• Published 19th Feb 2018
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Broken - SilverWind14

When Sunset Shimmer gets framed for posting personal secrets on MyStable, she becomes the target of the entire school. Even her friends.

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The holidays. Such a jolly and happy time. It was a time of giving and receiving gifts. It was a time to eat and stay warm indoors. It was a time to stay at home and not worry about school for three whole weeks. But most importantly, it was a time to spend with family.

For Sunset Shimmer however, she couldn’t really enjoy that, being from another dimension where magical unicorns and pegasi existed. She’d spent her last few Christmases alone with no one to spend the holidays with. Though it would have been hard to anyway, considering she had been the biggest bully in Canterlot High. The only people she’d hung out with were Snips and Snail and even then she just used them as lackeys. But now it was different. Ever since her defeat at the Fall Formal, Sunset had been trying to make amends for actions the best that she could.

Many students refused to give Sunset a chance, convinced that she would turn into a raging she demon again. Though after a while she slowly started regaining their trust and after defeating the Sirens and saving the world, Sunset was now completely forgiven. Now she was at peace and had five amazing friends that considered her family. Everything was going amazingly for Sunset.


Until today that is.

“B-but guys! Why can’t you see that this is just someone trying to frame me! I mean seriously! This couldn’t be more obvious!” Sunset shouted as she looked at her friends with pleading eyes.

“Maybe so,” said Rainbow Dash, the furious look in her eyes and hostile tone in her voice making Sunset flinch. “But that doesn’t explain why she has the photos that you took.”

Sunset woke up this morning expecting it to be another normal day at CHS. What she didn't expect was to have her best friends suddenly accuse her of going back to her old ways. It both saddened and angered her that her best friends of all people would be the ones to do this.

Fluttershy was in tears and was being comforted by Pinkie Pie, who's normal cheerful look was replaced with a look of both sadness and disappointment. Rarity stood next to them, arms crossed and an irritated look on her face. Next to Rainbow Dash was Applejack, who looked just as frustrated as Dash.

“I don't know Dash! Maybe she could've hacked my phone or something!” Sunset shouted as she raised her hands up.

“Oh just cut the crap already Shimmer!” Rainbow yelled as she was now up in Sunset’s face. “You've been using us this whole time! Just gathering up dirt to use on us when we have our backs turned huh? Well we're not going to let you take advantage of us anymore!” She turned her head away from her, refusing to look at the fiery haired girl

Some of the students had stopped to witness what was going on. Some were confused and were wondering what was going on. Others knew exactly what was happening and were now snickering and whispering.

“Dash please. You don't mean that,” Sunset said as she tried to put a hand on Dash’s shoulder. “Please. If you would just listen to me-”

“GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF ME YOU SHE DEMON!” Dash yelled as she slapped Sunset’s hand away.

Sunset held her hand, shocked at her friend’s action. Tears were now running down her face.

“Now Rainbow calm down. Ya don't wanna get in trouble now do you? Applejack asked, holding the hot headed athlete by the shoulders.

Rainbow Dash was visibly shaking now. Her face slightly red and her hands balled into fists. However, upon hearing Applejack’s voice she relaxed a bit.

“Honestly darling,” Rarity said as she faced Sunset. “Did you honestly believe that we would be stupid enough to let this plan of yours work?”

“WHAT PLAN!?” Sunset screamed as tears were now flowing. She honestly couldn’t believe that the girls that had been by her side since her defeat were now turning on her.

Just then the bell rang, signaling everyone that school was now in session. Some students went to to their classes while others stuck around to enjoy the show.

“Come on girls,” Pinkie Pie said in a hushed voice that was uncommon for the pink party gal. “We don’t wanna be late to class.”

“You’re right darling.” Rarity said still scowling at Sunset.

The Rainbooms started to leave. Not giving Sunset a chance to speak as she desperately tried to get their attention. She went after them, trying her best to ignore the glares and snickers of the other students.

“Guys wait! Please! Just give me a chance to-”

She never got a chance to finish because as she reach them, Rainbow spun around and delivered a hard blow to Sunset’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her and causing her to fall on her knees grabbing her stomach. The students watching were now surprised by the athlete’s actions, but soon started giving her approving nods.

“Stay the hell away from us you traitorous bitch!” screamed Rainbow Dash as she stood towering over Sunset. “You come anywhere near us and I’ll kick your teeth in!”

“Dash no!” exclaimed Fluttershy, grabbing their attention. The shy girl was showing an aggressive look on her face that was very rare for her. “She’s not worth it! Let’s just go before the teachers come out and get us in trouble. Please.” The aggression on her face melted into a pleading look as she looked at Dash.

Dash let out a long sigh and nodded. She gave Sunset one more glare before turning around and headed to her class. Sunset was still on her knees, grabbing her stomach and gasping for air. She looked up at Applejack and immediately closed her eyes and brought her head down as she saw Aj giving her a hateful glare.

“You heard her Shimmer. We’re done. So go ahead and tell all the secrets you want, but we ain’t gonna listen.” she said. And with that she turned and headed to class.

Sunset was now sobbing, leaving a puddle of tears. Her sobbing was causing the pain in her stomach to grow, causing her to cough and wheeze. Some of the remaining students were either laughing at her despair, taking photos of her sobbing, or just glaring at her. Sunset could hear some of the whispers through her cries, which only made her cry even harder.



“I knew she couldn’t be trusted.”

“How pathetic.”

“Look at cry. Haha what a baby.”

“Stupid she demon will never learn will she.”

Sunset couldn’t take it anymore. Ignoring the pain in her stomach, she got up and ran. The students looked at her one last time before finally deciding to head to class. Sunset didn’t care if school started already. She just wanted to be alone. She burst through the bathroom doors, went in one of the stall and locked it, then sat down and bawled her eyes out.

“H-how?” she asked through her sobs. “How d-did this h-h-happen? Why don’t they believe me?!”

She sat there and kept crying, still holding her stomach. The fact that it was Rainbow Dash that punched her like that without warning only increased her sadness.

Several minutes later Sunset began to calm down. She checked her phone and saw that 1st period was about to end. She had to come up with an excuse as to why she skipped class. For now though, she wanted to get a headstart to her next class to avoid the students. She got up and went to the sink to wash her face.

“It’s okay Sunset,” she said to herself as she looked in the mirror. “You'll get through this. Just stay strong.”

And with that, she dried her face, exited the bathroom, and made her way to her next class.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time for checking this out :pinkiehappy: Did ya like it or hate it? Please let me know. Like I said this is my first time writing anything and I might will make some silly mistakes :twilightblush: But I have a group of friends that'll help me get through this! And I'll try my hardest to be quick with releasing chapters so please don't hate me if I'm a little late :applecry: Anyway I hope you didn't hate this too much and are willing to read more. Thanks again :pinkiesmile: