by the subconscious, meaning you mind while awake has trouble clearly remembering any details

It sounds like the story's about to get a lot more complicated than it needs to be but whatev.



It's part of the set up for Part 3 of this story.

there is only one thing to say in all this:


Thumb Up if you agree with me.

Aria vs. Gilda
Now that sounds like an interesting throwdown.
I'm glad Scootaloo's adjusting well.
*sigh* Rainbow Dash just needs to let the paranoia go. (Diplomacy works Rainbow)

now this is getting very nice. please keep it up.

Wonder if Adaigo is going to be able to warn the girls about Sci-Twi...

You mean, besides existing? that would be something to mention...

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