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Rainbow Dash finds herself somewhere new. For the novelty of it, she flies West.

Inspired by ImplodingColon's Austraeoh. A collaborative effort created by a large group of writers, fans, and friends.

Made as a last minute birthday gift turned belated birthday gift for ShortSkirtsandExplosions, and in appreciation for all the writing and hard work he's done for us.

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Here's to you, Skirts, you glorious sumbitch.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Here we go! Flying west!

Fantastic work, everyone who contributed! It was a pleasure to see this one come together.

This one goes to my brother from a Disney mother. Your writing has meant a lot to me, and introduced me to friends I never thought I'd have. Regardless of what you think of yourself, you've created a world of intrigue and wonder, something that has bonded the most unlikely of friendships. I thank you for the hard work, and eagerly await what you come up with in the future. You're a great writer, and an even better friend. f'naaaaaaaaa


I feel like I need a speech (Dammit, Jake). I have none.

This is...

Well, it is. It's love.

Thank you so much for everything, Skirts, and I hope our friendship continues well into the future. :heart:

Thanks for all your hard work, Skirts. I've been a fan of your work since I first discovered The End of Ponies in December of 2011. This and all your other works have been a roller coaster of different emotions. You've done a great service to this fandom through your work and I and many others are happy to have witnessed it. I'm glad I could take part in this little gift and I look forward to what you have waiting for us in the rest of the Austraeoh saga. Happy late Birthday, LemurLord.

On a side note, it appears the googledocs conversion ate nearly all of the paragraph indents I put in these chapters. Sadness.:facehoof:

8105653 Yeah, I had some trouble with some of these.

It's been a wonderful few years thanks to your writing, and here's to more!

I don't write a lot so I'll keep this brief. So much thanks to skirts for being the awesome dude to make the awesome stuff that can inspire more awesome stuff like this. Seriously dude, you're great. Also thanks to Props and the other nerds who helped make this thing a thing.

You know, aside from the dragon arc I enjoyed the Flying East story. Funny this comes up just after I finally decided to finish that story. Time to read me some parodies.

This last chapter was just...so damn surreal to read. And rather poignant.

Good work, Props. And good work to everyone else to helped contribute to this story.:twilightsmile:

The pony passed gas.

So... female Josho?

Huh. I guess I'll pause at Yellowstone. I'm sure he'll love the gesture. Though one pet peeve is the constant use of "the element of harmony", though I'm not here yo cause waves or anything though, which I found unnecessary to repeat so often. I mean, the original called described it a bit more subtle, this just feels like hoof-holding a toddler that's past the age of high school as if they couldn't tell what pendant Dash was so freaked out over and relies on so much in the story. Thankfully it was just certain chapters but I'm certainly glad the original didn't beat me over the head with "the element of harmony" every other sentence or I may never have bothered reading it.

AHHH but that's not the point. I enjoyed the spoof, even if it feels less comedic than I had any right to expect from a story missing a comedy tag. Nice tribute and play on the whole Goes West (Dashie went to the states, yo!) to be a fun spoof that tries to play it seriously. I'll finish up the other half later. Nice job though.

I'm glad that the first thing I wrote as far as fiction goes, was this chapter. Knowing that something I did was a part of this tribute makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger then myself. Reading Austraeoh, and Pony fiction in general has made me feel like this. I'm lucky to be here, with all of you now.

The opening reminds me of Scale.

And it's a continuation of Utaan--more or less? A bit freakier than what I expected, but fitting. I suppose. It's both a tribute and an appendix to previously-existing literary material.

I have a few theories about the "sandbar" and the "heavier, thicker air." But that's only because I took a glance at a Discord Page that I probably should not have see. F'naaaa. If this place is what I think it is, then I expect to be amused by potential, adorable inaccuracies.

Curious that Rainbow realizes that something is "stupid" and--thusly--decides not to do it. But I won't nitpick. F'naaa.

This place has mountains. And conifers. So I choose to believe that my geographical theory concerning Propmaster's initial chapter is incorrect. Unless--of course--such incongruencies are to be expected. Ah well. Not important.

Scenery porn is the name of the game.

I'm still not entirely sure what to expect out of this Project. The inclusion of Rainbow Dash dialogue is something I didn't foresee. At least not this soon into the fic. Maybe it's because I'm somehow expecting this collection to emulate Austraeoh. But Propmaster's initial chapter already proved that wasn't the case. So... f'naaaa.

A canadian!

Now I have a new theory. And if it's true, that makes this situation--and this scene especially--quite stupidly adorable. I wonder why we haven't had reverse HiE fics before where a pony crosses over and meets a horse and tries to talk with it only for the conversation to be infinitely one-sided. F'naaaaaa.

Moving right along.

And we have aircraft. I'm now starting to hate myself for not memorizing the tags of this fic (I'm reading off an html copy of the fic imported onto Sedna, atm). I greatly suspect it should have the "Humans" tag... unless I'm an idiot.

Maybe just "Random" will suffice.

Buffalo references. This isn't Project Rainbowjackery.

KMCA's narrative is certainly very playful. Tis adorasexy.

Instead of purple mountains this fic seems to have purple "mists."

The fact that this is the Utaan Rainbow Dash--with eight books of prior experience at her tail--makes this a unique experience in scenery pr0nning.


So... she's on the Canadian border of Niagra Falls? I'm... grasping at straws here. Maybe that's a good thing.

Ah. Caves. Dayum caves.

This is recursive fanfiction at its smexiest. I do hope you had fun, maaaaaaan.


Well okay then.

So, if by chance Rainbow is visiting North Carolina... maybe she could go buzz the Blue Devils. Pop those bastards' eardrums.

I dig the millennials on campus taking cell phone captures of the petite pegasus during her fly-by.

Aaaaaaaand Rainbow just casually sits her horse butt down inside a restaurant and orders cheese-sandwiches. That's okay. I didn't need my brain anyways.

What the fudge does RD pay her meal with?

Just how much does Rainbow know about "Earth"?

I dig how--in the span of a single chapter--we've gone from rustic highway appalachia to hipster college campus to industrial decay. Nice sense of depth and distance.

I'm getting the distinct impression that lemurs are using these chapters to explore their own towns and familiar haunts, utilizing Rainbow Dash as the vehicle. I like to imagine that's the case, cuz everyone who works on these deserves to be enjoying themselves.

Nice title is nice.

Crackling vertebrae: cat Dash is best Dash.

This chapter begins with a sunset. Now there's a twist. Hap... representing the nightlife.

>>The steel span of the bridge fell away on either side of her like a swooping, expansive dress."

Watch it, now.

Lots of similes here... dripping purple. I do hope you're proud of yourself.

We're not safe here. It's carney country.

Rainbow Dash is unarmed. Don't shoot.

So long as people are ignoring Rainbow Dash throughout her urban spelunking, I almost feel like I'm reading the transcript of an early millennium techno music video.

Wuh-oh. Trippy shiet. Is this supposed to be a Utaan-tie-in via a vision quest?


There's your tribute, Sam.

Cotton candy means... hope? F'naaaa. I'm guessing, d00d.

Enigmatic, for sure. I half-expected Rainbow Dash to be at a shooting range in this chapter, so this was a light-hearted surprise.


Now, it begs the question. Does Rainbow Dash already identify with what a "parking lot" is before venturing over this obtuse urbanscape? Also... how exactly do ponies react to global warming?

Is... Rainbow Dash preparing to attend afternoon prayer?

A common theme I'm seeing in a lot of these chapters is that everyone is almost identically attemptning an intense "Show-Don't-Tell" syle of purple-prosing. Congratulations.

Seeing that Rainbow Dash has just flown over a "gulf" and knowing the particular author of this chapter, I suspect that Rainbow Dash here is feeling quite like a lone star.

Looks like the festivities from Hap's chapter have grown exponentially.

Hope Rainbow is a Rockets fan. I bet she would have fangirl'd hard for Tracy McGrady back in the day.


Animal!Pony talk time. Here we gooooo.


The drinking dad sells this super hard.

So many ways this scenario could go. "Jesus Fuck? Who is he? Does he know the way to the Sans of Antonio?" Also, dat "E" rating.

Oh look, a scene break.

Yao Ming can drive the father home. Wait... he's no longer in the NBA. Fuck. Moving right along.

I'd giggle for hours if "Below" consisted of a close-up illustration of Sunset Shimmer's panties and nothing else. Oh well... guess it's just more Lemurrific Poni Poni Poni Purple Goodness.

Oh shiet. A cave. It's on, gyrl.

Congrats on using "stalagmite" correctly.

What--did she stumble upon a subterranean nature preserve?

No offense to the rest of the crew--but--this is probably the most engaging example of scenery porn yet thus far. Maybe I just enjoy interior locations more? I dunno. Yaaaaay fuzzy catpone spelunking.

I expect Rainbow Dash to run into Roadrunner at any moment.

COME VISIT UTAH, DAMMIT (or Colorado...? Nevada...?)

Sexy, sexy stuff. Again, I can only assume the writers are making love-poetry to their own surroundings with a petite pegasus proxy. Congrats on making me immensely curious as to what "Carlsbad Caverns" is. For a second there, I thought she had stumbled upon Red Rocks or something.

Couldn't get enough, eh? Take that energy somewhere and run with it.

Rainbow wouldn't happen to be flying towards the "morning sun," would she? Cuz that would be totally antithetical... ... ...wait...


Again... I'm guessing Colorado. She should be running into Raiden any moment now.

The pyramid monument sounds so specific that I'm half-tempted to believe it's real... but admitting that makes me feel stupid cuz I still don't know where this is, exactly.

Rainbow knows somehow that there's no magic in this world, eh?

Man, I hope she visits the airpot. That shiet is creepy.

Rainbow's reflection on the mountain monument makes me think of the miniature Post-Windthrow arc of Austraeoh.

"Prismatic." There. Need a cigarette?

These chapters began and ended with a greater enigmatic spirit than the others. There's neither an exposition or a conclusion. It's just details sandwiched between lazy flight. Not bad at all.

Yellowstone - Lamplight

And here I thought this was somehow turning into a Minecraft crossover.

Exclamation point!


Is this our first writer who's based in Switzerland? Naaaaaaah...

Curious that Rainbow hasn't bothered to garb herself in warm clothes for all of these high-elevated places she's visiting.

Don't take this as an insult, but the diction in this chapter kinda reminds me of my own.

J00rists sure do like their log cabins.

Dat fireplace. Robert Ripley was here.

It's like a Saudi Prince decided to go camping. "Rainbow Dash flew over the overpriced chandelier."

Just Rainbow's luck--she'd stumble upon a McDonald's while super hungry.

People named Tim are genetically incapable of reacting rationally to petite blue pegasi.

Excuse me. Rainbow Dash suppressed a "snigger?" Wellokaythen.

"Flank-fudge-nowhere." I ought to steal that.

Too bad there aren't more geysers named "Ol Loyalty." Perhaps that would have kept her glued there.


Scary title is scary.

Someone's gunning for the "purple mountains" award. Super hard.

How many dayum people live around mountain ranges, anyway? F'naaaaa. I miss the sand bar from chapter one.

Oh snap. A rotating restaurant. Is it *that* rotating restaurant? If so... talk about friggin' timing, maaaaaaaaaaan.

Ah. And it was over. Atlanta. That was Atlanta, right? Too bad she didn't stop by Stone Mountain Georgia and... I dunno... nuzzle Robert E Lee's rocky cheek or something. That would have made for some snazzy Maud Pie retrospective.

Unless it's not Georgia. In which case... somebody toss the poor petite pegasus more Spaceneedles.

Now there's the title for a horror film... or a Vertigo comic series.

This is Talim's favorite chapter.

The action here is legitimately palpable. Air-ponying with a purpose? F'naaaa.

Wind and rock-pr0n. That's a snazzy combination.

Some people write about "flying over the purple mountains." In this chapter, Rainbow Dash is shoving a spicket straight into the mountain's bosom and producing syrup. Also, I'm starting to wonder if the author is Sasquatch.

Scenery pr0n with a backstory. There be the lace and leather.

I was wrong. The author isn't Sasquatch. She's Bjork.

Nice way of giving us a throng of details, then going "lulz, Rainbow Dash is Rainbow Dash" before proceeding to thrust her "deeper into the darkness." It's a fine use of literary buildup and catharsis.

Using sound effects the right way.

This was--by far--the most exciting of the entrants. Perhaps due to its lack of real-worldliness, it benefits in emulating the original Austraeoh style. Well, "emulating" is an insulting way of putting it. This narrative surpasses it. I think this is how Austraeoh would have read if it was written for intellectuals. Too bad the real source material decayed into a Flanderized collection of explosions and fart jokes. But... I suppose that's what makes it so "Austraeoh-y."

And this is still awesome. Congrats all around.



Rainbow Dash sure does seem to get "cold" an awful lot. Maybe it's all part of everyone's universal desire to glomp!huggle her.

For a second, I thought "There!" was meant to be a sound effect. Lulz.

Almost feels like everyone is competing to show off the biggest, sexiest "mountain" in their chapter.


Gawd. I've been writing poni poni poni shiet for years and I feel like it's been ages since I wrote the verb "cantered." Like... I don't think I've used it since 2011. F'naaa.

Nice relaxing chapter. I'm a sucker for plotlines that heavily involve sleep... going to sleep... napping. I guess it shows that I'm a lazy bastard. Maybe y'all can write the rest of Austraeoh for me.



Again, a desert. Global warming is a female dog, isn't it?

Y'know... I've never written about the problem of friggin' bugs splattering all over Rainbow's face in all of the enormity of Austraeoh. Maybe I should turn my badge in.

Oh look. Human civilization again.

Nice internal narration, teasing with Rainbow's personal brand of vernacular.

I rarely use "pegasus magic" in describing stuff. Egads... I feel like I'm being uber impressed by a lot of S1/S2 literary devices.

Multiple contributors have the bright idea of Rainbow chasing mountain snow. I kinda want to see a cat-sized pony dropping in a park and padding up to a water fountain. Maybe drinking out of the public pet bowl. (Ew?)

Damn. Cars are friggin' EVERYWHERE in this fic.

Cute entry. Playful Dash is an endorphin-inducing Dash. I'm guessing this version of her blotted out the memories of Odrsjot. Hiyoooo.

So it begins. This was well done Propsy.

8105869 I think at this point you may be right

Also Rainbow met one of my People, I'm so happy!

God, We really made this didn't we? And Niagra falls it sounds like. Nice.

8105873 indeed that is what we did, it was a fun way to drag her to all kinds of different places, while also letting everyone write something familiar and show off a piece of our world.

this chapter was interesting to me because of the shift in knowledge. I guess we never thought to have someone write a "First contact" Chapter, so I guess it would make sense to assume she'd have met people at some point and just... Moved on.

I like to imagine there are picture of her popping up everywhere online as she travels but nobody believes they are real.

Well this was an interesting Twist to the story.

It's kind of super cool to see each persons take on it.

God this was super silly. Well done Jake

8105880 Haha, Sadly, no this was my Home city of Calgary, up in Alberta, Canada that was the Calgary Tower.

The countryside in this province is just... Wow if you happen to pass through it at the right time of year.

As for my Purpleness... Well purple is my favorite colour ;)
and your prose is my favorite part of your writing, I love the way you make me think and feel when you get purple, so I wanted to try and do the same to you in turn with my contribution.

Sadly that also meant my chapter was super short. but I think that is also kind of fitting when you consider The Start of Austraeoh.

God it's been so super cool to explore all these places through the words of other writers. Makes me want to take this trip myself.

8105871 Hey! It's not my fault Buffalo is at the mouth of the Niagara River!

Yay! Senpai called my narrative playful! It's the only style I'm comfortable writing in at speed. I keep trying to branch out but it's not so easy.

She does touch both sides but I focussed mostly on the West bank which just happens to be. Canada *cough* copout *cough*

I had a blast writing it and it dredged up all kinds of memories. But it wasn't really about me. It was about me giving back, about us giving back. We're fellow authors, we're a collection of misfits and weirdos but most importantly we're your fans and when a chance to give back to someone who's given so much happens you jump on it.

Yeah I'm going to stop before I say something so sappy that Bellesmith would gag.

8105952 If you ever plan on visiting the falls let me know, I enjoy playing tour guide.

One last fun fact: The American Falls have a little island called "Luna island" and the Bridal Falls used to be called Luna Falls.
Yeah, I could have really run with the puns and bad jokes available to me here if I'd taken this another direction.

also reading this now, Skirts is right, I purpled the fuck out of that prose when I wrote it.

8106022 I'll keep you in mind, and yeah I very much agree. It was fun exploring my hometown like this but I joined this project to "Say thanks" more than anything. I'm so stoked Skirts seems to be enjoying the journey.

Yaaaay! Another Austraeoh thing!

Tiem to read! :pinkiehappy:

Goddamnit, starting to wish I had a part in making this :derpytongue2:

Dayum, this is good writing!

Looks like those humans know whats up!

Hehe, too funny!

The high-pitched squeal made Rainbow jump. She spun around to see a little girl with curly blonde hair sprinting towards her, gleeful smile on her face, shouting the entire way, “Pony, pony, pony, pony, pony!” Rainbow made to move, but it was too late. With speed and strength borne of too much cotton candy, the little girl launched herself at Rainbow and latched on to her with a steely grip. Without wasting a second, the girl buried her head into Rainbow’s floofy chest, nuzzling back and forth like a cat. “Heeeeeeeeee, so fuzzy and soooofffffffft!”

Hnnnnggg, too cute!

The girl smiled and said, “Restore what was lost.”

It begins.

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