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Just a dude who really loves the material and wants to be a writer, enjoys games, and has too much love to give.

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You know that moment when you think... · 8:08pm Jul 20th, 2018

You know that moment when you think you've got a handle of everything, then life looks at you, laughs, and says challenge accepted even though you weren't giving a challenge and was just calmly sitting on the porch drinking your beverage of choice in peace...

That's what's been happening to me, so while the current stories are not on hiatus, they will be having to take the back burner a bit because of a few things... FINDING WORK SUCKS!!!

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What I enjoyed about it was that while it did reinforce some of the problems that some people have with Sunset being suicidal it didn't push the readers face into it, it brought it up, and explained how it was led to. But other than that it was decently set up.

Sure it's unethical and immoral to fire someone from a job or kick them out due to bullying a relative, but the problem is that if she's an illegal alien then that means that she doesn't really have any rights. Which is sad for her but it's the truth.

Thats one of the things I liked. Another thing was that it wasn't something big that set her off, it was all the little things that just kept building and building till she couldn't take it.

hey, thanks 4 the fav! can i ask what u liked about it?

No probs I loved the story idea, and the story as well.

how ya been today?

Thanks so much for the follow!

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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