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There comes a turning point in every civilization where the future is dictated by the smallest decision.  Be it the will of a king or the cascade of changes by a commoner, it rarely matters the source, only the outcome.  So it was that, shortly after banishing Nightmare Moon, Celestia envisioned a world that could have accepted, loved, and embraced her now lost sister; an Equestria that had to cast off the simplicity of agrarianism and stanch traditionalism.

Instead of relying on the old ways as a bedrock for the six tenets of harmony, Celestia pursued this vision by lauding the advancement of magic and technology.  Over the centuries, cities of marble and stone were replaced by steel and glass. Family farms commercialized, business and trade expanded the world over, and the streets brimmed with cars.  The nobility long since traded away the power backed by titles for influence via companies. Megacorporations now dominate the skylines of every Equestrian city, yet Celestia still holds fast to the reins of true power.  Her word is law.

Even centuries after Nightmare Moon’s banishment, harmony is still in the bedrock of Equestrian society, yet one must dig to find it under so much soil and refuse.   There have always been those that chafe against the law and give lip service to harmony. Be they the rich and powerful figureheads of industry, or the scum of the underworld, there are always things these ponies in power need done discreetly, or at least deniably.  Sensitive matters such as these are often handed over to a class of professional criminals as diverse in their skills as they are in their ideologies. The Shadowrunners.

Note: As with my Beyond Equestria story, I am taking a lot of elements from the Shadowrunner series, but it will be written so that anyone unfamiliar with Shadowrunner can understand what's going on and enjoy the fic.

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Are you going to pull more from Shadowrun books or from the videogame series?

Also, an interesting twist - there are "Changelings" in Shadowrun lore. Not sure what it means, though.

Just what I've seen from the later games.

Then, Hong Kong and Returns/Dragonfall as main source of inspiration, am I right?
Don't have the former but played a fair share of latter.

Also, Celestia looks to be a wyrm, in this case - or rather her amount of power is like ones. Are there others?

Will this story have any sex or sexy moments in it?

This felt like shadowrun, and im glad that it has. It's a hard series. Huh, So dash is a thestral shaman. and Shy a pegasi rigger/decker. I wonder if twi we see here isnt a dracoform or Vampiric Equivalent in this?

The feathers has me wondering at each. But so far, yeah, this is spot on, and good on ya for doing this right.

Till next time chummer.

Goddamit Flash, how the hell can you be your team's spell slinger if you don't know your mojo? Get it together, girl! But then again, they're the face of the beginner runner, low skills and a catchy backstory. Not "became a runner tonight" but "I just created my character" vibe. This start is certainly worthy of a Shadowrun story, speacially with the mystery and cheap death.

I wonder how powerful is equestria's government though. Usually on Shadowrun the corporations are kings, but if Celestia is still a thing then moving the sun does carry with it some hefty gravitas. Or they simply decided to ignore her, knowing that she'd never make her little ponies suffer the lack of the sun for the greed of few.

Anyway, this shows promise. Have a fave, and I hope we can get more updates soon :twilightsmile:

Oh, and what's with the leg feathers? Is our dear Twiggles (DWK, is that you? :pinkiecrazy:) some kind of proto-alicorn, another pony tribe or is it just a cosmetic alteration? I call bull that she'd damage her essence just for feathers.

Holy..... :rainbowderp:
When I first saw this on the front page I was quite skeptical.
"My favorite table top RPG and ponies!?
Alas, the chances of a successful and long series is slim at best."

But then I saw who's writing it. :pinkiegasp:

Personally, this news has generated more hype for me personally than Fallout 76 and TES VI combined! :rainbowkiss:

Wait what’s shadow runner.

Shadow-runner is someone who does illegal or quaslegal crime there benefit, or the benefit of a corporation.

Any answers on that would be spoilers, be it true or not.

none are planned.

This is good don't know jack about shadow runners, but this is good.

This might be the first ever shadowrunners cross fic, I am looking forward to see what happens.

Gah, so good! I'm already fully invested in this story. Whoever disliked this must be trolls or something. Can't wait for more!

I can't wait to see where this goes.

There actually are a few out there. Heck even I was thinking about writing one as my first project in the summer.

Tbh, it didn't click just who was writing the story until I checked that notification in my feed. Then my initial wariness about the relatively low amount of upvotes evaporated pretty much on the spot. Idk what Shadowrunners is, tho I feel like I've seen the name around a bit. So far, it seems like something I might have an interest in; tho, I can't do videogames- I don't have the money... but somebody else in the comments did mention books... But yeah, anyways, the fantasy and sci-fi mix is really piquing my interest, here. It's always fun when such a thing is pulled off really well, and, well, that seems to be your trademark, doesn't it? Looking forward to it~!

Comment posted by Zeprto678 deleted Jun 13th, 2018

I can see Twilight and one of the Mane 6 dating.

Huh ... so Rainbow, sorry, "Flash" is a thestral mage and Fluttershy (whoops, "Angel") is a mechanic who part-times as a drone rigger. Sunset is regent, even though Celestia is well enough to have a personal student (and where is Cadance?) ... said student is now dead for treason (or was sacrificed in a power play, like Rainbow suggested) ... Nightmare Moon is still trapped, but that isn't likely to continue for long ... Oh, and then there is Shining, the "treasonous" Twilight's big brother and captain of the Royal Guard, I don't think he's taking his little sisters death well (or lying down) ... and finally Twig's presumed death (we haven't seen a body yet) at the hands of very quite killers who are implied to have significant resources sounds like the government or a megacorp tying up a loose end to me ...

Well, I'm intrigued. :pinkiehappy:

oh a shadowrun story. This will definately go on ym reading list :raritystarry:

So it was a clone of Twilight (now "Twiggles") that got geeked by the guard ... and Twig was involved in the real Twilight's kidnapping.

Of course that leaves all sorts of questions still to be answered ... among them, what is up with the Moon? Did Celestia go bad and lock up Luna? Did Celestia banish NMM, but Luna has since gained (at least partial) freedom? Are NMM and Luna two separate entities that both just happen to have been banished to the Moon? Is there no NMM at all? So many possibilities :pinkiecrazy:

Actually there are several of them over in the Cyberpunk Equestria and Shadowrunners groups.

Changlings in Shadowrun are people who have undergone SURGE (Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression) after the return of Haily’s Comet.

They express non meta human traits like scales, multiple arms, tails, and such.

I imagined Rainbow would have been an adept and not a mage.

And this pops up just as I catch up with listening to a Shadowrun actual play podcast. I like scifi and grungy settings so it will be fun to see where this goes.

Shadowrun is a Table-top RPG set in a cyberpunk future where magic is returning. Old genetic mutations are re-emerging (elves, orcs, trolls, etc) and mythic/paranormal critters are becoming very real pests. (hellhounds, devil-rats, barghests) It is a pretty gritty setting. Things are lethal, a single bullet can put you down if you screw up your defense tests (rolls/checks/etc). Magic is OP but any operations team worth their salt knows that "Geek the Mage" is first priority in combat. It gets pretty rocket-taggy.

I saw this on the featured and was skeptical but hopeful, assuming it was going to be poorly written. Then I saw who was writing it and instantly added it to my bookshelf.

Lowkey on the name alone I thoguht this was a bladerunner crossover of sorts. Idea for another time, I already have Fallout Equestria to finish writing xD


Dang, this world kinda bites. How'd Celestia let it come to this?


Easy to tell what kind of person you are when the first question out of your mouth is "Will there be Porn?"



Oh really, thanks, I hadn't seen it around before so I didn't know.

Interesting, I like Sci-fi stuff I will be looking forwarded to see more of this.

Idk what "rocket tag" means (nor do I really know what "geeking" means in this context, but I can kind of guess from the story). Honestly, tho, if it was dialed back just a little bit, I feel like I'd absolutely adore the setting. Like I said, real big fan of fantasy-mixed-with-scifi done well.

I always wondered if the ponies could theoretically exist in Shadowrun since they are mythical/fantasy creatures that come forth from people's imaginations.

Geeking is a less said means of removing someone from the mortal coil.

Rocket Tag in this case is that most big things, critters, tanks, gunships, what have you... The best you can hope for generally is to hit with a rocket or three, and hope it stops it.

Slang Terms has almost anything you might want for odd terms.

Not that I'm familiar with Shadowrun but just going by the synopsis I am very interested in this one. Looking forward to reading it.

Huh, how about that. I feel like I oughta figure out how to add geeking in particular to some of my writing, now, somehow.

A Shadowrun crossover is the absolute last thing I expected to see here, but I must I find the idea interesting. Dunkelzahn would be laughing his ass off.

Alright so this is awesome so far. Loving this setting. Please continue.

Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo and never evert cut a deal with a dragonalicorn?

To better explain rocket tag in context; two people with a rocket launcher, first one to shoot wins. Dramatically.

What a great synopsis! I’m not familiar with any Shadowrunner title prior but this looks very well thought out. I look forward to seeing what’s next. :twilightsmile:

I’m really loving this story so far, keep up the good work!

Well if you're going by the series it's just called Shadowrun. But color me intrigued.

Looking good so far, chummer.


I dub this album the unofficial soundtrack of this fic.

Heh, curiouser and curiouser. But down the rabbit hole we've gone. And in the shadows to shine. But this was a neat bit of things, and certainly shows the strains and rifts of old wounds.

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