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This story is a sequel to Odrsjot

Rainbow Dash and the Noble Jury fly east.

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Bwahaha! T'is shall be glorious.

SECOND!! sorry, I should be ashamed.

Aw yeah!

Here we go again.

I don't even know what to expect anymore, but I can't wait to find out!

Why must you write so fast? :raritydespair: I'm still trying to finish up Austraeoh.

Across the frozen wastes we go! Onwards, fellow Jury-ians! Assuming I am one. Still have .a shitty user name.

It begins again! I feel so bad for Pilate, but I really doubt Belle has the resources or is in the proper mental state to recreate OASIS.
I'm going to be waiting for Roarke every chapter >.>

Well that started off on a light note.


If you read three or four chapters per day, you might be able to catch up in a year!

Things are looking bleak for the Jury...

Poor Pilate :( But a fantastic way to open up Urohringr. Now if only we could pronounce these titles, we'd be fine.

4018814 Wow, I don't think that's gonna happen. I really wish I had found this series when it first started.

Well...this quite the "cold start".

...I'm sorry. that was lame. The journey continues on its next leg...

A very inauspicious way to start a new story. I certainly hope the Jury catches a break sometime soon. We certainly don't need Props cracking completely.

God, I've got to catch up at some point.

I'm not too far behind! I'm on...



He-He-He-Here we go again!
Same old, same old, same old shit again!
Marching down the avenue!
Eight more books and we'll be through!

4018897 That's a lot of words. But they're all fantastic words. Spoiler: You don't have a character named after you yet.

I am so ready. Let's freaking do this

It's nice to see some backstory for Pilate. I think we're starting off with a bang!

Now if only I could get used to these new five-word titles.

4018948 Figured I didn't. :raritydespair: Oh well, one day.

4018982 Literally, in this case.

Oh, and this was featured within an hour. Nice job everyone :twilightsmile:

4018785 I KNOW RIGHT!!! But when you think about it at least you always have something to read.

4019029 At this rate, he's going to be done writing all twelve books by the time I finish Innavedr.

Poor zebra... Just wants to help :applecry:

Let the Great Chill carry the Noble Jury eastward!

And thus, we advance to Episode 5.
...I hope Kera comes out of it okay. I really do. I'm not so sure Belle and Pilate will.

Ooh. Past Pilates life. That's a thing. Really do feel for the guy. Unable to help his friends, feeling like he's dead weight and all this. I'm worried for him.

Here we go, Urohringr. Pilate seems like he will recover, but there isn't much hope left for Kera. I'm thinking that the Noble Jury will continue to last because of the description, but we know that descriptions can deceive...

I think I will reread Austraeoh soon.

I haven't read any of the stories in this series, but I'm thinking if Rainbow Dash flies far enough east, won't she eventually end up back around where she started?

so... how did some of you know that this book would be called Urohringer?

As far as my quick search has led me this title means something along the lines of Fate of the Ring, or like Fates' Ring
Uro(r)= weird, (dire) fate; undoing, ruin; (pl.) fates, powers of fate; (name of a norn)
hringr= ring, circle
That was just a quick search however.

Nice to get some back story on Pilate waited for that for a while.

I'm ready for book 5. Even if you did technically murder my inhabitants, traumatize my newest citizens, and then light me on fire. And to think you had called me boring.

The boring part hurt the most.


The cover art is really interesting. I never really noticed how well they applied to each story.

'urohringr'... how am i going to pronounce this? u-ro-her-ing-er? yur-oh-ringer? euroringer... that has a nice 'ring' to it. lol please don't kill me:twilightblush:

4019560 i don't want to spoil anything, but no, she won't. there is a, shall we say, 'plot device' in place.
...actually, i'm still in the third book, so i don't know for sure

4019883 Yes! Ring the bell, get some euros! Yeah...

What kind of names do these stories have? It's like the author hit his head on the keyboard and done!

I won't have to look at you!
You won't have to look at me!

..Shiet... I really want to catch and probably could but it would mean I have to abandon my project.

So Rainbow is off on a mission to find two sticks to rub together, is she? Sounds good.

4019571 The word 'Urohringr' was mentioned in one of Innavedr's chapters first, I can't remember which. It wasn't a definite that it would be called this, but with the naming structure, it seemed likely.

Uh-roh-ringer? What kind of name is that? And, as expected, we start off on a somber, self-pitying note.

That flashback was pretty cool, though. I wonder how Pilate ever got to work on one of these ships, if he was the same race as the enemy combatants. Ledomare reaaaalllly isn't an equal opportunities employer.

Well not a bright start, but learning how Pilate lost his sight is interesting. Best zebra ever. Now with 200 chapters to go, I REALLY hope this particular book ends on an up note this time.

4019623 Well, that would certainly make sense. What language was that?

Though, alternatively, it could be Hour of the Cycle or the Cycle's Unrest, since hringr means cycle as well, and uro can mean hour or unrest. And there is certainly unrest among the Noble Jury's crew.

4020959 All of the titles are in Old Norse

I've also translated the other titles, but so have a few other people, and I've come up with slightly different translations then them. This is likely because of either being to literal or not literal enough
Austraeoh= Going East (also could be something to do with Ash as well)
Eljunbyro= Endurances Burden or Endurance and Burden
Innavedr= Accomplish the Wind (after going over my little notes for this one and seeing other peoples translations this one is better then Repaying the Wind (which is still a valid translation mind you), though I think as a title Repaying sounds better, even if it maybe doesn't fit as well)
Odrsjot= Frantic Companions or Frantic Company
Urohringr= Fate of the Ring or Fates' Ring

Looks like that Wendigo has been taking lessons from Michigan J Fog, gven this current weather.

Dash has gone looking for coal? or extra skystone chunks?

yay! a new word that we get to figure out how to pronounce for the next month!

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