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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


A particular magical horse has made such a habit of randomly appearing and administering whimsy and cuddles that there are enough victims available to form a semi-regular support group.

Something strange about that new guy though...

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How very odd. There is a thing called "meta", and this is most certainly it.


...someone's canon. Somewhere. Maybe.

Certainly not mine.

Come on Tia. Let them have a private moment or two before resuming control of their lives.

Huh, haven't heard much about John. Didn't expect to hear more like this.

This is where we need some Gendo-esque picture of Celestia with her hooves together.

Someone must have done that, right?

The Celestia Conspiracy!

Also, I understood the reference about John! That was the name of the Russian guy who adopted Cozy, right?

I thought it'd be funny.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it existed.

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:trollestia: : I'm afraid I can't let you publish that Cackling Moron

TinMan: Sweet swamp Jesus Cackling she knows run!

You know you rank high up on Celestia's list of favored individuals when she places your importance above that of pastries. And now I'm jealous. Of all the Guys. Them and their Celestia cuddles...



But what about cake?

Considering the one Celestia said she "already has what she wants," I'd say that is an affirmative.

Good... Very good... now forward, to more corruption! Muah ha ha!

and on the other side is the celestia human appreciation club, where they get together and discuss ways of getting more baked treats and extra cuddles

Maybe that's this club, they're just having a trip out?

Laughed throughout the whole story. Guess what, another favourite:yay:

Mah heart, its so cute

You appear to have reconciled every conceivable canon, here.

I love it.

So basically, this is the horse equivalent of "The Number of The Beast".

I see that you have an abundance of cuddly horse gods. May I borrow one? For scientific purposes, of course.

The second hat took a little more wiggling to get off but once gone it only confirmed what I’d just suspected - concealed horn! And then the coat came off and all was fully revealed - New Guy was just another of this multitude of magical horse ladies in disguise!

Had to. It's part of his charm though and why he gets all of the horse cuddles. My envy would know no bounds if magic horse was blue and moony.

To the Confused Human, to Make Much of Time

Gather ye Celestias while ye may,
Old Time is still a-muddling
And this alicorn that smiles to day
To morrow will be cuddling

Or in other words, carpe the living heck out of that diem.



There is a reference I haven't seen in a while

Sign me up.

So now a group of human-cuddling, party-infiltrating, pastry-loving alicorns is called an embarrassment?
Sure, I can roll with that.

This has to be the Changelings' smartest plan yet!

I believe we've even seen this particular meeting group before.


Um ... ... ... Huh? The whaa? ... ... ... does not compute!

...this happened to you didn't it. :trixieshiftright:

I tried not to think about what bodypart had ended up in my face. I doubted there were any good answers. Or at least, no polite answers.

I can't tell if he's lucky or unlucky here.

If it happened to me do you think I'd be wasting time here writing about it?!

Would depend on the body part.

...or one's attitude to body parts...

I'll have to take your word on that one.

...I think. Unless...


No? Hmm.

Still not a patch on the time they apparently captured all the princesses off screen!

Calling anything an embarrassment is always a good move in my book.

No. It's just me. Me. Mine.

That clip is always a good choice.

And ah, Luna. Underused by me. For now...

To cute, AHHHH!:trollestia:


Ahhh, alas, how cruel is life.

Still, could be worse. Could be stabbed.

Careful! Too many Celestia's can do weird things with reality!

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