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Being from a completely different world means often being asked questions about that world. Rainbow asks a question she ends up slightly regretting.
Wait, I got featured? What does that even mean?

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the actual death toll was around 40 million with 20 million dead on the battle field and 21 million succumbing to wounds off the battle field,
That's also counting civilian deaths.
Just a little history fact for you

Finnaly managed to register! About to read this, cant wait!

Just finished. That was adorable.

I actually really liked this. I only wish Anon had told her about World War II. That would have been loads of fun

I figured the toll would be off, but then again the dickhead in the story is a lot like the dickhead writing it - often off the mark.

Man wars are depressing...

Well, this hurt my heart. In a good way. I especially like the platonic (ish?) cuddles.

Ri2 #7 · May 9th · · ·

It's a good thing he didn't tell her much about WWII. Or Vietnam. Or the Cold War. Or the War on Terror. Or the thing in the Middle East that hasn't ended despite us long outstaying our welcome. She'd be super traumatized.

Bojack H #8 · May 9th · · ·

eh, I'd have started on the cold one, "you know the sun?"
"Celestia's sun yep."
"imagine putting that into a bottle and letting it out on top of your enemy, how they would be incinerated in a flash, then imagine putting that bottle on a firework that you shoot at your enemy, then imagine making hundreds of thousands of those sun bottle rockets and your enemy doing the same, enough between the two of you to cover the surface of the planet with them.

now think about why we stopped fighting those big wars."

to quote rick and morty, "please, my generation is traumatized for breakfast."

If I remember correctly there's fifty thousand ponies in equestria

Jesus, really?
I think there's more people where I live...

So her reaction to the death toll is pretty on point.

“Tell me about a war.”

Me: Gets up and starts blasting this song

Ain't history fun?

Apparently the first day of the Somme dumped somewhere in the region of 1400 or so tonnes of flesh onto the ground that no-one could pick up. That shit's just rough.

Is that Word of God, or an estimation from somewhere?

(And huh, Equestria only being about fifty thousand ponies - and maybe a handful of other sapients. That's kind of like Princess Celestia ruling over a large-ish (and very spread out) town, rather than a country. Considering there are multiple large cities in Equestria, some with skyscrapers... is Manehattan only a few blocks in size?)

It was in a book I read recently. Doubt it's exact but given the death toll on day one it sounds about right. Unpleasant either way.

On an unrelated note, there's a moment in the 40K Last Chancer's novels (Kill Squad, I think) where a Tau is horrified to learn there are more humans on one guy's home planet than Tau in the whole local sector.

I imagine that might happen here. Certainly, it's fun to think about.

Word of god,

We can assume most of the population lives in Manehattan, Fillydelphia, Vanhoover and Canterlot.
Ponyville originally being depicted as quite small in season one but Lauren Faust stated its size is subject to frequent changes, being closer to a moderately sized town in some images to being a small village in others.
In the comics which can be an alternate time line more than likely. Rainbow said in a talking big kinda way said that equestira could launch "A million pony attack " on the shadowlands. But that's the comics which doesn't really match up with the show.

I normally listen to music as I read... finding appropriate music for this story was looking to be a massive headache... So instead I listened to Green Fields of France and that certainly made for an interesting read.

OMG So cuuuuuuttttteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!

Ponies are rather novices in the art of war compared to humanity. I remember on story when ponies where talking about humanity and how they would have felt with Chrysalis if she had pulled that stunt on them at the wedding.

If Chrysalis pulled that shit in England, you know they would be eradicated without a thought. Or, on second thought, they might not, since they're trying to be tolerant and understanding of other cultures.

What the heck, how could you not tell her about Dracula and his... people forest...?

Lets be for real, bug horses would been exterminated on the spot for pulling a evasion at a royal wedding. Don't insult your intelligence please.?

You try telling a creature with no concept of war about a weapon that could wipe entire cities off the map in an instant with just the press of a button. See how well they take it.

Comment posted by Sage of the Leaf deleted September 17th

They'd probably be either shocked or depressed, each of which would be highly amusing

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