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Character Art · 2:59pm April 22nd

Placed below the break for anyone who has not read past Chapter 2. If you haven’t, no clicky!

A simple sketch of Night Cloud in her hospital scrubs, done by Helmie. Helmie’s Patreon here.

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Nope, I just check around frequently to look over awesome possums and see what they're up to.

I have too much time on my hands, you see. :twilightblush:

Do you have a bot watching for user activity, or something?

Incidentally, I posted a new chapter for a story, and now I'm going to anxiously wait to see if any of the maybe 20 people besides me who still care will read it and possibly leave a comment.

Hey, bud.

How's it hanging? :rainbowdetermined2:

Nah. Plenty of FoE stories leave it out. It's just a fun homage to the source material, and a way to abstractly represent how the characters have grown as a result of their experiences, or lack thereof.

For example, in To Bellenast, Crystal starts out at Level 5 instead of 1, to represent that she has gone through some stuff before the first chapter, but she has far fewer S.P.E.C.I.A.L points than is normal to reflect that she's a young, inexperienced weakling. I detailed that rationale as well as other character stats in my author's note for Chapter 8.
Night Cloud, a character whom Crystal sees as kind and attractive, has the Good Natured and Sex Appeal traits, and Blitz, a former Unity alicorn, who is physically imposing and frighteningly powerful, has the Gifted trait (Fallout 2, adds +2 to all stats) and the Terrifying Presence perk, as well as the Lord Death challenge perk, because she has thrashed a lot of baddies over the years. Ivy, another former Unity alicorn, and who is around 200 years old, is level 99 and has the Wild Wasteland trait, to show that she has seen a lot of weird shit in her long life, and is not someone you want to mess with.

Most of these stats are derived from their depictions in the story, rather than their depictions being based on the character sheets.

I also used Quest Perks after several chapters as a way to explain how I see things like the Unity alicorns' shield bubble would work mechanically, just because I wanted to. I gave Crystal a "perk" that grants her that ability, because an alicorn who knew the spell taught her how to cast it. Similarly, I used quest perks to represent faction reputation.

One other fun thing is planning out how the characters level up so that you can see how their skills will increase according to a given build. Other than just doing the math yourself, you can use an online character planner. This one has Fallout: New Vegas's perks, and this one is nice if you prefer the classic Fallout 2 perks and skills.

So does S.P.E.C.I.A.L. affect anything characterization-wise for FO:E stories?

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