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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Anon, presently living with Twilight, is looking a little bit the worse for wear. He seems to be having some difficulty sleeping. More unusually, he seems oddly keen to keep it that way…

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Man, I clean forgot about Twilight's balloon.

Interesting start, I'm curious to see where it goes.

I am now curious. :unsuresweetie:

I wish to be un-curious. :trixieshiftright:

Please, continue. :twilightsmile:


Why not use the train?
Ballons are slow in comparison.
But interesting concept perhaps it was some eldritch being that dragged him through in the first place.

Yay, another chapter. Good as always.

Long time no read! Thanks!

Uh... That's not quite how I expected this chapter to end. Hope to see more soon.

Keep on keeping on man, stuffs getting interesting.

Hope this story keeps going


Woohoo! New chapter! :rainbowwild:

Oh! Good chapter. :raritystarry:


Oh, I didn't even realize you wrote this story too. Cool, keep it up man.


So let's see: eldritch beings possibly and a somewhere else, fear of the floating hair, this seems somewhat familiar all of a sudden...

Wait... what?!? You gotta finish! :twilightoops:

Is it bad that I immediately heard Mandark? :facehoof:
I recently found that I've read a random story or two f yours previously, and liked them, so am now going through them all! :twilightsmile:
But, there were a few after this one. You do plan on continuing it? Right? :pinkiehappy:


Xenophilia had similar elements as those I mentioned with Eldritch beings having been the ones to transport the Human to Equestria. I'm probably reading too much into it of course, but it reminded me of that story. Wasn't sure if it was an allusion or not.

Xenophilia was really good but I don't think this story is too similar. The way Bellerophone got there wasn't the main part of the story. More it was about the cultural differences.

This story is more existential dread and a bit of cosmic horror. Something beyond knowing is happening and the Human is suffering for it.

This story is really good though so far.

Twilight was unfamiliar with hangovers and knew of them only distantly, so did not really pick up on this. Anon was intimately familiar with hangovers, and had had worse. Not that this was one was like skipping through a meadow, it still sucked. But he was a big boy. He could tough it out.

Two hads.

“Well yes, but like I say it did work. I got some sleep! I feel - well I feel terrible, but I’m well-rested-ish. Which is something. Right?”


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