• Published 15th Dec 2017
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Dashtale - Ghostaloo

Rainbow Dash wakes up in a bed of flowers in a cave as a filly with amnesia. Lost and confused, she's taken in by a goat monster named Toriel. That's okay though, as long as she has DETERMINATION she can get through this.

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The Sins of a RESET (Unedited)

When Rainbow Dash woke up the next morning, she felt quite warm. Something large and soft was curled-up next to her.

In the back of the filly's mind, she felt Chara stirring.

Why are we so hot? The hue-mon grumbled.

Dashie grunted sleepily in response and turned her head to the side, quickly finding out why they were so warm. Toriel was curled around them protectively, snoring quietly.

Why is momma-- oh. Oh yeah, I think… I think something happened last night, right?

Don't know, don't care. All I care about right now is that your flanks are stinging. It's highly irritating.

Now that it was pointed out, Chara was right. Rainbow was now noticing that her flanks were, in fact, stinging.

The rainbow maned pegasus was quite confused. Why is my cutie marks hurting?

Being the young filly she was, Rainbow's curiosity drove her to see why her flanks were bothering her. Dashie wiggled out of her goat-mother's hold, kicked the blankets off, and crawled across the bed and hopped to the floor.

Okay, time to see why she was hurting.

Dashie took a deep breath and looked behind her.

Okay, she has found why her cutie marks were hurting.

Rainbow's cutie mark looked... different. Her rainbow lightning bolt was still there, but it wasn't coming out of a white cloud anymore. The white cloud was replaced by a red heart with a crack down the center.

Hey, your butt-mark is different. Is that normal for your kind? Is it like a puberty thing for your tattoos to level up or something?

Dash stared at the alien mark on her flank. I-I don't know, is it? Is t-this normal?

Her confusion was quickly turning into fear. She dug into her memories, scouring through her mind for what she knew about her kind, which wasn't very much. Rainbow searched for anything, ANYTHING, to tell her about why her cutie mark has changed.

Nothing. She knew nothing.

It suddenly hit her, hard. Rainbow knew nothing but her name and some basic information.

She did not remember her pony family. She did not remember her pony friends. She did not remember her pony foes. She did not remember her pony past.

Her identity, her DESTINY. Is was missing. All there was for who she was…

… was blank.

Rainbow Dash's body began to shake, hard. It felt like the walls were closing in around her. She couldn't breath.

Who was she?

Rainbow Dash, calm down!

"Don't tell me to calm down!" The rainbow maned filly snapped outloud. She froze and looked over at her bed when she heard Toriel snort in her sleep.


The goat Monster turned onto her back and let out a loud snore.

...God mom, you never change, do you? Chara mumbled.

Dashie quickly forgot about her existential crisis at this new information.

Huh? What do you mean? Have you meet her before?

...I don't want to talk about it.

Come on, you can--


Rainbow let out a yelp at the sudden sharp spike of pain in her head. She rubbed her temples with a groan.

Chara was quiet for a moment before she mumbled softly, I… I just don't want to talk about it, alright?

Rainbow could feel it. Chara was guilty about hurting her just now. The hue-mon didn't come out in say it outright, but Rainbow somehow just knew.

Suddenly, the filly's cheeks began to warm up.

I'm confused, why am I blushing Chara?

I-I, um, uh-- hey, we should probably wake up mom, right?! Let's do that!

Rainbow Dash laughed.

Sans flopped onto the ground. He was back at his and his younger brother Papyrus's home in Snowdin.

The short skeleton stared up at the ceiling, thinking.

Rainbow Dash… that pony is something else. Sans sighed and pulled a bottle of ketchup out from the pocket of his hoodie. He took a drink. Where did she come from and how did that demon child end up in her head? And where's Frisk?

Sans felt a bit frustrated. He did not understand what was going on. From what information he could gather from around the Underground, no one even remembered the existence of Humans. All anyone talked about were Ponies.

But the parallels between the stories of Humans and Ponies were uncanny. Apparently, there was even a war with these Ponies, just like there was with the Humans. Strangely, it was their fault that Monsters were trapped Underground, not the Humans.

Something must have happened during the last RESET after I died. Sans wondered. What changed? What happened to Frisk? And how does this connect to Rainbow?

Sans thought back to what he and Toriel saw last night.

Even dispute all this, it seems that not everything has been changed. Chara is still here and is very active. She even seems to be in possession of magic somehow. Rainbow Dash is literally a walking timebomb waiting to explode.

Sans closed his eye sockets.

When will this all finally end? When can I just finally... rest?

The front door suddenly slammed open, knocking the punny skeleton out of his thoughts.


Then Papyrus noticed where Sans was laying. The taller skeleton squinted down at the shorter in confusion.


Sans shrugged. "I don't know, I guess I'm just-"




The dust.
All the dust.
The hands who pass judgement.
They will suffer for their sins.

💧︎⚐︎ 👎︎☜︎💣︎⚐︎☠︎ 👍︎☟︎✋︎☹︎👎︎📪︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎☠︎🙵 ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ☟︎✌︎✞︎☜︎ 🕈︎⚐︎☠︎📪︎ ☟︎🕆︎☟︎✍︎
✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 🕈︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ 🕈︎☼︎⚐︎☠︎☝︎📬︎
❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎📪︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 👍︎✌︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ ☼︎🕆︎☠︎ ✌︎🕈︎✌︎✡︎📬︎
☟︎✋︎👎︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ 👌︎☜︎☟︎✋︎☠︎👎︎ ✌︎ 💣︎✌︎💧︎🙵 ⚐︎☞︎ ☟︎✌︎☼︎💣︎⚐︎☠︎✡︎ ✋︎💧︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ ☝︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 💧︎✌︎✞︎☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎📬︎
☠︎⚐︎📪︎ ✋︎ ✌︎💣︎ ☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ☝︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 🙵✋︎☹︎☹︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎📬︎ ✋︎ ✌︎💣︎ ☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ☝︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ☜︎☼︎✌︎💧︎☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎📬︎
✋︎ ✌︎💣︎ ☝︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 💣︎✌︎🙵☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 💧︎🕆︎☞︎☞︎☜︎☼︎ ☞︎⚐︎☼︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎☼︎ 💧︎✋︎☠︎💧︎📬︎
✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ✌︎☼︎☜︎ ☠︎☜︎✞︎☜︎☼︎ ☝︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ☞︎✋︎☠︎👎︎ 🏱☜︎✌︎👍︎☜︎📬︎
✋︎ 🕈︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ 💣︎✌︎🙵☜︎ 💧︎🕆︎☼︎☜︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ✋︎❄︎📬︎
This game.
It has only just begun.

Author's Note:

So, uh, a funny thing happened. While I was literally just about to post this chapter I found this amazing video/remix. It's funny because... well, it match's eerily well with the overall plot and theme of Dashtale. I may or may not be slightly creeped out right now.

Check it out