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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Dillon, local human, has a surprise for his fine friend Pinkie. Not the most amazing or sophisticated of surprises, but that hardly matters - the two of them proceed to have excellent, friendly fun together!

Later, Twilight is confounded.

Everyone's a winner.


Straight To The Point Studio's got the hookup

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Excellent. Most excellent.

Silly Twilight, you of all ponies should know not to question odd things and Pinkie Pie being in the same location.

I didn't know I needed this until I did and I do and I have it. Victory!


Especially when there's a cardboard box in the mix, those things are known for their unpredictability.

Sometimes they go "boink"...

That is the sound of scientific progress...

You just wait until they start armwrestling cowboys on the moon.

I love these stories because they give me a calvin and hobbes feel of whimsy.

Please keep it coming

What Fishsticks said. Throwing an Anon into the mix can't help either.


I wonder if they'll turn it into a Transmogrifier at some point.

Dillon in a box is much more wholesome fun than most would expect. Of course, most should not expect Pinkie Pie.

i thought this was going to be like that episode of spongebob ( Idiot Box) just replace squidward with twilight

Ohhh this was adorable, but I wasn't expecting that ending! :pinkiesmile: Good job!

“Dillion! It’s so big!” She squealed, body lowered, legs splayed and eyes wide.

When I think of Pinkie Pie ‘massive box’ is the first thing that springs to my mind,”

I feel that there are some subtle undercurrents I'm not getting.

Blackpool Illuminations, you learn something new every day. I think with every one of your stories I'm becoming more and more British.

The thing I love most about your human characters is that they have actual, interesting and unique personalities.
This legit feels like this could be an episode of the show if I'm being honest.

If Dillon were to get stuck inside of the box unable to get out, could you say that he'd be in a Dill Pickle?

Say "what" again. I dare you! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU, [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]!

Scientific Progress goes Pronk!

Much as one cannot cross the same river twice, one cannot write about the same local human named Dillon who likes Pinkie Pie twice.

Let's play Mountain climbing adventure!

“These readings are off the charts,” he said.


This almost killed me

Read story and get a strangely familiar C&H vibe. Re-read again immediately insert the name "John" Dillon every time I read the MC's name. Just to keep with the philosopher naming tradition. My up-vote went boink.

Gosh man, you are the absolute king of random pony stories and they always turn out to be brilliant masterpieces of amazingness! Full of enjoyable stuff, always can bring a smile to your face, ahhh you lighten up life so well and this fic is proof of that! I hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading of this scrum-diddly-umptious fic!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/M6-zoDZZRuM

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)


By how lovely it is to find you've done this, ah. Always enjoyable.

“Dillion! It’s so big!” She squealed, body lowered, legs splayed and eyes wide.


... Also, is the box bigger on the inside?

The box is as big as is required.


I'm the man in the box

Playing with my Ponk!

So positive, so enjoyable.

I, too, find that Pinkie Pie comes to mind when I think about massive boxes. The kind that can fit as much as you'd want inside and so very, very much more, which I suppose is kind of required before it actually counts as a massive box... I think. I'd have to ask Ponk to be sure, seeing as she's the local expert on such matters.


I've always been partial to ping, but I also understand it takes a horribly expensive machine to make the best ping. Entire hospital budgets have been spent on the quest to procure the finest machines that can go ping.



Wait, his name is Dillon? I thought they were all named Nigel.

Nigel 'Dillon' Britishpants

Now picture this: that human and Pip from Friendship is Witchcraft, "Newt Pippington Britishhooves" was his name from their Luna Eclipsed episode. And Chavtavia too because it's amazing.

"Eh, wot was 'at?"
"Oy said I could really scarf some bangers 'n mash ya daft wanker!"
"Cor blimey!"

You could say anything and I'd believe you because I have no idea what you're talking about.

Smile and nod, smile and nod.

Ahahha, yeah! Yeah! Hahaha!

Okay but no, this is what I meant, at 2:51 Pip staggers onto the scene, and at 3:03 he announces his name as "Newt Pippington Britishhooves" (incidentally I'm surprised I remembered it exactly). That's the most British pony name ever, right? So combine Pip with Nigel 'Dillon' Britishpants, toss in 'Chavtavia because it's a great ironic subversion of expectations, and bam! More English than an English muffin.

A bit late with my visual interpretation of this story, hospitals and physical rehab centers frown on bringing along desktop computers so I'm just catching up now. Couldn't decide which I liked more so here's both of them:



Those places can be very inconsiderate.

Also, the sticker on the box really adds something. Sets it all off!

I love your quirky shorts, there so fun. :pinkiehappy:

This is Equestria, which is already operating under cartoon physics to start with. Add to that the fact thate Pinkie is a reality warper, and that they have the greatest power of all... imagination, and it's not surprising that their fantasy is bleeding into the real world.

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