• Published 15th Dec 2017
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Dashtale - Ghostaloo

Rainbow Dash wakes up in a bed of flowers in a cave as a filly with amnesia. Lost and confused, she's taken in by a goat monster named Toriel. That's okay though, as long as she has DETERMINATION she can get through this.

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Dreams and Pies (Unedited)

Toriel layed Rainbow down on the bed before her.

She sighed at the sight of the poor filly.

She passed out a few minutes ago from blood loss. Toriel needed to get on started healing her or she may not make it.

Gently rolling Rainbow on her side, she raised her paws and got to work on the wound.

Rainbow Dash was dreaming.

The dream begin with her in a crystal castle. Rainbow looked up and noticed that some of the crystals stretched far above her head, all the way to the ceiling. The scenery was quite beautiful, but yet Rainbow couldn't help but feel worried. Yet strangly, she didn't know why though. This fact was confusing the poor filly greatly.

She looked down and noticed a blue, rainbow maned pegasus, around 18-20 years of age, walking down the corridor. Rainbow was very confused, the pegasus looked exactly like her, only older. Rainbow flew over to the blue pony and started waving her hoof in front of their face.

Hey, what's the big deal, huh? why do you look like me? Hey I’m talking to you! Hello! The blue pony seemed to not be able to see, or hear, her.

This sucks. Rainbow sighed.

Time sped up until they found themselves standing outside a very large door. The rainbow maned duplicate pushed open the door and walked in. In the middle of the room was a table with a strange map on it. Around it was six chairs and one smaller one. Each one except for the smaller one had a cutie mark on it, and one even had Dashie's on it. It gave her the impression that she was part of all this somehow.

Sitting at the head chair was a purple pony. Their face was blurred out so Rainbow coun’t see who it was. Not that she would actually know who it was, she couldn't remember anything.

Dash was so distracted by the scenery that she didn't notice that the two older ponies started talking until the end of the conversation.

“You need to get some sleep Rainbow, seeing things are not normal. You haven't been sleeping well as of late, so go to bed and get some rest.” The purple pony said.

“But I’m not seeing things, ________! I’ve actually touched one of them!” Older Rainbow protested. “These things actually did happened! Oh Celestia, why did I think you'd actually believe me?”

And with that the pegasus ran out of the room, and with the mare Rinbow was forced to follow. She could hear the purple pony yelling at older Rainbow to stop but it only fell to deaf ears.

Everything went black.

Rainbow woke with a start. She looked around the room before sighing.

It was only a dream. But even so, why did she feel so betrayed?

Rainbow shook her head before noticing that her pain was gone. She reached up and felt her head, finding that there was a bandage around it. Toriel must has taken care of it while she was asleep. She also noticed that she was in a very soft bed. Dashie pushed the blankets off her before crawling out of the bed and dropping onto the floor.

She once more looked around the room, it was fairly clean with some toys and a box of shoes at the edge of the bed. There was also a closet with a bunch if different colored sweaters in it. She would've like to wear one, but it wouldn't have been right to wear someone else's clothes.

She looked toward the large door and walked up to it. She jumped until she was able to grab hold of the doorknob.

Rainbow hung there for a moment before she was able to open the door.

Once the job of opening the door was complete she dropped back to the ground with a grin of accomplishment.

With sense of childlike curiosity, the rainbow maned filly looked down the hallway. One end of the hall lead to a few other rooms and the other lead to... somewhere.

Somewhere sounded much more interesting than here, so she headed to down the hall. She came across some stairs, but she ignored them and continued on.

Rainbow entered a room with a large chair and table in it. There was also a fireplace. She watched the flames flicker back and forth for a bit before she noticed the smell of something baking.

It smelled quite good.

Dash followed the scent until she found herself in a kitchen. Toriel was standing at the counter humming. Rainbow walked over to the goat monster and gently tugged her robe, getting her attention.

Toriel looked down at the filly with a smile.

“Hello my child, It seems your awake. When you passed out I was worried, but I hope you had a good rest. Would you like some pie?” Rainbow nodded eagerly as they made there way back to the living room. Toriel set the gigantic pie down on the table.

The pegasus grunted as she tried to get up on the chair so she could eat the pie. But she fell off and landed on her behind with a pout. Why did everything here have to be so big?

Torel giggled at the sight of the pouting filly and picked her up. The motherly monster helped Dashie onto the chair.

Once the little pegasus was seated, Toriel grabbed the knife and cut into the pie. Rainbow’s tongue hung out of her mouth at the smell of the baked good.

Toriel put the pie on a plate and set it in front of Rainbow.

“There you go, little one. Enjoy!” And with that the filly dug into the piece of pie with enthusiasm.

“Have you remembered anything yet?” Toriel asked holding her paws together.

Rainbow swallowed a bite before answering, “No, I’m sorry.”

“That's okay, you don’t need to apologize. You hit your head quite hard, so your memory may take awhile to return. Or if at all.” She added the last part under her breath. Luckily, Rainbow Dash did not hear her.

“What we really need to worry about right now is giving you a bath.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened and looked down at herself.

“Your a mess.” She giggled, picking Rainbow up and heading toward the bathroom. She set the filly on the ground and got down on her knees in front of the tub and started up the water. Once the water was warm enough she signaled for Rainbow to get in.

The pegasus sighed.

Author's Note:

Update: Grammar is now 20% cooler.