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Time-travel is strange, especially when you're looking to take some dumb medal from a event for foals in order to save the world. Our unlikely heroes: Kera Tin Mehjj and Princess Lasairfion. One is a filly with a taste for grasshoppers. The other is a magic princess with good hair. Together, they are determined to win some events and stop a chaos rift from destroying the world.

Contains spoilers for Austraeoh: Books 1 - 6.

First Published
19th May 2017
Last Modified
19th May 2017
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When in doubt,


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Lasairfion grinned, leaning across the table, her mane swirling around her to flick the stallion under the chin teasingly. "Yorshuen'enn jarash'senta'sa, Equumulien solshen'gon..." She cast the nervous stallion a saucy wink.

Kera used her magic and grabbed onto Princess Lasairfion's tail. With a firm grasp, she physically dragged Lasairfion away, eliciting an indignant yelp from the Xonan mare. "No! You don't get to eat the stallion. We're gonna need room for pie."

Bwahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

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That was fun :pinkiehappy:

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