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Twilight and Don invent a scale that determines where on the evolutionary cycle ponies fall. Some like their results more than others.

Inspiration sauce: Shydale

Featured 5/28/20!
With a reading by StraightToThePointStudios!

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Comment posted by Von Voctavia deleted May 28th, 2020

Smol pon truly best pon.

Wonderful story, so much cuteness and funny moments.

It was a wonderful day, perfect in temperature, sunshine, and humidity. Night Breaker hated when it was too humid. Her puffy thestral fur always got extra staticky, and it made her look like a miniature sheep. A long-eared, grey and black, ready to fight sheep.

Now I want to see a picture of this.

So. Much. Floof. Arrrg falls over.


Cute story! I haven't read your other fics, but I might if they are this adorable too.

Also, who drew the cover art? I think it's really good.

EDIT: I'm blind.

The cover artist is linked in the story description; it is Shydale though for names sake

9999.gg #POP#

Hey, Mike, we gotta sale for you. One blown Cute Scouter. :yay:


Now that was just adorable.

The tufted ears add a few hundred at least.

“Say Don, you wouldn’t happen to be in the market for a professional snuggler from a long line of world renowned snugglers, would you?”

Not guna lie I want her service. I would be a great customer.

Twilight: What's her cuteness level?
Don: It's over NINE THOUSAND!
Night Breaker: WHAT? NINE THOUSAND!?

Yeah, i've got no regrets. Super good and fluffily cute story! :derpytongue2:

Congratulations you’ve made it into my antidepressant folder Ponies they’re so cute and fluffy

Night Breaker hated when it was too humid. Her puffy thestral fur always got extra staticky, and it made her look like a miniature sheep. A long-eared, grey and black, ready to fight sheep.

How many sugar cubes would I need to bribe the weather team to make it extra humid the next few days?

“You haven’t heard yet? Don and Twilight have been working on a special project, and today is the day they are testing it out!”

:moustache:: "As Twilights number one assistant (and test subject) I would rather expect everyone would run away from here..."

My thought is that our cuteness saved us from many predators, and that now we are still growing cuter to stay ahead in diplomatic and business relations.

That's actually an interesting theory. I approve!

She sighed and nodded. There was no fighting fate. Her reputation as a tough, dependable pony would be ruined, and nopony would take her seriously as a fighter again. She’d have to quit her job at gym, would have to go home probably.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Also, speaking of scales:

Wow, now you truly have shown me how adorable little Thestrals can be, as well as showcasing their ferocity when provoked! Aside from that, this story was ultimately amazing! Fun for everyone and the writing and effort ya put into this shows exponentially well! I hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading on this fantastic work of art!

Audio Linker!: https://youtu.be/qoIoc5QVDII

(I don't mean for this comment to be offensive in any way!)


There was a picture, but the depicted cuteness overload caused the file to self-destruct in an audible *squee!*

Smol pon is best pon!

This has a lot of small details in it that sound like it’s from a bigger overall story. So is it or is it just a story on its own?

If smol Thestrals are scale-breakingly cute, then what about Flutterbat? Perhaps cast a mild size-chaging spell on her?

Well at least they know she's dangerously cute from immediately blowing up the sensitive equipment.

If they'd used the other one it would've just gotten stuck on 3.6
Not great, not terrible

Night Breaker is smol. Smol. Apparently bat Ponies are a lot more cute than regular ponies. On the evolutionary scale of ponies and cuteness, that means that the entire pony race will develop into bat ponies over thousands of years in order to become even cuter. It's a matter of survival.

Do you really risk bringing the elder cute gods and goddesses into this realm by suggesting such a thing?

3.6 kilograms

In regards to that scale picture,

Good job Lulu, next all you have to do is convince Sun butt to go on a diet.

Wow, that was great. I love fics like this

smol fluffy bat pones are indeed the cutest thing. the scale is 1000% correct. *nods sagely*

hmmm, pretty sure i would become a serial non-consensual snuggler in this world.

The full name of the smol result is smol cute floof ball floofines

hmm, I wonder if fluffle puff would be in-beetween flutters and night breaker, or beat/tie with night breaker

Guh. You're killin' me here

twilight is going to find cutonium in her house

You know, professional cuddler as a side hustle sounds awesome!

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