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Nothing happens in the"real" world unless it first happens in the images in our heads. -Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands: la frontera


Sunset Shimmer thought she burned too bright for the likes of the Princess of the Sun. When she ran away to the Mirror World, Sunset discovered the worst parts of humanity before starting her reign of terror at CHS. After Princess Twilight and her friends take her down with the Rainbow Wave, Sunset is forced to remember those years she locked away.

Vice-Principal Luna felt lost in her sister's shadow. The weight of a family secret and high school scandal live with her after more than a decade. Though she is in a better place, she sees her past in Sunset's present.

In the wake of the Fall formal, who better to help Sunset than someone who has seen rock bottom and lived?

This is my first fanfiction and draws from many amazing fanfics, but especially Full Circle by Sotharan! This one gets a lot darker and I might change to Mature about half way through (depending on how the story plays out and the reactions it receives). It will be a long fic because I can't write anything short. Will update weekly!

Cover art by Trizzle_Draws!

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This is a very strong start!

Please continue! :twilightsmile:

Love this story so far keep it going looking forward to how all this will turn out.

Comment posted by psinet deleted Jun 26th, 2020

You definitely have my interest. For this being your first fanfic, you're miles ahead of most authors I've seen in terms of characterization and clarity. You got that natural talent, my dude.

Remember that each time a new character speaks, you need to start a new line.

So far I'm loving this! And I can't wait to see what else you have planned for it. I can see it becoming an all time favorite for me already. Well done!

That's some interesting last names. Is there any rime or reason to them?

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Oct 18th, 2021

Thank you!! I'm really excited to post again, but I'm holding off for Wednesday. That'll be my upload day.

Thank you! It really helps to see such positive feedback!

Hey there! I mainly wanted a way to represent that this AU is closer to the "real" world than the series depicts. So I gave them last names that go along with my headcanons of where they would be from. So Rarity is Spanish, Fluttershy is German, and Pinkie is kinda from all over the place. Last names are important in this fic.

Thank you!! That means so much to me!

Thank you for your kind words and your advice! I've always written little blurbs for myself, but I've never posted anything and I've also never finished a piece. I hope to change that pattern with this fic. I love Sunset Shimmer and I have a lot planned for her in this story.

Very good story! I really like the set up as well as Sunset's inner conflict with herself there are a few unanswered questions left hanging, but I assume you'll come back and answer those. There were a few grammatical errors here and there, but otherwise, great first chapter! Definitely looking forward to the rest of the story!

I see.
Oh! And Sunset is still Shimmer because she's from Equestria!

Is there any way you could write down the names somewhere? When Luna say them, us reading have no way of knowing who she's addressing.

Well now. This looks to be intriguing, as I always enjoy a good Sunset redemption story. Will be adding this to my tracking list.

Seems interesting. I was waiting for another redemption story. Looking forward to read more.

hmm very interesting wonder if this will be from what the summary has said a Sunset living with Luna not to many of those which will be nice to see. Also like the inner thoughts Sunset is having like questioning if the rainbow laser of magic did more than de-demonize her in a physical manor of speaking.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll do a blog post with the names and heights of the Human 6, since theirs are relevant right now.

Honestly am looking forward to what comes next.

Strong start! :)

I think its a pretty good follow-up chapter. It's simple and right to the point.

But poor Sunset! :fluttershysad:

Looking forward for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Good chapter. My heart hurts for Sunny though and I'm terrified to find out what King S did to her.

Everything in the castle was a competition, and everyone in the Hive just wanted to outlive each other. Sunset didn't even want to think of her time with King S.

What the frag did Sunset go through?

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Oct 18th, 2021

It will be a long fic because I can't write anything short.

How long is long?

Accepting help from someone is usually the first and hardest step! :ajsleepy:

Anyway, great chapter! As for your question, do whatever works for you and write the next chapter at your own pace. :pinkiesmile:

Well, I've been working on this story for almost a year now, and I have 40k words already written. And I'm not even to the half-way point yet! I guess it depends on what you consider a "long" story to be.

I can't wait for more! And I really hope that Sunset lets them help her.

I hope they get Sunset to a doctor. From the description, she's going to need stitches, or skin grafts.

Poor Sunset! She needed all the help she could get! Physically and mentally! :fluttershysad:

Weirdly, I liked that Luna was able to recognize what Sunset has been through, and if she ever found out about it I think it would kill her inside. Poor Sunset, I really hope she’ll let them take her to a doctor.

Why does this sound like Sunset fell into a changeling nest run by Sombra's counterpart?

I mean, it was probably more like a pickpocket gang or the like, but changelings none the less.

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Oct 18th, 2021


if so..


God I'm such a sucker for aftermath of the fall formal stories, and this is no exception! I'm loving this!!

I have a feeling that Luna isn't going to like the mess of Sunset’s back when she sees it... Btw, this was a good chapter, you leave me wanting more:fluttercry:

Light above, what did Sunset go through. She was punished for having books? She's covered in scars? Oh Sunny, you poor child. I hope things get better for you.

Good Lord, how old was she when she came though the damn mirror? Because this sounds like years under what sounds more and more like Sombra.

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Oct 18th, 2021

Things will definitely get better for her! She has a lot to unpack though, so things will get rough before they get better.

she was sure to avoid the sport

Please, remove the 'r' from the last word.

"Ah guess I never took ya fer a boy shorts kinda gal,"

Me neither; girls look their best in skirts or dresses, not pants or shorts. No, those are just too boyish, too masculine, for me to like on girls.
Always felt this way, really.

It can’t be worse than before.

Careful, Sunset. Don't tempt Fate...

Interesting revelations. She was enslaved and just by King Sombra, involved with something called the hive I can only assume might be changelings, and now we're seeing that she's bee sexually assaulted by someone she stayed with while in the human world for a period of time?

Poor Sunny's had a rough time. I hope soon she can tell someone her story and start the healing process.

And now, I'm wishing final forfeiture on whoever did that to Sunset. Preferably with bullet ants.

Sweet Celestia... Poor Sunset! :fluttercry:

Whoever did that to Sunset shall pay! :twilightangry2:

That's incredibly sexist. Girls can wear whatever the hell they want. So can boys. If a girl wants to wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt, she can. If a boy wants to wear a crop top and a skirt, he can. What you just said is ridiculously rude and sexist.

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Oct 18th, 2021

He didn't say they couldn't. He just said he likes girls in skirts.

I like girls wearing shirt and ties. What's the big deal?

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