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I'm a male brony from Estonia, in my late 20s. "Kihutaja" is Scootaloo's name in the Estonian broadcast (which I haven't watched much, I admit); it can be translated as "speeder" or "dasher". (Googling my screenname produces mostly traffic violation reports.)

I became aware of FiM sometime in 2012, largely through TVTropes, the first episode I watched being It's About Time. I also watched the season openings and endings, and I remember watching the season 3 premiere shortly after it aired. I became a major fan, as well as a reader of several insanely long fanfics, in February 2013.

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Mis linnas sa elad?

None so far, I'm too shy/anti-social in real life :fluttershysad: :derpytongue2:

Have you met any other bronies in Estonia?

You are best Island.

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