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This story is a sequel to You Can Go With This

Much to her surprise, Twilight receives an invitation to the Dragon Lands.

As it turns out, she is brought there under false pretences. A monster has moved in recently, and despite the best efforts of the locals they haven't been able to shift it. Could Twilight, being as how she has monster experience, have a look?

She has a sneaking suspicion it may be a 'monster' she's familiar with.

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Comments ( 46 )

Huh, he really is turning into an ork, isn't he? Next he'll build a chopped Harley out of random scrap and have it work perfectly!

This was fucking amazing.

For some reason, i'm imagining the quality of the story pic up right around ember holding out her hand it just never dropped.

i absolutely loved reading this.

and i don't think a person needs to read the other entries in the series. it feels super contained.

eagerly awaiting the next adventure of jack.

Bah, dragons nowadays are such pansies.

In the good ol' days, if a bug squashed your dragony arse, then the bug was far more dragony than you were and was thus invited into the clan. If the bug stole your hoard, then the more reason to invite him in.

You wouldn't want the same bug that squashed your arse to set sights on the others next, right? Being neighborly and all that crap was the way to go for long-lasting, dragon-ass kickin' bugs, yessiree!

Now? They behave - and have the same temperament - as hatchlings, with about the same strength of character! That red dragon should've felt ashamed of himself for attacking the bug again after being squashed by it the first time around! All that was missing was for it to whimper like a brat who got his diamond stolen by another!

Excerpt from Cranky Horn, elder of the Dragon Lands.

Jokes aside seem like our human protagonist here drew dragon traits from the land itself he was living in. And that background story... huh. No wonder he did that!:moustache:

Now, for a career change... I propose that he becomes King of the world, and whoever disapproves to get his arse handed over in a silver platter by the King himself.:trollestia:

It does seem like he's sort of absorbing some sort of quality from his environs. He became more dragon-like in the Dragonlands, and frankly he was a bit Timberwolfy before.

I really enjoyed this story - flowed well from one scene to the next, plot was good, and the backstory was well explained.

Man, these are so good. I really like the take this goes on.

Syroc #7 · Nov 20th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Huh. Could he be going Tirek-lite? Passively absorbing and getting stronger from ambient magic rather than stealing it directly?

And Starlight being a dirty shipper almost makes me like her.

This is quickly going on my ToRead list, but it's amazing that this & Bedbound both got featured! :rainbowlaugh:
And I see from your history that quite a lot of your stories got featured.

The Cackling one is building a repertoire of short, but very engaging stories (the ongoing saga of Jack has been my favourite so far, would love to see more of his relationship, whatever it is, with Eggs).

[Attack of the 50-foot edit]

Getting and invite


Twilight couldn’t even begin to speculate one


and most heartfelt apologies didn’t even accidentally flashing


Filing miserably

Jack's worst nightmare - an office job

dragging Jack’s attention back to the matter in hnd

Not the choice of words needed to diffuse


so close to the dragons’ face it’s eyes-crossed

dragon's, its

This was inelegant, as dragon’s


It was, however, very effectively


it’s too-low doorframes and it’s

its, its

perhaps been an error judgement


a mistake by most pony’s standards


the talk about Everfree

the Everfree

(because she’s asked)


Actually kind of interesting. I don't know if he was specifically timberwolfy before, but he does seem to change to be able to defeat what's around him - magic when he's living with Twilight, wildlife-punching in the Everfree, fireproofing in the Dragonlands - and not to mention being able to eat whatever's considered edible by the locals.

It'd probably be a bad idea for him to live alongside the senior Princesses for any length of time. Or to put him in Tartarus. And it'd be difficult to confine him somewhere which had no predators or environmental hazards, given his challenge-seeking behavior (and is that part of his original personality, or something he picked up after being dropkicked into Equestria? Is booting him cross-universe actually someone or something's attempt to deliberately put him into a generally low-challenge environment, giant monsters aside, and it backfired?).

I absolutely adore this little series you've been writing. It's wonderful.


His healing is rather insane. Timberwolves can reform after being punched to sticks. Maybe if he'd spent more time with Hydras he could do limb-regeneration.

Aww... wish he had kept going.. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Uhm, this guy isn't human. Humans can't do what he does.

He's a MUTANT! Somebody get the Sentinels! I told you all the Mutant Registration Act was a good idea!


So, basically this is a Displaced story without a Darth Vader mask being involved.

Randomly OP human goes to Equestria and F's stuff up because he's a dick.

Then after a while, he chooses path B of the only two endings these things ever have: realizes he's a dick after almost murdering Twilight... it's usually Twilight.

And what is path A, if I may ask?:moustache:

I wonder if he could be like a primarch or something, lol.

9305064 Slaughtering ponies wantonly like a completely sadistic psycho and enjoying it.

Hmm. Good point.:moustache:

What about being a trollish jerk? Does that count as a 'choice C'? I've seen that one done a lot more often than not in Displaced.:trixieshiftright:

logically, his decision in the end was the sane and right choice to make. He has every reason to go back and re-build the bridges he's already tried to burn and seeing as he can't go back there's no reason to keep making an ass of himself and all the reasons to live a more... domestic life.
speaking solely from emotion though? specifically the more stubborn part of myself? He should have declined her offer and kept roaming, really found who he is in Equestria now that he can't be "jack of earth", he's already tried being "jack the monster of the everfree" and "jack the dragon fighter" but neither of these quite fit him...
Don't suppose roughing it like he did was easy for him even if everything is much... softer... than on earth but going back still feels like a defeat.

Regardless! I've loved reading all these snippets of jacks life in Equestria! more than anything i'm curious about what is making jack tick, both magically and mentally, and this story brought both of these up so i loved it all the more!

Y'know, I'm actually hoping for more of this, if you decide to write it. It's neat and I like it. That's really all I have to say.

9305133 That was later on, after more people began to see it as a meme.
I suppose it could be choice C now.

Would you believe me if I stated that I am interested in subverting expectations for my current - and future - projects?:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

Reading the same memetic formula can get boring after a while, too. I like first and foremost a good story that explores actual issues with most of the current genres' setup.:moustache:


The real question is, does he keep the previous advancements after moving out of that area?

If he does then he's a living snowball, constantly growing greater and greater. At some point he'd be the strongest thing in the world. Luckily he's a lovable scamp.


When he hit Celestia's presence he had a sudden sense of serenity and a desire for tea. He might actually be a giant snowball. If he's magic-less, or some sort of magic void, he might be absorbing the magic of whatever's around him. And everything in Equestria is inherently magical, even connected to their personalities.

Covering himself in scales, able to eat diamonds, getting bigger, fireproof. He was clearly becoming Dragon-oriented.


I agree with you on the point he's becoming dragon oriented, I'm wondering if he leaves a dragon-dominated area if it will start to revert in favor of more local adaptations. If it doesn't and it's permanent, he becomes actually scary; If he wasn't the goofy scamp he is.

my first reaction was oh my god he become saitma from one punch

Comment posted by duckmagee deleted Nov 23rd, 2018

he need to hang out with discord then :rainbowlaugh:

Lovely little jaunt has been had reading these three fics. Was it always going to be three

He def seems to be growing from different magic exposure. Curious what extended time with the Changelings would do. Not sure he was becoming more like Celestia as that could just be something that happens to folks that enter her presence. Would help explain the thousand years of relative peace.

These were great, I'm really looking forward to the next one :twilightsmile:

Ooh, a Polity reference. Nice, don't see many of those.

I just hope he doesn't go Jain.
Nobody likes it when you go Jain.

He gets his head locked in a trunk, it grows wings, his body is busy skinning people. Predictable I know, but I'm a sucker for the classics.

Thanks for the chapter!

season 4?:twilightsheepish:

This was an adorable little arc so far, and really hoping for more.
Unfortunately, it managed to keep me up until 1am.... on a work night.

Exact same situation here. I'm fucked.

I was hoping the zany, fight club tier adventures would continue for a while longer.

I’m really bad at giving constructive criticism, so uh, have a picture of what came to mind with that flashback of when Twi couldn’t send our boi home.

Looks about right to me

Starlight, you need to spend less time in the Crystal Empire. Have Sunburst come to you, Cadence is very clearly effecting your brain. :rainbowlaugh:

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