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Nothing to say about me really. All you need to know is I tend to fave and run....and I write crack fics.

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Huzzah! Update! · 5:29am Feb 18th, 2017

I'm currently fixing up Dawn of The New Day and rewriting some stuff. An actual new chapter will be out soon. I will be removing some things [Such as the chapter called: By Celestia's.... as it doesn't fit with the story]and merging chapters. Should be done soon!

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Thanks for the fav!

And thanks again, I'm glad another of my stories could find a home on your bookshelf :raritywink:
And I'm not sorry for the pun, not even a little :ajsmug:

Thanks for adding Inner Strength to your bookshelf :twilightsmile:
I'm glad you enjoyed my horse drama :yay:

Thank you very much for placing my story Empty Nest on your "Singular" bookshelf. The Cakes appreciate that... and so do I.:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for adding 'Rocks' to your shelves! I hope you enjoyed the story. :)

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well.


  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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