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Even though writing's just my hobby, I love every second of it. I'm pretty awesome. Skype is Pauszed. Suggestions?

Random... "stuff"?

My record for paintballing is 42-3. I once killed a fox and a wolf in self defense. I can run a mile in 5:27. Nobody I know in real life knows I'm a brony. When I'm at home I never wear pants, which I'm sure 90% of you can relate to. On average, I sleep for like 10 hours and then take 1 or 2 naps. Blood type O+. I have a criminal record for ding dong ditching. PC race is master race, but I love Xbox(Xbox Gtag is Pauszed). I can drink vodka like a Russian, and whiskey like an Irishman. In my opinion, anybody arguing about religion has the mental capacity of a squirrel. I mean, honestly! Our religions are saying the same damn thing-don't be an asshole! I have a jump height of 39 inches. I'm young. Like, really young. You wouldn't guess my age if you heard my voice. Freerunning is life. Pizza is life. Sleep is life. My dog is life. Youtube parodies are the best thing ever. I have severe depression but I try not to let that get in the way. I box. I'm awesome. Nobody would guess I read or write. I hate school. Dubstep is awesome. People tell me my eyes look cool. In football last year, I scored 14 touchdowns from the running back position. I play lacrosse too. Yeah this was pretty random, wasn't it?