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Learning English by reading pony fanfics... what could possibly go wrong?

Mostly reading, but also translating, and sometimes even proofreading.
Participating in two translation teams, one of which is translating from English to Russian, and another vice versa.
English isn't my first language, but I'm constantly working on improving it. Feel free to ask if you need to translate something :)

Have translated to Russian:
The Trouble with Genealogy (Read in Russian)
Scootaling (Read in Russian)
To Try For the Sun (Read in Russian)
Stargate: Shangri-La (Read in Russian) *in progress

Want me to preread your story? Don't be shy!
I like:
• HiE in general
• Comedy, Romance, and any kind of uplifting stories
• Stories with thorough world building (Adventures, Sci-Fi, etc)
• Human/Pony or Human/Changeling relationships (and that kind of stories too)
I don't like:
• EqG and anthro
• Depressing stories
• Stories where a main character dies
• Stories with a sad ending

Favorite one-shots

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