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Sunset Shimmer has had enough of her mentor's backwards ways. Seeking a new life across distant waters, the Equestrian Elf has decided to be the first of her kind to to attend the premiere human magic school of Hogwarts. However, with the school having recently recovered from a devastating war, accepted even more unusual students, and housing a new, strange artefact, more may be in store for her than just a simple education. And if her ambitions and disgruntlement over her homeland get the best of her, she may wish she had never come.

Will she fall victim to her own anger, or will her new friends keep her off a dark path? She will soon find out. After all, most don't leave Hogwarts without discovering who they truly are.

Part of my Sky Trek universe, though none of that is required reading.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 31 )

I'll admit it. I thought this was going to be a drivel piece with little redeeming value. Wasn't even sure why I clicked on it even.

But seeing that map? That made me realize that there might be some actual thought behind this. And then you spring the detail that this takes place aftertheir series' and won't just be rehashing them up? Now I'm legitimately curious where this is going to go and how this Sunset is different as well.

And I'm also the first commenter on the whole story? Well now I really have to buckle in for the ride. :twilightsmile:

Sure, I'll give this a try. Here I was afraid everyone would be eleven, but you're going for some post-War baggage and relationships. As much as I like Hogwarts stories where everything starts from the beginning, we get this type so rarely I have to check it out.

That map, tho. How many fandoms should I be expecting to see here? Don't tell me one of the Elric brothers is the new Transfiguration teacher...

Only three in this particular case 😋. Most characters tend to stick to their homelands.

This is great. I’m loving it. It took me some time to realize that ‘Luna’ was Luna Lovegood and not Princess Luna, but that was my mistake. I’ve only read the first four Harry Potter books, but I’ve seen all of the movies. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

"I gigaloathe you all."

I’ll be using that.

Question, will Sans appear?

Calling the Hogwarts Express "spartan and ordinary" says a lot about the train, Sunset, and Equestria.

It feels so weird to give Frisk a concrete gender.

"I gigaloathe you all."

Not quite omniloathing. I call that progress!

This should certainly make for an interesting school experience. Hopefully some early friends will keep Sunset from going too far down a darker path.

REALLY good job on the start of this prequel to your main series. Absolutely adored the efforts that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. So, this covers Sunset's time at Hogwarts (mentioned in earlier stories in the series AND is set a few months after the battle with Voldemort. Absolutely LOVED Sunset's first meetings with Hermione, Luna (Lovegood, NOT Celestia's sister), Frisk and Flowey. Yeah, they ALL bring their own issues (Hermione and Luna both have some post war stuff and Hermione also has the additional issue of this being the first [and only] year she will be attending without Harry and Ron, Frisk and Flowey have some stuff from the then recently re-discovered underground world and Sunset has that stuff with Celestia to deal with). That all certainly makes sense.

VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

Not normally a huge Harry Potter fan, but this story is great! Might read more of the Sky Trek series later. Flowey's characterization in this story is spot-on, and I love how Frisk keeps teasing him. I really hope the Legend of Zelda makes a cameo at some point since Hyrule is on the map.

Also have to mention that this is one of the most thought-out crossover universes I've seen ever, not just for ponies. It's AMAZING. Will absolutely be following this.

It took a deep breath, as if for dramatic effect, and finally announced...


Again, simply wonderful work on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. I absolutely loved seeing Sunset continuing to bond with the others over the course of the train ride (and Flowey's comments about alternate timelines and knives certainly make sense all things considered). And, yeah, Frisk getting assigned to Hufflepuff makes A LOT of sense. Of course, we're going to have wait until next chapter to find out what house Sunset got assigned to (since she IS qualified for ALL FOUR houses).

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

It took a deep breath, as if for dramatic effect, and finally announced...

What house is she sorted into? I need to know. I must know!

But I must say, this chapter is amazing. You’re doing great. I like how you’re making Sunset bond with the characters. This is the first time I’m reading anything related to Harry Potter books that don’t have Harry and Ron in them. I also love how you’re combining these different universes. What you’re doing is admirable.

But now you’ve got me thinking. At first, I felt Sunset was perfect for Gryffindor, but after reading this chapter, she seems qualified for every house. I can't wait for the next chapter. But seriously, ending a chapter like this is...

Literal horse whispering. :facehoof: How long have you been waiting to unload that one?

“Not in this timeline, anyway,” Flowey said, giving her what could only be described as a sinister wink.

That's... ominous. Depending on how much death Frisk saw in other timelines, everyone here could be in grave danger.

“Because I want to tell them what a neigh-sayer you are,” Frisk joked in a sing-song tone.

Sans strongly approves.

Hagrid thinking of the early Sorting makes perfect sense. He'd know all about awkwardly standing out among people smaller than you.

It feels almost invasive to hear the Hat's full thoughts on Frisk. This is supposed to be a deeply personal moment, after all.

It took a deep breath, as if for dramatic effect, and finally announced...

"Wait, what?"
"Just kidding."

Looking forward to seeing what the Hat decides. Though if Sunset does end up in Slytherin, it would have one member of each house in the group of friends. And goodness knows she came out of Equestria with ambition at the forefront of her mind.

REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I have to admit that *I* thought Sunset would end up in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin too. I guess the hat sensed Sunset's empathy and went with that. And, yeah, I could see Saggy's frustrations with Flowey (kind of like how most would be frustrated with Fluttershy's rabbit Angel [EVEN MORE SO if he could actually talk]) and Sunset's thoughts about Starlight's points considering how both Equestria and the Federation have come a long way, but still have a long way to go was really good. And, yeah, I got a chuckle out of the reaction to Frisk's mother becoming the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. Plus, yeah, McGonagall and Missy's chat at the end of the chapter definitely makes for some excellent foreshadowing.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

What's Sky Trek?

Star Trek if it was in a fantasy solarpunk/steampunk setting with a lot of other fandoms crossing over into it that are also now fantasy solarpunk/steampunk oriented.

Lots of airships involved.

Started with me just wanting to put a bunch of my favorite characters onto an Airship and went a little nuts from there.

Jaina? As a 12 year old? CHROMIE, you have some explaining to do.
For those that not know of Chromie: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Chronormu

Missy Who?

*listens for a particular sound*

(yes, I am trying to summon Doctor Whooves and Derpy)

"Pridemoure, Jaina…"

There's a girl with a rough future ahead. (On a related note, I'm wary of the latest DADA teacher, Professor Thuzad...)
Oh. For once, the Defense teacher isn't the one to keep an eye on.

Yeah, this will blow up. The question is who gets caught in the blast radius, and how badly.

Again, you did a great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, enjoyed the bits of this universe's Sunset's memories of one of her chats with Celestia before she woke up for her first full day at Hogwarts (including the nods to Starlight) as well as Toriel's explanations concerning the sort of magic her race can do and the bits of friendly rivalry between Hermione and Sunset (hopefully, the two are able to KEEP IT friendly; that's been one of Applejack and Rainbow Dash's biggest problems with THEIR rivalry) as they both showed a pretty fair amount of knowledge on the questions they were asked.

VERY much looking forward to more of this.

This story's just getting better with every update! It's always nice seeing the goatmom, and love the way you've been building up camaraderie between Sunset and the others. Keep up the great work!

I’m gonna remember gigaloathe lol

Very interesting to see how the setting shaped Sunset's dispute with Celestia.

I thought everyone knew true first contact came a thousand cycles ago when King Arthus saved Princess Celestia from The Lich after her ship ran off course.

I have several questions.

Sunset and SOUL magic. Oh, this won't end well. Though I find myself wondering if she'd have a heart or a sun.

Is Professor Who the Mistress from Doctor Who?

All I can say is excellent job on this latest chapter. Greatly enjoyed the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. REALLY loved Luna's explanation of the advantages of transfiguration over Amestrian Alchemy, the reactions to having to cast the Silver Shield Spell (especially from the few there that were NOT veterans of the Second Wizarding War), Missy's chat with Sunset concerning Celestia and Equestria (and the little Mythology Gag of her unicorn familiar having the word "Ray" in it [Ray being the name of her pet leopard gecko in the Equestria Girls shorts]) as well as Sunset and Luna's chat concerning war veterans. And, yeah, I have a hunch Sunset and her friends are going to go looking for Hermione in the next chapter and probably end up in some pretty deep doo-doo because of it (which is about the maximum I'm going to guess in order to minimize spoilers).

At any rate, I'll certainly be looking forward to more of this.

Sometime in future:
Doctor: You have a lot of nerve, Missy. Now, will you come quietly, or do I need to tell these nice people just WHAT you really are?

"Is she insane?" Hermione whispered.

Hermione, you lived through how many years of Dumbledore again? :duck:

And its core was a unicorn hair, and not just any unicorn hair, but one that belonged to her bonded unicorn, Solar Ray, back home.

Well, that's an interesting touch. And a clever connection to a certain leopard gecko.

“Intriguing,” Missy said, a twinkle in her eye. “Mind if I pass that along?”
“No, no not at all,” Sunset said, smiling slightly.

Oh, you poor, naive fool. So eager to get what you want that you never stop to ask why someone might have put the worm on that oddly bent metal thing.
Of course, between the obfuscating goofiness and exhausting Sunset physically and mentally, it's hardly surprising that she isn't in her most analytical state of mind.

And Hermione... oh, this is very concerning. We'll see where this goes from here.

Oh naive Sunset. So willingly to try to get what you want and thinking the Feds true and good on first impressions could lead to consequences. Painful consequences to you and others.

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