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This story is a sequel to The Things That Happen When Your Attention Is Diverted

Following his accident, the local human is in a bit of a bad way. Fortunately for him Rainbow - his bestest friend in the whole of Equestria and, indeed, his whole life at this point - is insistent on nursing him back to health. She's adamant, in fact.

And such an extended length of time spent together can lead the mind to wander...

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You are a damned fool. a beautiful amazing one but a fool nevertheless, I wish you luck in your writing endeavors for you shall need it.
also, thank you for this lovely set of stories! even if our dear protagonist is thick as bricks...

yay, another part. good as always

Well! Things seem to be proceeding nicely! Aside from the horrible laboratory accident...

The differences between the two cultures when it comes to clothes is always interesting. I imagine that its one of those things that you would just acept becasue thats how you first saw it.

“I wait with baited breath,” I said.

It is 'bated', as 'baited' means putting on bait.

Other than that, good job.

He took it back downstairs

SHE took it back downstairs

Rainbow and me got back to mine
My house?

Typos aplenty! I'm surprised there weren't more, honestly. Cheers for the heads up, I have since fixed.

Though. 'back to mine' is just something I say without thinking - is that something other people don't say?

I wonder if lead is jealous of how dense Anon is...

thick as a brick our protagonist may be he still manages to muddle his way through his feelings... i think? hopefully this is him coming to terms with the romantic nature of his relationship with her and not just a, "you're not just my friend... you're my best friend!" sorta thing
anyways I'm still enjoying these chapters so thank you for writing them! :twilightsmile:

I can only string him along as this dumb for so long before it gets unbearable. The trick is getting just up to that point, then cutting.
Or so I think.

But thank you!

this is turning out really good. i like the pace that you have set for this story so far

My pacing is normally shit-as so that is very heartening to hear!

And such an extended length of time spent together can lead the mind to wander...

This line makes it sound like this story needs a T rating. Hell, at least a T rating. ...At least to me.

It was meant more in the sense of questioning the nature of the relationship, rather than thinking dirty things, but I get where you're coming from.

I don't really get how ratings work on here, to be honest. I'd have thought the swearing would probably count against me, too.

Dunno what you're talking about calling this "wild guessing", this felt far more genuine than a lot of things I've seen here. People like to depict love as some kind of fated thing where everything just slots into place; and sure, sometimes it does. But its usually a tangled mess of missed signals, misconceptions, and plenty of self-doubt. You're doing wonderfully with this, keep at it!

A good ending, or rather, a good beginning. This was a lovely read, its so rare to find a romance like this, relaxed, settled, calm. Have you, perchance, read Subconscious Attraction by little big pony? It has this same feeling of gradual buildup. I heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoyed this!

I hope you keep writing, you've got a really nice turn of phrase, but don't try to force it, take some time to yourself, let inspiration flow at it's own pace. In any case, thanks for a really good read!

Really good. Hope you continue this at least a little if you feel up to it. Always liked reading past the "how we go together" part. Either way thank you for writing this, was a great read.

I have read that, though not for donkeys ages - your reminder had me go through again, which is nice.

I'm glad this was enjoyed! As ever, I'm groping blindly and success is more lucky than judgement.

In my head this is all just set up for further shenanigans. As and when I feel like inflicting those...

With the amount of dense protagonist stories I've read, I think I'm gonna have to take a break here, before I read this chapter. Maybe it's different, but it also might not be. And I'm not ready for more dense romance.yet.

It was beautiful. thanks cackling.


Though. 'back to mine' is just something I say without thinking - is that something other people don't say?

i don't know if you ever got an answer, but i can safely say that while i got what you meant without too much thinking, i have definitely never heard that before

I bet even osmium is less dense than the main character.

>be me
>fall down my house's stairs
>get a headache
>take painkillers
>get ~4 hours of sleep
>wake up
>feel sappy
>start reading a wholesome story
>realise you will probably read it all in one go

I barely noticed when I just started to dole out the dashes of random, intimate affection. A kiss on the head here, a nuzzle to the neck there. Hands coming to rest perhaps a daring inch or two lower than they might have done back when we were just friends. I’d just started doing it perhaps a day after things had come to a head. It had been fun to do, she’d liked it, and so it had kept going.

Heh, dashes...

I think I'll cry. Hiding my self-hatered and suicidal thoughts behind edgy memes stops working if I look at a wholesme meme for more than a few seconds. Wholesome memes make me cry more than a bunch of 'KYS's from "edgy" kids on an M rated game... I'm really pathetic...

know I wonder how long is it going to take for the relationship to reach 3erd bases?
where is the popcorn? this is going to be the S:pinkiegasp::facehoof::rainbowwild:

I'm imagining outdoor self esteem training with a whistle.

For a fundamentally romantic story this seriously lacks the tag :derpytongue2:

Cute as a button. Certainly earned you a follow, and I can barely wait for more. Do keep up the good work, please :twilightsmile:

Not sure I understand Rainbow's reaction. His "confession" didn't come across like a confession at all. There was certainly no romance in it. Also, running away in an unexplained panic seems a peculiar reaction to being told that you're someone's source of stability.

Good stuff but sweet swamp Jesus that heart to heart conversation was frustrating. Then again if that's the way you wanted if to come out good job.

Frustrating how? Not in the sense of taking a swing at you, more out of genuine interest. Proper, convincing emotional interactions in writing are tricky for me as I'm a soulless automaton. Always good to learn improvements!

I'm not saying it's bad or the conversation they had wasn't believable I was just saying as an outside Observer on these two people having this moment you want to scream at them and tell them to stop tippy-toeing around each other and say how you feel, that's what I meant by frustrating.

Trust me, I've read a lot of HIE fanfic on this site and your stuff is head and shoulders above most. Just keep doing what your doing.

Hope you keep this story going. One of the best Dash x human fics i've seen, you've captured her personality so well here.

also, not sure if your into that sort of thing but will there perhaps be some nsfw stuff later down the line?

I’ve read a fair bit of romance fics and don’t call myself a great writer, however how you did this in my opinion is absolutely perfect. The pacing of the two, the self doubt and even the misunderstanding worked completely perfectly. It even managed to remind me of my asking my first girl out for a serious relationship. Great, GREAT job friend!

The guy's as dense as Hiro

This reminds me of the song "Let's Get F*Cked Up" by The Cramps.
"tomorrow we'll feel like we've been hit by a truck but let's get f*cked up".

Thank you so much for putting the rest of chapters into this one. I always get so confused when it's split up across multiple stories. This has been amazing so far and I don't want to accidentally skip any of it. :derpyderp1:

I'll second this. I really really liked this story.

Needs the obligatory post script chapter:

Twilight Sparkle: "Hey, everypony! I've got the dimensional teleporter working!"
Me and Rainbow Dash: "No you don't."
*We take a couple of sledge hammers to it until its in a dozen or so pieces*
Me: "Now, it's working like it's supposed to."
Twilight Sparkle: "meep! :twilightoops:"

very nice story, I am waiting for the continuation and more similar. good job!:twilightsheepish:👍👌👏

"That’s the English for you. If someone punched me in the face I’d apologize for being in the way of their fist."
" I was surprised he didn’t go the whole hog and offer me a cigarette and some brandy to stiffen my constitution."
I love the English. Something so old-world that you can hardly get in America:moustache:

Loved it! :rainbowwild: It had a very relaxed pace that I enjoyed. Not to mention all the little adorable fluff. :twilightsmile:

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