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FIrst time author so peas no hate me xD


Knowing what its like for everyone to hate you is all too familiar for Sunset Shimmer. Since the Fall Formal and Battle of the Bands, Sunset thought that she was forgiven. That her past was all behind her. But when a MyStable user named Anon-A-Miss appears and starts posting everyone's personal secrets, all fingers are pointed at Sunset. Now the entire school hates her again. Even her friends believe she's guilty. Will Sunset be able to overcome this and prove her innocence? Or will she admit defeat and lose all hope in friendship? Or worse?

Rated T for profanity, violence, and depression

This is my very first story. I have never written anything before this so I would appreciate some comments on how I'm either doing good or bad and what can I improve on
Special thanks to Snowflake Dissonance, Madox, Sar Meister, Tungul, and probably Demegor for helping me proofread and fix some stupid and simple mistakes of mine and for providing the awesome looking cover photo :twilightsmile:

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Love it :moustache: can't wait for more:pinkiehappy: and why Rainbow Dash?!!!:raritycry:

It's always a pleasure to help a friend. :twilightsmile:
Now back to writing, I want more (now its my turn to pester you for new chapters :rainbowlaugh:)

Thank you! And just wait till you see what RD does later >:3

Awesome!!!:moustache:can't wait!!!:yay:

it's not another ambush is it

no offence that's getting overused

No not really an ambush. But she does get beat up. Not too much though :twilightsheepish:

I wonder how you will do things differently from other fife of this genre?

I'm looking forward to future chapters yo!

It's really nice. Can't wait to read next chapters!

i can tell that i will enjoy this story very much.

Well. Another new Anon-a-Miss story. And there's one thing I always look forward to in Anon-a-Miss stories: The truth being revealed and we see at the consequences of the CMC, the students of CHS and the five bimbos who f:yay:'d up.

Another Anon-A-Miss with huge potential, you have my attention & I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Top 10 anime betrayals

Can’t wait for the next chapter

More of the same crap as over half of this groups stories, not even going to bother.

Bye bitch! Have fun somewhere else :)

OK, seriously, what is your problem with "forgiveness" fics? I've seen you in the comments for a LOT of Anon-A-Miss fics, and you're always saying shit like this. Hell, I've seen you make this assumption with stories where the EXACT OPPOSITE happens.

Besides, how do you even know what kind of fic this is if you won't even read it? Maybe if you give it a chance, you'll see that it's actually pretty damn good for someone that has, according to them, never written like this before. The girls JUST abandoned her and left her in tears. We have no idea where this story is going, theme wise. She could completely turn on them, or she could go the forgiveness route. And there's nothing wrong with either one.

Sorry, but I'm just tired of seeing you insult writers by constantly bitching about a story you won't even take the time to read.

Ignore them, they've done this with a lot of Anon-A-Miss fics.

I, for one, am liking this so far. For being a newbie writer, you know how to grab a reader's attention. Another good thing is that you use proper spelling and grammar, which I greatly appreciate, lol.

Have a like. I can't wait to see where this one goes!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I'll try not to disappoint you :3

Hope the next chapter comes out soon :)

I am looking forward to seeing Sunset giving Rainbow a punch or kick to the stomach when the truth comes out.

I waiting for the next chapter, and the full story of course. I like the Anon-a-miss stories.

Sunset better give Rainbow a nice good ol punch in the face at the end..or even better beat the living s:flutterrage:t out of her

Hehehe don't worry. Sunset will throw a punch or two before the end. But mark my words, Dash will pay :pinkiecrazy:

CAN YOU JUST MAKE SUNSET HATE EM ALL FOREVER!!! I'M SICK OF FORGIVENESS! :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

I'll see what I can do heheh:pinkiecrazy:

That escalated quickly. Definitely interested to see where this goes.

Really enjoyed this first chapter! When can we expect the next one to come out?

FINALLY! Gilda has good side in her, I LOVE IT! :ajsmug:

Good to see another story where Gilda stands up for Sunset. I've read so many stories where mostly Gilda and her gang are beating Sunset up. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Oh, and Rainbow Dash? You're gonna regret what you did!


Goddamnit, why in never of these stories Sunset goes back to being a queen bee?! She just always has to be beaten up and saved by someone else >_>

Didn't Gilda beat the shit out of Sunset last chapter?

Hlad for the twist. But why does Sunset just takes it like that?
I love to see her return the favors and make everyone pay inthe aftermath.

Also the Rainbitches are bunch of losers! I hope they are never forgiven ...Ever.

Excellent job on Gilda:yay: and also damn you Rainbow Dash!!!:flutterrage:

Honestly, same? I feel like it's a pretty common thing to make Gilda (or Trixie, for that matter) just the worst person ever in anon a miss fics. Not that it automatically makes the fic bad, but it's refreshing to see some that don't.

I realized that. I was thinking of a different Anon-a-miss

Lol i do that sometimes too xD no worries ^^

Oh. I'll have a big pile of popcorn ready when the truth gets revealed and Rainbow realizes HOW MUCH OF A SICK JOKE AND AN BAD EXAMPLE TO LOYALTY SHE TRULY IS!!!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

Whoa, whoa, whoa! A Anon-A-Miss story where Glida is exactly on Sunset's side & not wanting to beat the shit out of her!? Forget this story having huge potential, this story is on its way to being a instant classic! :derpyderp2:

Ok, so Gilda is actually being nice. This is interesting and very welcome. So many times in these stories we see Gilda be the biggest b:yay:tch. So seeing Gilda with an actual conscience and common sense is nice. My only hope is that this isn't just some elaborate ruse by either Gilda or Rainbow Dash to make Sunset hurt more. Please don't let it that!

Love the fact gilda is helping her!!!!!

Eagerly awaiting for the truth to bash all their faces in and fill them up with despair. Pls update soon.

Nope! None of that! Gilda is 100% on her side :pinkiehappy:


HA! my man, I agree with you on that.

Dark Colt Sabata

Well FUCK you buddy, you have no sympathy, Sunset vows she'll never go back to that.

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