A spectral maned horse of voice cracking awesomeness, commonly known as Rainbow Dash, travails upon flying her prismatic figure eastward beyond the purple mountains, as told by old friends, noble and wise and otherwise.

An accompaniment(?) to the original work, Austraeoh, by Imploding Colon.
Special Thanks to Fourths and the Noble Jury for Assistance in the Cover Art

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"Two and a half!" Props winked, rubbing her belly.


It's so great to hear about the Noble Jury and the lands before the Choke once more, and this is hilarious to boot. I hope they are able to hear about Rainbow's escapades from Celestia, and maybe even send a message back before Rainbow crosses to the dark side. Maybe? :unsuresweetie:

Is this canon? Please say it's canon. Let this be canon. :pinkiehappy:
It's really wonderful to see the old crew again. Darn it, I miss these guys.

"Yeah! And besides!" Josho grinned at the others. "It's not as though the dumb broad's made herself Public Enemy Number One of an entire continent again!" He smiled, blinking. "Right?" Another blink. "Cuz that would be stupid!"

ikr?! *shifts eyes*

I've never been so happy to read an April Fool's story.

The most efficient abridgment I've ever read.

Huh. I guess they wouldn't notice the return of magic, what with the magic dropoff beginning a hundred miles from val roa proper.

Which would mean they would find out from Celestia!

Damnit, Skirts. Your avatar change scared the shit out of me. My heart hurts. I taste copper.

I'm not sure what, but I ship it.

7083868 What about "Rainbow Dash flies east"?

Alright, who spiked the Dr. Pepper?

"Well, at least we can... catch up?"

You friggin' tease! :rainbowlaugh:

7083882 A good point, but I don't think it captures the spirit of Austraeoh quite as beautifully as the masterpiece above captures that of Appledashery.

I'm actually not sure whether I'm joking.

If this is the abridged version, then I don't wanna see the full one.
Joking :rainbowwild:


Also, I missed these guys

I need this to be cannon, please? It is necessary for my continued enjoyment of Life,The Universe and Everything for this to be cannon.

...This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you throw all reason to the wind... and just have the most fun you can.
Purposeful insanity with a grand reason to it.
I hope this stays up, so that we can get a second Austraeoh abridged when the series ends.

That about sums it up, yeah.

"OooOoooOoooOoooOoooh!" The entire population of Ponyville leaned in, chanting. Soon they all broke into giggles, along with the flowers and trees.

sounds like the Jury any time even a chance of shipping is in sight.

allowing a bright blue sparrow to perch on her daintily extended fetlock. "Why, hello there, Mr. Steelteeth!

pff! Steelteeth best sparrow

"It's not as though the dumb broad's made herself Public Enemy Number One of an entire continent again!" He smiled, blinking. "Right?" Another blink. "Cuz that would be stupid!"

ehm...of course not, however would you come up with such a prepostorous notion?

I think my forehead might be the right shade of red for the amount of times it hit my desk while reading this.

7083814 also: my sentiments exactly

havent read appledashery yet, but from what I've heard, sounds about right

7083882 Who cares about that fic, anyway? :pinkiecrazy:

Its not my fault I dont convey an appropiate assistive alliterative associate thing with me. Either its too large to carry readable without assistance, or small enough to carry, the needed microscopy apparatus is just as cumbersome. :twilightoops:

TL:DR Props makes this look goood. :raritywink:

Says much when even the abridged, abridge version of a story is larger that a fair few stories Ive read here. :moustache:

All those onomatopoeias, how could one not read this?

Can't think of many better ways to get a suplimental Jurist chapter out than through an accurate Jurist retelling of book 1.

Well, aside from the lack of Zetta.

Regardless of the date, I consider this to be canon.

This would be the short description if Scootaloo decided to publish the story in a fanfic site.

Try not to turn it into a huge metaphorical symbol of burdensome angst and existential struggle over the duration of twelve pretentiously long narrative installments!"

And that about sums up everything! G'night all! :rainbowlaugh:

"The earth is a hollow metal machine and you're a reincarnated spark meant to reunite this plane with the rest of an incalculably enormous ringworld... or some such."

*rolls eyes* Ew, that old cliché! Ever since President Obama claimed this was his divine purpose on this Earth, EVERY writer's been glomming onto it!


This is glorious

Well, time for Skirts to stop writing.

Nothing else will ever come close to reaching the level of this story.

So.... Next time someone asks in the comments what the story is about we should link this? I've grown tired of finding new ways to say "it's good, no spoilers."
Also, Roarke! The best bounty hunter! How I have missed you. I figured something like this could definitely happen, using the sword to get updated on RD, I do hope it comes up in canon now. It has been a bit since the full moon.

And thus I have no need to read either of the full series. :raritywink:

I know it's just an April fools joke, but this was awesome.

I will consider this completely canonical until further notice. :pinkiehappy:

Goddammit, I guess I can stop reading Appledashery now.

HAH! oh my gosh, this is great.

Oh shit! You're the Austraeoh! My bad!

:rainbowlaugh: I can't stop laughing. At all of this :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Scarily accurate :rainbowlaugh:

I must break my silence to say: This was amusing, and I miss those guys.

My face hurts from smiling so hard through this whole thing.

I love you. So when do we get Eljunbyro?

Skirts, you are a magnificent lemur.

And then Zee Duke said, "Greedy proposition: could we go out for a bite at Tim Hortrot's afterwards?"

can we play spot the Canadian? Please? I think I have an idea.

I absolutely love this, by the way.


This is literally the best thing ever. Thank you, skirts.

That was surprisingly accurate.
And of course, how did I not notice it before? Zetta was Verlax all along!

"It's like a giant..."
"...ball pit! Filled with colorful fun balls! And definitely not foals! Living or dead! Eheh! Anyways... villain time!"

I know i am probably a horrible Zetta.. err person but i really had a laugh at that one.

This is amazing, wait wrong A word. This is awesome.

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