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Admiral Biscuit

"This was quite well written, and the characters had a very natural feeling back and forth. Shame I didn't like it at all."


While touring an archaeological site deep in the Amazon, Gerald Ford falls down a flight of stairs and into a new world. And now he's a cat. He's okay with that.

Now with a reading by AShadowOfCygnus

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Question, Admiral: have you considered making 'One-Shot October' a story, and just adding each new story as a chapter? This is probably just my programmer's OCD acting up, but that just seems so . . . efficient. :twistnerd:

I did, but the stories will span so many genres and ratings...

Headcanon accepted.

My headcanon acceptance standards are woeful.

Just imagine reading this, and then Mares of Diomedes.



In other words, Gerald oughta be really glad he ended up a cat?


Think this deserves the [Random] tag, but good story.

What did I just read? And why? :rainbowhuh:

Rarity—sounds like a stripper name.


I considered it, but I usually only use 'random' for really weird stuff (like Scootaloo and Celestia: Adventures in Twilight's Gall Bladder.

Did the title and description deliver what they promised?:pinkiehappy:

I'd like to think that there's a whole fic on this site based around that premise.

Uh, do what?!? :rainbowhuh:

I approve.

I approve so God-damned hard it hurts to move.

...Help, I can't breathe.

What a way to kick off a month of madness, eh?

Day 1: mission complete.:rainbowdetermined2:

Could this be...?

A GOOD trollfic?

IT IS! HALLELUJAH! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

This is story #38. Gerald Ford was the 38th President of the United States. Coincidence? I think not.

Well, that's an interesting tidbit.

Another interesting tidbit is that I shaved my whole face while reading this.

The next 31 days are going to be madness. You've been warned.
Also, I now know that there's a group called "WTF," and this story has been added to it.

I've got the next queued. Just needs a few minor touchups.


A GOOD trollfic?



Another interesting tidbit is that I shaved my whole face while reading this.

Also interesting is the fact that Ford was never elected as President or VP. With that in mind, what would you call his campaign in '76? Technically, it wasn't a reelection campaign. . . .



My work here is done.:derpytongue2:

No wonder Opal's so bitchy.

I hear you, bro. The mindset starts to get to you, and soon enough you're ending sentences with semicolons.

We need it. :trixieshiftleft:

I'm okay with this.

Congratulations good Sir/Madam,
You have won the internet. If you were aiming to hurt my sides and guts from laughing, good job.

Well, this certainly explains why "Opalescence" is so bad tempered.

5086557 So am I, but I don't find it particularly comedic. It's like an amusing anecdote that isn't meant to be laughed at, because it's so awkwardly told, you can't find a way to laugh at it. Have an upvote.

I'd insert the most bizarre reaction gif I could find, but it wouldn't come close to doing this story justice. Here, have some mustaches instead:

His new caretaker took him to live in her cottage, which was filled with friendly animals and a demon rabbit.

... who, after acquiring a taste for American presidents, went on to attack Jimmy Carter. :moustache:

I regret nothing. :coolphoto:


OMG why didn't I think to put that in the story.

I don't hate Opal anymore.


Footnote heartily approved.:pinkiehappy:

Although I do have to wonder how many people besides the two of us get the reference.:twilightoops:

I think it is somewhat common knowledge. I've known about it for at least 20 years (I wasn't old enough when he was actually President to remember it, although it was probably brought up back then).


It sounds like you're about the same age as I am, then. Most of the fans seem to be in their teens or twenties though, and I don't remember this coming up in a popular culture context in the past twenty years or so.

A quick look at Google Trends suggests that the incident is less well known than two barely known 19th century presidents, and a silent movie actor that most people probably couldn't pick out of a lineup.

Even if we're the only two who get it, though, it's still worth it. :pinkiehappy:

I discovered at bronycon that a lot of the well-known authors are older than most people would imagine... I certainly wasn't the old man there, at least. The over the hill group is filled with familiar faces.

This was sure interesting ... :moustache: I like it :moustache:

Haven't read this yet, at the time of posting this comment, so... All I can say/think is "What...possible train of thought could have led to this?"

Edit: Okay, finished reading now. Same question still applies, but even so, I am amused.



All I can say/think is "What...possible train of thought could have led to this?"

I'm not sure what the first thought was, but then I thought Gerald Ford was known for falling down things, so a cat would be about the most appropriate/inappropriate thing he could turn into, and . . . well, there you have it.

Fucking perfect
Your depiction of Rockefeller
Those vague yet dank history references
Simply wonderful

Thank you!
I'm glad I got Rockafeller right; I actually know nothing about him. While I can't say Gerald Ford's presidency was before my time, I was in diapers for much of it, so it didn't really make that much of an impression on me.

This was wonderful. :pinkiehappy:

I have decided to go through your one-shotober list, cause I wish to be reading much more of Admirals Biscuit wonderful penmanship.:pinkiehappy:



Oh, and approach Mares with caution.

6857838 you mean The Mares of Diomedes?

Oh, yeah I can see the downvoting ratio as a warning sign.

Alright! I will do as you say and approach that story right now.

...with caution.:trollestia:


Should probably take that link down; I think you aren't allowed to link any mature stories (or is it only if there is a sex tag)?

Anyway, yeah, that's the one.

Well I left that up for over 24 hours not only here but also at Dr. Horse. Granted probably not a single soul besides us saw it but oh well. :p


Author Interviewer


why did you write this story

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