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Apologies Aren't Always Enough - An Alternate Ending · 10:22am Sep 18th, 2018

Good Morning!

As I’m aware that some of you who have followed this story up until the latest chapter didn’t like that the story took a different direction back in Chapter 5 where Sunset did indeed survive stabs she received in Chapter 4. But, some of you weren’t happy that this wasn’t going to be a tragic end. I’ve given it a ton of thought since then and you know what? I’m gonna write the alternate ending which is only a small percentage done.

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Thanks for adding my story, Sparkle and Flame, to one of your bookshelves! :heart:

Thanks for adding my story to your reading list! When you get done with The Return of Sunset, please consider leaving me a comment so I know what you thought? :scootangel:

Thanks for reading Sunset's Hope! :heart:

I hope that you enjoyed The Sun Also Rises.

Thanks for taking an interest in my works!

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