This story is a sequel to Austraeoh

A lone stallion arrives from a faraway land, looking for a place called "Ponyville."

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Ow. My feels.

She's been there this entire time and not said anything.

I'm glad it is Golden Petals, I don't another character needed this more.


"Finally settled for a name, huh?"

I swallowed. "No promises."


Rainbow is sure in for a surprise if and when she comes back.

I was never a huge supporter Of the Rainbow Petals, but fuck this hits the feels a bit.

On top of that, we finaly get some closure on an old passenger from the east train


That was beautiful.

8187488 spoilers brother. I don't even want to read the story now that I know.:ajbemused:

Well, hot damn. I've always wanted to hear about how things were going in the meantime during Rainbow's journey, and to see one of the character's she's met actually make their way to Ponyville or Equestria.

But daang, I didn't expect it to be Gold Petals. Haven't heard that name in a looong time.

This was very nice.:twilightsmile:

"Uhm..." I cleared my throat. "Buckler. M-my name is Buckler."

...Am I going nuts, or did I just get an out-of-Austraeoh reference/callout?:rainbowderp: *yeeeee*

I didn't know that I needed this, but dang did I need this.

"Because whenever anyone—including myself—talks about Rainbow's death... I just tell myself that it's not a death. It's just... just..." She shrugged. "...a hiatus.

*sweats nervously*


I gulped. "She... mumbled it in her sleep."
"... ... ...in her sleep?"

Of course that'd come up here.

And ever since... over ten months of complete magical silence and... well..." Scootaloo gestured with her hooves.

And now I remember what was happening a year after Rainbow left

It's just... just..." She shrugged. "...a hiatus

I see what you did there.

8187521 double SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

And so, the Austraeoh Expanded Universe came to pass.

"a hiatus"
ha ha haaaa

Very very nice -- Gold Petals where she belongs in Ponyville. :)

Serves us right, clamoring for updates about the characters in the latest story, then BAM Gold Petals. This is seriously heartwarming.

8187563 It already did long ago, Austraeoh Abridged is canon.

8187586 I meant in that we're seeing stories dedicated to ponies and places outside of the eastward journey.

Wonderful. The moment when Luna hears back from Rainbow after her hiatus is actually the only thing I've gone back to read multiple times in this saga, so this is pretty great. Scoots was even organizing Rainbow Dash days when they thought she was dead!
Semper Filly scoots

I wonder where this falls concurrent to RD's journey.

Rainbow's merely the spark that'll get it spinning once again. Then it'll be ten times as awesome.

Interesting wording. This is Austraeoh tl;dr in a line.

I thought it was Sam for a minute but I'm glad it's Gold Petals. Got me right in the Feels though. I really needed this.

So many layers. The Feels!

8187627 According to the wiki, a year after RD left Ponyville, she was just freed from Blueshelf by Bellesmith and Pilate.


Never seen a Windmill? Well, ummm, yeah, it's not like Windthrow had one of those... Those things are pretty rare. Umm, ok, there were windmills in Emeraldine too, but as I said, pretty rare...

edit: Something is wrong. Has reality just been altered? What does she want us to forget about?

That was pretty sweet. And I'm still impressed Gold Petals pulled that trek off on hoof. Wonder if she ended up wandering through any caves?

Oh no, I'm really really sad...

All the feels!
The memories of her adventure that I'd forgotten...
The awesomeness.


I'm grinning ear to ear!

I love this take on the main story!
100% fav and I love you for writing it.

You know how J. K. Rowling has slowly expanded the Harry Potter universe after the main seven books? I really hope you continue to do more of these from time to time even after the main series is complete.

Tactical feels nuke incoming

What an awesome little side story, love it

This was incredible.

Wow, awesome side story to my favourite saga!! It'll make for an interesting reunion when RD makes it home (And I pray it's a when, not an if)

Thank you, Skirts. This was beautiful. Honestly, I don't even mind the Utaan-to-Ofolrodi hiatus so much now that we got this out of it.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but other Austraeoh mini-stories like this would always be more than welcome.

The timing is kind of werid. I mean, wouldn't Rainbow Dash hear from Luna that Gold Petals made it to Ponyville?

Well this was very nice and heartwarming :heart:

What a treat.

Hmm... Heh heh.. this was nice, it was nice to see exactly what became of ponyville, of it's inhabitants.
Heh heh heh...I can't help but chuckle to myself. This was just that nice.

I.. kinda want to see more like this, just little excerpts from Equestria... from Ponyville, as Luna hears more about Dash's journey...

I'm going to make a 6th bookshelf, just in the hopes that more stuff like this happens.

8187876 Oh, no no no. Imploding Colon never backtracks. It's always onwards and eastwards.

Oh boy, that was quite the adorable little story to read before going to work. I never knew how much I needed this story to be told before now.

"Dig the swell cloak."


This is a lot more "Austraeoh sequel" and a lot less "Skirts self insert reminisces about his relationship to Pony and his hiatus" than I was expecting, though I only read the first Austraeoh so it's hard to say. At the beginning I thought the first chapter was going to be a metaphor/allegory/whichever for Skirts discovering the show, and then that castle threw a kink in it.

Interesting all the same. I find these sorts of "Ponyville after years have passed" things alluring.

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