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If the words don't feel like a punch to the face, a slap on the cheek, ice on your back, or fire licking at your heels, then your words are INSUFFICIENT.


Chapter 11 Up! · 12:08am June 5th

Took me long enough.

I blame video games and lethargy.

Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

C is for cake|cookie|crackfic, that's good enough for me

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It was more of just a happy note than a "in case you have low self-esteem" note, but you're welcome! 😇💖

You deserve a smile, friend-a-doodle. Have a cookie. 🍪

Well, I wouldn't say I'm lacking in self-esteem, but thanks, anyway!

Love the name!


She is not posing behind it.

Sweetie Belle stands atop the Millenium Falcon, riding it into battle! I used that model as the star on my Christmas tree in 2015.

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