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This story is currently under construction. Temporarily on hiatus.

Rainbow Dash wakes up in a bed of flowers in a cave as a filly with amnesia. Lost and confused, she's taken in by a goat monster named Toriel. That's okay though, as long as she has DETERMINATION she can get through this.

This story is a crossover with Undertale, but please keep in mind that things will be different from the game. If you haven't played the game I suggest you do! I do not own Undertale, that honor goes to the Annoying Dog Toby Fox!

Rated T for Chara's and Flowey's mouths. I'm not even kidding, those two swear a LOT.
Oh and it is also there because of the fact poor Rainbow Dash suffering way, WAY too much. I'm serious, that poor filly is likely going to need therapy once I'm done with her. (Only click if you do not mind spoilers, okay?)
Please also note that despite the fact that Dashtale has the "Death" and "Violence" tags, those are NOT the main features of this story. These are just occasional things, and I mainly just added them as a paranoid warning.

Additional tags: Family Bonding, Adoption, De-Aging, Cuteness, Fluffy and Cute Rainbow Dash, Smol Rainbow Dash, Friendshipping, more to be added.

Cover art by GamiJack

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Needs a little work on the grammar and perspective change, but I DON'T CARE!!! It's already good enough the way it is! AHHH!!! THE CUTE! IT BURNS!!!


Oh God, its so cute! I think I'm going to use it as the cover art! :heart:

Do you own the pic? If you do I'll credit you, if not please tell me who does. That is if you don't mind.

No, but I wish I was able to draw like that :applejackunsure: I've actually found it on Derpibooru, the artist is GamiJak and you can find his Deviantart profile here.

The wording needs to be adjusted and I noticed a few errors but you get points for trying and I like the idea.

Maybe get a proof reader?

It WAS AWESONE!!:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:
I really really like it because I am a fan of undertale and My little pony. The idea of this story is fantastic! So...I guess I have to wait for next chapter, right? :pinkiegasp::heart:

Well... Just a little thing...
I don't know if you have received my message... So I want to ask again...
Could you please allow me to translate it into Chinese? Please, please, please!!:pinkiesmile:

This looks very sweet so far, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Very interesting. I do like the little variances that make this Crossover true to Undertale along with being original to your concept of bringing Dashie into it.

I'll be following to see how it turns out. Knowing she's hearing a 'voice' and seeming to only be able to see the [SAVE] points certainly is fascinating and how it will all turn out should be fun. :)

Well that was adorable! Also, I want to know more on what adult Rainbow was seeing.

Comment posted by Kelly_Pony deleted Jan 6th, 2018

Nice way to introduce Chara. Definitely keeping up well with a number of great original aspects that blend with the original adventure by Toby Fox.

Nice to see you making such progress on the story. I also am detecting improvement in your overall writing as this story continues. Very nice. :)

No judgment here. If anything it is a fun way to look at the story. We all are allowed our creative interpretations of those things we enjoy. You are no exception to having creative rights to make something you love your own. We wouldn't have so many great stories here, or anywhere, without creative freedom and knowing how fiction itself is always open to one's own feelings of how, what, when, why, and who.

So cute!
Especially when Chara ate the chocolate.:rainbowwild:

Very nice! Loving the variations along with the way you are working the multiple [RESET]s and Sans' memory of them. Your take on Chara's influence is also extremely good and adds a lot to your Pony telling of Undertale.

I'll definitely be recommending this story to anyone looking for a super Undertale / MLP Crossover. It just gets better-and-better and, again, I think your writing improves with each chapter. Stay determined!

This is a nice story. And, I really like what you've written so far. I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Wait for the next chapter... Oh... It's a little difficult... I can't wait! Really!!


Sorry, I'm taking a break from this story. It will be updated eventually though.

I see,Don't push yourself though.:heart:

Now this is how you make a comment

Rainbow Dash in Undertale?

SOLD! Liked and followed!


I'm so glad you just made Chara a bit grouchy and not a killer demon child :twilightsmile:

This chapter is cool, but there are some minor errors, like guild instead of guide or her instead of here.

Does Undertale really have swearing in it?


Hehehe, nope! But Deltarune does!

I was thinking about this story a while ago. Nice to know it's still going! :twilightsmile:

So they know about the ponies from above?


It's... Hard to explain without revealing to much. Let's just say this; it involves lots of switchy-swappy timey-wimey s***.

I'm elated to see this story continuing. It's not so much when it gets finished as much as it being finished. Particularly when you have a really good tale going. :)

Great visuals and emotional chaos during the time of rest when Dash and Chara fought, whether they knew it or not, for control over the body. The sight of those knives also made for quite a scene, too.

If I recall, Sans is ever-aware of how many times this timeline has been run through. Though this is different and, for now, he appears content in observing the variation. Poor Toriel, though. She's gone through the timeline so many times to never have any knowledge of what has gone on over-and-over again.

It will be fun to see where things go from here. You've definitely made Chara's essence a powerful one. What will happen is truly anyone's guess.


You sir, you are amazing. I hope You understand how much impact you've made on my confidence. Your continuous support, it's... It's amazing.

Hehe, sorry about that. I hope that wasn't too weird for you. I'm not very good at social interactions.

I'm just so thankful.

Great, W.D. Gaster is involved...This will be interesting... :twilightoops:

Very interesting. Chara is having an effect on Dash and Dash's mere presence has changed the knowledge Sans has come to know all-too-well after reset-after-reset.

Could all those symbols be a foreshadow of Sans' and Papyrus' father, W.D. Gheister, making himself known? Perhaps this altered timeline would have freed him from The Core?

There's certainly a lot of possibilities going on. However, thus far, I enjoy the battle between Dash and Chara. It seems the Cutie Mark change is to show us that Chara and Dash are equaling in control of the body. However what will come may determine how the Cutie mark develops.

Dash losing her memories also puts Chara at a bit of an advantage. Chara could easily manipulate Dash by telling her anything. So it will be up to Toriel to help serve as a good moral compass before the power that Chara can use from dash's kind can be used to fulfill ultimate doom.


Oh, that? I linked it at that end of my author note. Just click the part that says "Check it out."

You create so much with so little. Chapters, like these, are perfect for returning you to the story, getting you to imagine, and then having time to mentally reprocess it all so it can really soak in before the next chapter.

So Chara is trying to see how 'Pony Magic' and 'Determination' mix? Very interesting... Now the question will remain on what Dash decides to do in the end. Use these abilities to fulfill Chara's whims? Or will she find a way to mix these powers to, without her knowledge, break the barrier and end the infinite time loop?

What's going on indeed. This is certainly doing a great job of being its own parallel universe to both Undertale and MLP. Nothing is predictable and, for me, it makes me wish I could go through the game again to kind of see it in a way like Dashie is with Chara acting much like a spirit using Dash as her vessel.

Most notable here is how toriel had just about remembered something when, as a result of all the resets and such, she just lost her train of thought. Perhaps, even with Sans being the only one fully aware, other monsters do get moments of past lives lived during the time loop?

I liked the attempt to explain "save Points" to dash. Now this makes for a fairly scary thing. Say, for example, Dash tries to do a Sonic rainboom, given she may get a brief flash of memory of such a thing, would she fail and fall to her death as a result of having no fear due to the Save Points?

It will be neat to see how "Save Points" come into play with Dash's personality coupled with Chara's knowledge.

Things definitely happened here. We're getting to see how an innocent child-like mind views the concept of 'Save Points'. Why worry when you know nothing terribly bad will come of it?

This attitude of fearlessness goes well with Dash's natural character and also, as is pointed out in this chapter, makes her determination off-the-charts!

I'm sure Sans is up to something. He's certainly perplexed by the variation in the timeline and, when not hanging out at his favorite bar telling jokes, selling hot dogs, or getting monsters to look through his telescope, he's likely in that area of judgment pondering all that could be. Maybe there's something more to his eye that is allowing him to get a better idea of how this timeline has come to be and where it may be going?

Poor Toriel. With a truly invincible Rainbow Dash she is going to have her paws full.

My worry is how Chara may be able to use this ability to her advantage. She could quickly take over dash, kill Toriel, and Dash wouldn't have enough guard to expect any sort of bad outcome due to her Save Points. Though Chara still knows more about their use and would definitely know to make sure Toriel didn't come back in this timeline.

What is to come? Nobody knows. However it is certainly a great spin-off of MLP and Undertale. Very original story and method in which to show the Undertale powers of Determination.

I am kind of curious which path Rainbow is going to take. So far I think she is going to be a pacifist.


Hehehe~ read ahead and find out! That is if you haven't already, and if that's the case than I hope you're enjoying it! I've been working REALLY hard on Dashtale! :twilightsmile:


Wow, you were quite dead on with Flowey's thought process!

Your welcome! Have a nice day!

And yes, I'm aware that Flowey is acting a bit OOC

Eh, it's fine, It would make sense that Dashie would be horrified of sentient flowers in her dreams.


Here I am just going to post it here. In the episode Do the Princesses dream of magic sheep it's covered what type of nightmare Rainbow Dash has.

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