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Each pony in Miss. Cheerilee's class was given an assignment to write in a journal every day of the week. Every pony has to do it or you don't get a grade. What does Scootaloo have to say about this? What does she really think about such things going on in Ponyville? Why doesn't anyone know about her home? Find out more and go inside of Scootaloo's mind as she starts writing about her life. What will unfold as she writes in it's pages?

(note; this is to be written as i see fit and updated when i feel up to it.)

Feel free to comment and give constructive criticism about it.

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I'll give this a read, but just so ya know, there's an extremely good clopfic of the same title.

Hmm no sex with cheerile like imjustanotherbrony

the word idle should be spelled idol if we are talking about Scootaloo idolizing Rainbow Dash. Idle is when your car won't move. Just this correction and I think that is it.

Isn't this already a fanfic?

Will read later since it's not as extreme as the clopfic.

Beat Regidar to this one
Also, wasn't there already a fanfic like this?

1687439 Pretty sure that was done on purpose, seeing as its coming from what we'd consider an elementary school student. Same reason for the grammatical errors. If this is what was intended, bravo author. If not, best find yourself a proofreader, and fast.:raritywink:



I lost all respect for IJAB when he decided to be a quitter crybaby on us, so I approve of this title.

1687615 I lost all respect for IJAB when he started acting like a poor man's Alan Moore
but I guess we agree on the same thing here.

EVERYPONY! There WAS a fic with this title. However, it was a Cherilee x Scootaloo clopfic or something, I don't know I didn't read it. However this one is probably better.

I will read this. *watches* Later.

1687615 Hang on a sec
what happened to IJAB? Did he quit the fandom or something?
Cuz none of his fics seem to be on here :trixieshiftleft:

Edit: He did! Bwahahahahaha!
What a pussy!

>Wrote clop
>Leaves fandom because of it

Really, dude? REALLY?!

Quitter crybaby? Meh. He finished Scootaloo Diaries, and I liked it, so that's good enough for me.

Well, Scootaloo's dad is a drunkard, her mom works 3 jobs (at least) and she's abused at home...

I'm going to love this fic now aren't I?

1687614 actually it's meant to have some spelling errors and some sentence goofs.

1688023 I thought as much, seeing as Scootaloo is just a filly an' all. This is really good, I look forward to more.
1687615 Oh, Regidar. I wondered when you were going to turn up.

1688271 Fuck, if you come back you have my full support. No one is beyond redemption. If you come back, I'm behind you 100%.

1687954 Hopefully when "Sleepless in Ponyvillie" airs if Hasbro DOES show Scootaloo's parents they won't be potrayed as they are in this fic. :trixieshiftright:

Scootalove is better than Scootabuse. :scootangel:

1688840 But first things first we've got "Magic Duel" to watch and I can tell here's high hopes for that one as well. And not just because it's the return of Trixie. :trixieshiftleft:

1687615>>1688328 I don't know who you guys are, but when I read stories, you guys are mentioned like 75% of the time. So, I'm going to have to check out why eventually.

Anyway, this was good. It was very simple, but pretty much exactly how I would see a foal to write in a journal. I can't wait to see where you take it (and I was glad to see the sorta simple sentences and grammar issues even I noticed were on purpose).

1688997 i enjoy the character and i love scootaloo. she's just too adorable, plus she reminds me of myself when i was a kid. it's easy for me to put myself in her place in elementary school.

1689010 I feel like most of the characters are releatable, myself. I've created my own head canon for Scoots parents and everything (though it's had to be adjusted since the babs seed ep). I think the way you had her just off handedly describe how she was treated at home good too--I have experience with kids who've had parents like that, and it seems about right with how they describe it, as if it sorta mattered but not really. I do like this story and I hope you continue.

You changed the title
is it because of that hack author who shall not be mentioned by name?

I'm gunna trust you on this one, otherwise :raritywink: nice save.

1687615 :rainbowkiss:

1688997 >I don't know who you guys are,
but I will find you, and I will kill you :trollestia:

1689695 yeah. i didn't want to hear the ">:E THIS ISN'T A CLOP FIC" crap.

1690760 Well maybe not quite like this fic, but Hasbro could make them seem abusive if Scootaloo's parents find out about her nightmare issues and don't try to help her. :trixieshiftright:

No rest or happiness for the Cutiemark Crusaders in the dark land of fimfiction.net

Really? Cherilee is not going to read this and grade it. I think she should for Scootaloo's sake.

She promised she wouldn't all though if I saw a wet paper I would check it out... 1694020

1694020 i have some things planned <.< you'll have to see.

Nice! You've really got a Scootaloo-ish voice going on. Can't wait for more! :scootangel:

Well, this is actually quite good.

That being said, I suggest a dark tag or something, cause Scoots home life is anything but normal.

But that's just me.

Scootaloo's mom should divorce Scootaloo's dad, I mean he's pretty much an alcholic and he can't live without her. :eeyup:

That being said I do hope he stops abusing Scootaloo at the least, there's no excuse for smashing a glass bottle over a child's head. :ajbemused:

Nice update, but I do wonder whether or not Rainbow Dash and the others will help Scootaloo when her parents divorce ? :fluttershysad:

Still, nice insight on the Babs Seed appearance. :yay:

Do keep up the good work.

Woo!! Glad one good thing came from this journal for Scootaloo.

1734212 i actually took some of the commenter's suggestions and just put them in a way that would tie in with the previous episode just fine. this week's episode should be interesting... i'm going to have one heck of a time trying to figure this one out since it's apparently a scootaloo episode. XD so this is just perfect! i'm glad you enjoyed the chapter :3

i have more planned trust me. X3 you'll jsut have to wait and see. :3

Are you going to incorporate the upcoming episode for the next chapter?

1734319 Cool, I can already what the dreams could contain.

1734430 i'm going to figure out a way to work the episode into this fan fiction.

Man, I cannot wait to see how you'll do Rainbow Dash Wonderbolts Academy epsiode next week. :rainbowlaugh:

This seems like a great tale as I cannot wait to see what happens in your version of the upcoming Scootaloo episode. :scootangel:

1734492 Well we'll have to wait until the actual show so we can find out the nature of Scoot's nightmares, and hopefully we'll actually see her parents. The same with Apple Family Reunion for AJ and Applebloom.

1734495 that's the week after and this week is the scootaloo episode. XD i have other things to do as well so i'll try to get both done. they may be delad with the christmas holidays and such.

1734495 that's the week after and this week is the scootaloo episode. XD i have other things to do as well so i'll try to get both done. they may be delad with the christmas holidays and such.

1734510 yeah. that's the bad part about his fanfic, i have to wait to see what happens during the week's episode and then write something about so it's a waiting game. nevermind the fact i have other projects i need to get done like a friend's art request that's months overdue... ^^;

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