• Published 15th Dec 2017
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Dashtale - Ghostaloo

Rainbow Dash wakes up in a bed of flowers in a cave as a filly with amnesia. Lost and confused, she's taken in by a goat monster named Toriel. That's okay though, as long as she has DETERMINATION she can get through this.

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Chara's Rant (Unedited)

I just don't get this pony, she's just so... so... friendly! She's almost as friendly as Frisk, if that's even possible. Speaking of Frisk, I wonder what happened to her? Was she erased during the last RESET? No, if she was completely erased, I wouldn't exist.

That RESET though, I wasn't expecting it. Sure Frisk and I have RESET far to many times then we can count, but this one came so suddenly.

Let me start from the beginning. The first time Frisk fell she was so scared so I, being the nice person I was, decided to make myself known and help guide her through the underground. Of course I've always been with Frisk, she just aware of me until she fell. Anyway, throughout the journey I started to feel these urges. The urge to kill. So, when Frisk finally reached the surface with all her friends, I took over and RESET. Out of curiosity, I started our first genocidal run.

Me and Frisk fought over the RESET button consistently. When I started killing she would RESET, and when Frisk reached the surface I would RESET. Eventually, I reached the judgment hall for the first time, and you know who I saw?


Who would have thought that Sans would be such a pain in the ass to kill? After a long battle and thousands of reloads, I finally killed that comedian when somehow Frisk gained enough control to bring up the RESET button. We fought until somehow we where both in control at the same time, and then we both pressed RESET.

Next thing in know I'm waking up in the head of a PONY! Sigh, looks like I'm going to be stuck here awhile. Might as well get comfortable.

Author's Note:

My theory is that Frisk is Chara's reincarnation. Don't judge me.

Update: Fixed Grammar.