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This story is a sequel to Urohringr

Rainbow Dash and the Noble Jury continue to fly east.

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He-He-He-Here we go again!

Same old, same old, same old shit again!

Marching down the avenue!

Seven more books and we'll be through!

*drops everything to read this*

*will clean out the coffee stains in the carpet later*

Fuck not 1st. May my f5 key finally know peace.

So since we are on the last of the vowels, does that mean that IC has misled us on the total story count, and after this one we will be treated to the consonants?

Time to read, let's do this. May the glory of Zadubadabu guide us swiftly through this story.

Forge Onwards, noble Easthorse!
We'll be with you every step o' the way!

Unfortunately, because of time constraints I won't be able to read this for another hour or two (because holy cow, word count), but I just wanted to say:


1 view and it's already featured.


Perched on a lone tree branch branch

I like how Floydien temporarily ascended to the position of Assistant Narrator.


>Using 'Y' as a vowel :trollestia:


Well, Y can certainly be a vowel, but in this case you have a point.

I see the Jury has a new member.

Slightly worried about Prowse. I thought he would have caught up by the time that the Jury's name was revered throughout the land.

How come this isn't in the Austraeoh group yet? Slacker. :ajsmug:

I'm glad to know we got a happy start despite the likely off-screan death and pain.

5008261 It is entirely possible that we'll start going back again. (Y, U, O, I, E, A) as we get nearer to the Midnight Armory.

Well that's one way to begin the next book of this epic saga. So many splosions... So, awesome. :scootangel:

5008308 At least one story in this series has been featured every single day I've come on here for almost 3 years now :/

WHANG! A telekinetically tossed shield slammed across their skulls, eventually returning to Eagle Eye's side. The petite unicorn landed in a slide across the dirt. He turned and glared across the field.


first thing into my head......


That's my guess. That, and I think the number of words in the chapter titles will decrease, too, until book 12 has only one again.

It's here, and holy crap that word count. Why can I not have the time to read it rigut now? Curse you universe, curse you

We still have no idea what Yaerfaerda means, don't we? Oh the clueless Jurists.

But is that a sunset in the picture? I think it's a sunrise, but a sunset would mean so much. And even if it's a sunrise still, what's in the picture is important. As Urohringr had ice, this has a desert and rocks. We're gonna see the Grand Choke after 1000 chapters of teasing.

5008489 Assuming it's facing East, and it probably is, then it would be a sunrise.

"Let's celebrate later, huh?"
"We always do..."

I'll bet you do.

This has been Swan Song's Seriously Short Shipping Summary.

A half-second later, a tattooed filly galloped out from beneath Belle's cloak and thrusted her skull forward. "Rrrrrrrrrrrgg—" Kera's body shimmered all over in pulsating patterns. "HAAAAAAAUGH!" Her horn pulsed with unbridled magic.
Jex, eight other imps, and a mess of crates were instantly sent sailing. Their bodies soared over the giraffes' ducking heads, colliding with the splintery surface of a storehouse behind them. Th-Th-Thud!


"Can we just smash it like that one time?" Kera murmured.
"Darling, just because that worked before—" Belle sighed.
"But it was so much fun!"

Okay, maybe don't make new Kera do quite all the things...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand..." Props replaced Floydien, hoisting a thick metal launcher over her shoulder. "...happy happy fun time!"

The happiest Happy Fun Time that was ever had.

"Be c-careful, Rainbow!" Belle entreated.
Rainbow winked at the mare with a devilish smirk. "I never am."


Amidst her sweat and strain, Kera smirked. "Go get 'em, teach!"

Kera confirmed for Roarke's padawan. World peace expected by 2015.

Roarke trotted past them. "The day you learn to grow an extra pair, then maybe you can."

You know Roarke, he is a changeling... he could probably do that...

"'Cuz that's what makes it all work, Zaid," Belle said. "The Jury has to be a name, as quick and hard to grasp as divine intervention itself."

Marketing. I like you, Belle.

The resulting explosion lit up the countryside for dozens of miles. A shockwave flew down, chasing Rainbow Dash but not quite outpacing her descent. She laughed along the way down, grinning as she twirled, uprighted herself, and "surfed" the blast, letting it carry her the rest of the way towards the Jury.

This is amazing. I don't think I've seen Rainbow this happy in forever. She's saving lives, being awesome, and enjoying every goddamn minute of it. Compared to the moody, resigned, and almost hopeless Rainbow we ended Urohringr with, this is such an incredible breath of fresh air. I'm honestly just... I'm just really happy right now.

Goddamnit horsewords, stop making me feel things.

I'm glad to see there's a purpose behind the sequential cinematic revealing of the good guys. If they weren't doing it for propaganda purposes, I'd say they're taking too much risk that way.

the goblin

This is what happens when you let goblins get uppity and put off building the lava moat.

5008398 5008261 5008429 He has said to use slewov, as well as making the comment that once you reach an absurdly high number, the best thing to do is go backwards.

Also, one chapter in and it's the longest chapter in the series. We're in for the long haul.

This series will still be featured after FimFic shuts down officially. Seriously, a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a story that started in 2012, May the 13th to be exact, with no more than 2265 words initially uploaded. How awesome an author must one be to pull that off?

How many words is this series anyways? 3,000,000? Every story has like 400,000 words. Does Imploding Colon just write fanfiction all day?

That was a hell of an awesome way to start. I thought it was gonna be a bit dark at first, which was a bit of a shock after the ending from Urohringr...but then the magic happened. The Noble Jury: a team of various mistfits gaining some heroic renown across the lands around Val Roa. I like that.:rainbowdetermined2:

Dem goblins (giraffes, too?). I hope to see a lot more imp tech make its way into this story.
I see that Booster's a part of the team now. Trying to figure out his role. Flyboy? (Whizzball's fixed! Yay!) Pseudo-engineer? Guess it'll make itself known soon. I wonder how Amulek is doing now?
I wonder how the Jury does their contact stuff with the "changeling buddies".
Btw, is it just me, or did Roarke ditch her lenses?

I have a feeling that Val Roa will be a major part in this story. I don't know enough about how the Jury is acting right now, but I have a feeling this story will be a little more "static" in terms of environment. Someone mentioned that the Jury has been in the area for about two months. I'm betting that they're working around the area and trying to figure out why Val Roa went silent, before they head to the Grand Choke (which I also think is related to that cover image).

In the meantime: sidequesting.


This is amazing. I don't think I've seen Rainbow this happy in forever. She's saving lives, being awesome, and enjoying every goddamn minute of it.

IC probably wants her to let it out of her system before things take a turn for the worse.

I agree.
I also wonder how far the parallels will go, and if Rainbow will start leaving companions behind until book twelve is just her again...
Oh, well.
I'll save my pessimism for later. :twilightsmile:

I wish I could get into this series. I read the first 10 chapters of the first story in the series and got bored, such a shame. It seems like such an awesome series.

5008560 It currently has just over one and a half million words.
Current estimates put the finished product somewhere between four million and five million.

According to my calculator...
1,555,004 words died to bring us this series so far.
Given that there's at least 300,000 more words for this story, possibly 400,000, and that the end of this book is half the series... 3.6 million to 4 million sounds like a reasonable estimate.

Ugh, I'm fucking in the process of trekking through this series and I'm only two stories behind! Must go faster, must go faster...


It begins! Well everyone, here's to our mighty march back up to 200! What adventures await us this time?

5008642 The word count has been steadily increasing as well.
Austraeoh and Eljunbyro were in the 200k words range.
Innavedr and Odrsjot were in 300k.
Urohringr ended with more than 400k words, and Yaefaerda will probably follow that pattern as well.
Here, someone better at math and with far more free time than me did a projection. I think it's sound.

Alright, let's see what's happening over here.

Woah, time skip.

First up, we see that these goblins are dicks and must die in the face. All of them.
Next, the Jury seems to be a household name (as it should be), and they seem to have taken it upon themselves to save the wasteland stop crime while Val Roa hides behind a locked door and, presumably, some high-tech defenses.
Third, explosions.
Fourth, Rainbow can... recharge the book? Has she learned to harness the spark's energy? Is it the Element of Loyalty? Maybe reigniting part of the machine world gave her some kind of magical power.
Fifth, explosions.
Sixth, Kera. And explosions.
Seventh, OASIS is working again, and there was much rejoicing.
Eighth, Booster Spice has joined the party (although we kinda saw that coming).
Ninth, Zaid is being trusted to pilot the ship.
Tenth, I've realised that if I made these dot points it would be much easier to read, but it's too late now.
And finally, at least some of the changelings probably survived at the end of Urohringr, or they've met up with some new ones.

Let's do this thing.

Kera? World Peace? More like World Domination by Cute Fillies (TM).
I can confirm that. Eljun was pretty much Featured every other update.
Follow the blog pics.
Yes, He does seem to write fanfiction all day, seeing how AppleDashery has updated on a nearly daily basis.

5008680 I'll have to whip out my calculator and redo my projections. Urohringr was about 30,000 words more than my guess, so that'll change some things as well. Having five points of reference is better than the four I had before. I'll probably wait to make sure IC doesn't keep whipping out 7-9K chapters though, as that would really screw with any statistics.

Also, you dun screwed up IC. You haven't done the linking for the description of Yaerfaerda or Urohringr yet.

About time the Jury became mementic badasses.

It begins again! Wow this one is a long chapter for this series. I really hope this isn't a trend for this book as I really rather enjoy the shorter 1000ish words chapters; it gives the story a kind of distinct feel. I know as SS&E hes known for really long chapters in some of his fanfics but that has always been a trend in fanfiction I've hated. I've always felt it was unnecessary to have chapters be 10,000+ words each.

Love seeing the Jury doing this proactively and enthusiastically, its so much fun to watch. Lots of good team work here, its great to see that. So it looks like we might have two antagonists this book; Chrysalis (and the Val Roa mystery that comes with her) and the Goblins. I was waiting for them to have to deal with the Goblins ever since they were mentioned. This is going to be fun.

This story has become such a hilariously awesome undertaking. I'll be seeing it through to the end. Couldn't stop now even if I wanted to.

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