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Sunset Shimmer had thought her life was turned around. She had her friends who supported her, and she never felt like home. However that all changed when a mysterious user on MyStable by the name of Anon-A-Miss started to appear online, posting everyone's secrets. Everyone starts to blame Sunset and quickly resort to bullying to remind her how she was back in her "reign of terror". The worst part? Even her friends don't believe her.

Meanwhile A new student who just arrived in Canterlot High. Someone who isn't from Crystal Prep, but out of state. He soon learns about the whole Anon-A-Miss Chaos, but unlike the others he believes Sunset when she says she's innocent.

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We live in a society

Hmm. If you don't mind a little constructive criticism, Logan seems a little too quick to assume Sunset is innocent. He just got to the school, he doesn't know anything about Sunset and literally just met her, yet even in chapter 2, he's already acting as if he knows the full story, not just giving Sunset the benefit of the doubt. A brony would definitely act like that because they know the truth, but Logan's not a brony.

Take this line.

Looking at you, I know your smarter than that if you really wanted to post anyone's secrets assuming you don't wanna get caught

It's not possible to tell that about a person by just "looking at them". A real con artist or manipulator can act fake easily. Logan does seem like a good guy though, so it makes sense for him to give Sunset a chance.

Sooo...you going to have them do something about Pinkie commiting Assult and battery on Loga or she going tog et away with it?


Yeah!!!! What the actual F*** was that author???!!! And what's worse, Twilight DIDN'T punished the ever living shit out of Pinkie for hurting a innocent person like Logan????!!!!!

She only call Pinkie a rightful idiot, and DIDN'T use her own fists or magic to rip Pinkie a new one!

I really hope you make Pinkie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cakes, and even Logan's parents be SUPER PISSED and grounding/firing/sueing Pinkie's dumb ass for hurting Logan.

And the other Rainbooms should be in BIG trouble as well for also bullying and assaulting Sunset too. Their own parents/families, and the principals WON'T like this either!!!!!! And want Bad Karma to bite their heartless actions against poor Sunset and even Logan.

I want the bad karma finally hits the girl for not trusting sunset :flutterrage: and can't wait to see the next chapter to find out

You have highlighted a common problem with self-insert/OC Anon-a-Miss stories. All too often, it feels as though the characters have the power of foresight-they already know what is going to happen, and thus it feels as though them defending Sunset comes too quickly, especially given that at the beginning of the entire mess, nobody has any reason to suspect the CMC.

Having said that, Logan seems like a decent chap, so him giving the benefit of the doubt until he has all the facts in order makes sense.

or author could have wrote Logan saying "Wow, this is too obvious. No one is dumb enough to use their own shadow as a profile avatar"

Yeah but the evidence against is weak. Considering that all the proof she did is circumstantial evidence. If the girls weren't so stubborn about the idea that their sisters could hurt them this would be over.

Slight issue there. Nobody has any reason to suspect the Crusaders at this point, and in the Rainboom's defence the fact that Sunset couldn't explain how the photos (which, keep in mind, were only on her phone at the time) got on the page would look rather suspicious. To draw upon Occam's Razor;

Which explanation is simpler?
1. Sunset uploaded the pictures only she took from her phone to the site.
2. Sweetie Belle snuck into the room without anybody hearing her, took Sunset's phone without her noticing, went back to her room, (again, without anybody hearing her), succesfully guessed Sunset's pin number (a plot hole that very few stories have ever addressed), uploaded the images on a dummy account, then returned the phone to precisely the same spot where she found it, and then left the room (again, without anybody hearing her).

Occam's razor dictates the simplest answer is the most likely, so it's not very surprising people would conclude 1 is the case.

"I say we follow them and make sure Sunset doesn't try any funny bussiness with him!" Applejack suggested.


WHAT! HOW DARE THEY TREAT YOU SO HORRIBLE! HOW DARE THEY! SUNSET I AM SO SO SORRY! I THOUGHT I HAD LEFT YOU IN GOOD HANDS WITH THOSE FIVE BUT NO! I WAS TOO RETARDED TO THINK NOTHING COULD GO WRONG! I TRUSTED THEM TO TEACH YOU THE TRUE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP AND THEY THREW YOU AWAY LIKE SHIT! I AM COMING OVER THERE TO CONFRONT THOSE BITCHES AS SOON AS I CAN! Sunset read the next paragraph and noticed Twilight had calmed down due to her not writing in all caps this time. I would also like to give thanks to this new person who wanted to help you through this Anon-A-Miss. It really means a lot that he's giving you a chance like 'REAL' friends are supposed to do. Tell him I really appreciate it and wish there were more people like him.

This style feels a bit OOC for Twilight.


Hypocrite. Your friends abandoned you in precisely the same way at your brother's wedding, and you forgave them unconditionally. Why are you unable to do the same to the Rainbooms for the same?

True but at the same time sweetie could easily access the phone and considering sometimes the obvious answer is the one that is often only seen later plus applebloom does know the nickname so the evidence is equally against both sides. They just don't want to consider their sisters doing anything like that. Plus now they manage to beat up a student in their misguided attempt to save them.


sweetie could easily access the phon

Phones normally have pin codes or padlocks to prevent any old person from accessing them. I don't believe for a second Sunset would have no security on her phone considering the uber-hacker she's portrayed as in the first film, so Sweetie Belle would need to sit there for ages entering pin codes at random until she got lucky.

I do agree with your point about the nickname, although (and this is a problem in the comic too) going from dropping a nickname to cyberbullying and frame jobs is a bit of a stretch.

Mine never did. It wasn't the fanciest model but it certainly could take photos and according to the comic it didn't have security features to nosy people out. But the nickname was on a website. The problem i always had was that everyone decided that spilling the beans on their friends secrets was a good idea. Doesn't anyone have a conscience to tell them no bad idea.

...Interesting. Then again, I've used Android devices most of the time, and those have pin codes as standard.

Her friends also actually said sorry these guys just beat someone up because of their lack of trust.

We got ours from Verizon and though some models can have a pin they don't require it.

I wasn't denying that. But Twilight's first reaction to them assaulting a student was to...assault a student.

I get that everyone be saying that a man should never hit a woman but I say "fuck that I'd knocked Pinky's ass out if she ever tried to do with some shit like that to me good intentions or not"

Plus although they should have trusted more twilight evidence was weak. A bride who isn't a little crazy about her wedding. And the captain of the guard surely would know a healing spell vs any other. The only one in that case who guilty was celestial considering how does she not notice something is very wrong with the bride. This is supposed to be her adopted niece who she raised from a small child.

It's rather different considering Pinkie's actions would qualify as a GBH charge in my country's legal system.

A lot of ponies got hit with the idiot ball that day.

I actually agree with you. I believe strongly in the concept of self defense. Plus did they really think that would work considering the student body came pretty close to that during the battle of the bands. They used every other dirty trick.

AaM itself is a textbook idiot plot; it only works if everybody is an idiot.

While I'll admit with sunset past it's more likely she is guilty the problem is evidence is circumstantial and the evidence seems to point the cmcs as well. But they were idiots to shout to the school she is guilty. And this stunt is over the top stupid considering if that was going to work it would have been used the last 2 times mind control was used.

literal self-insert fics were a mistake

I Loving This, I Hope This Not Stoping

OMG guys tysm for the comments and remember constructive critism and love comments (not that kind of love comments) are welcome. TYSM

"He really doesn't know Sunset, does he?" Rarity asked sadly. Applejack shook her head.

"He's going to find out the hard way..."

Oh, for crying out loud!!!
After what just happened with Twilight, are you two STILL being this stupid?!
(Don't answer that; of COURSE they are.)

*sighs* The sad thing is, Logan is right.
Once the truth DOES come out, the Rainbooms are gonna lose Sunset's friendship permanently.

And y'all know what?
I don't blame her for it.
Not. One. Teeny. Bit.

Oh goodie, another story that exists to complain about someone else's story instead of telling a compelling narrative in its own right. I can't wait to sit through God knows how many pages of whining


After this. He should have a "I told you so" Speech, and call them FRICKIN Morons to add salt and lemon on their wounds.

Considering he not the one who beat the stuffing out of someone and refused to hear their side of the story they don't exactly have much to say. I can't wait until twilight gives them a lesson or two about listening to others. I hope sunset doesn't go back right away considering it is too easy an ending.

I hope that does happen, I'm sick of the old forgiving stuff and wanna see something new.

What the CMC said is so stupid! Yes Fluttershy wrote the song, yes DJ Pon helped, but they were LOSING in the end!
It was when Sunset stepped up did they win, did they beat the Dazzlings!!!

Please that thrown in their faces so hard they flip into the air and land on thier faces, and the Rainbooms as well.

10950205 Indeed, and I absolutely agree with you on that one,
On ALL those counts, actually.

10950211 Agreed, on both counts.

Plus considering she stopped them from giving the dazzlings all their power because of stupid fighting she did save the day. They know they are doing wrong but they don't want to care.

I fixed it now. Thanks

I can see why the Rainbooms would consider his behaviour here suspect. Back in the first chapter, it was pointed out that the only evidence against Sunset was circumstancial. The same is true of the CMC; yes, Apple Bloom does know the nickname, and yes it did appear on the internet the next day. However, Logan critically lacks evidence to back his claims up; he lacks concrete proof to convict the trio of anything, and as a result only has circumstancial evidence. Correlation is not causation.

"Sunset!" Twilight exclaimed as he rushed to give Sunset a hug. The fire-haired girl cried into Twilight's shoulder. The princess of friendship embraced her back as she said softly.


"I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle but I'm going to have to go with Applebloom on this one!" Scootaloo said sadly. "I mean how else could have Sunset saved us? I'm sorry but it's either Fluttershy or DJ Pon."

I think you mean Vinyl Scratch. DJ-Pon3 is her stage name.

The chapter has since been updated to reflect that. Curiously, Twilight suffers no consequences for doing the exact same thing.


Pinkie jumped and saw Cranky Doodle looking furious. "What do you think you are doing?!" Pinkie was lost for words as she tried laughed nervously.

"You see, I was trying to help him because Sunset put him under a spell!" She said nervously.

Cranky Doodle shook his head. "Go to the Principal's Office now. You're parents will hear about this!" he said sternly.

"But," Pinkie began but the stern look on Cranky's face told her not to argue anymore. Pinkie sadly got up and left Logan alone. Cranky looked at the boy and saw he was unconcious so he went to alert the nurse.

I'm glad you made this change, but this unfortunately then creates another problem.

"heh, Twilight! Are you here to help us deal with Sunslut Shimmer?" Twilight went over there and kneed Rainbow in the stomach. The athlete was caught off guard, clearly not expecting this. She doubled over and gasped in pain.
"OW! What was that for, Twilight!"

Pinkie and Twilight both assaulted a student without provocation, and the latter faces no consequences. This is very two-faced, and is arguably a double standard. Yes, Twilight may be a princess in ponyworld, but at CHS she is a teenage girl and a student, and thus the same rules apply to her.

Love this story, you are a grate writer.

Pinkie got in trouble as she was caught in the act. While Twilight attacked Rainbow after he ran to get the nurse.
But still I preferred she was reported to the nurse who would reported it to the Principals.

Still getting caught in the act had more weight.

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