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Time-travel is strange, especially when you're looking to take some dumb medal from a event for foals in order to save the world. Our unlikely heroes: Kera Tin Mehjj and Princess Lasairfion. One is a filly with a taste for grasshoppers. The other is a magic princess with good hair. Together, they are determined to win some events and stop a chaos rift from destroying the world.

Contains spoilers for Austraeoh: Books 1 - 6.

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When in doubt,


Lasairfion grinned, leaning across the table, her mane swirling around her to flick the stallion under the chin teasingly. "Yorshuen'enn jarash'senta'sa, Equumulien solshen'gon..." She cast the nervous stallion a saucy wink.

Kera used her magic and grabbed onto Princess Lasairfion's tail. With a firm grasp, she physically dragged Lasairfion away, eliciting an indignant yelp from the Xonan mare. "No! You don't get to eat the stallion. We're gonna need room for pie."

Bwahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

That was fun :pinkiehappy:

This was amusing.

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