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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Most work undertaken by princesses is fairly tedious, and a good chunk of it is paperwork and letters.

Celestia is interrupted while dealing with some of this.


The Straight To The Point Studio version.
My version.

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Comments ( 108 )

That was nice it’s often how I interrupt other in the fanfics I read in my mind inserting myself as that type of person. But great story my Friend

Oh what a pleasant thought, to live in one’s own home and be whisked away by taking a wrong turn. It would be nice to wander every once in a while into a different plane mug of coffee, or I suppose tea in this case, in hand.
The pleasant but unwilling interloper! Just passing through :twilightsmile:

Probably in thru' the window.
Joke courtesy of Doctor Who.

(in thru' the = in-tru-der, for those who didn't get it.)

ah the reverse of the norm, always fun to see Luna going to be annoyed for a while

Just one of those things I suppose, he seems to be taking it well.

You have fun now - be seeing you,” he said, waving farewell with some kind of odd salute before stepping through.

If that was not 'The Prisoner' salute I will be very disappointed.

That mug.... you magnificent bastard that mug!!!!

This reminds me of the fellow who suddenly had the back of his pantry connected to the back of Lyra and BonBon's pantry, after Lyra botched a spell to make her pantry bigger on the inside. Funny things tend to happen when you don't exactly have the spells down pat as you mess with basic dimensions. It all tends to snowball into the higher dimensions and before you can say "Oops", you've whacked a great big pantry-sized hole in reality and bothered a nice but confused human.

Personally, I blame Ponyville. Not the ponies in it mind you, but the town itself. Always causing mischief like a much nicer version of the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone would be quick to blame the Everfree Forest but that's a proper "Spooky Forest" so it's rightfully expected to have bad things in it. Not so with Ponyville. You'd be walking around, saying it's such a pleasant day and suddenly there's a veritable zerg rush of insane pink ponies chanting "Fun!" or it starts raining chocolate milk and you nearly get trampled by dancing buffalo in tutus while the road turns to slippery soap.

Most long time residents would just call it another Tuesday however...

Bit of luck that. Phantosmia is usually a sign of rather alarming health conditions and/or poor dental hygiene.

This comment is... poetic. Shakespearean even.
Do you write stories yourself? You should, you have a way with words

It's a pleasant thing to think about, I found.

A classic! I couldn't resist.

No idea why I always imagine Luna as the straight man in these things, but I do.

Well, freaking out in these situations never helps, really.

I've made a bunch of these references now and I think you're the first one to pick up on them...


Probably like some twee, funtastic version of a hellmouth

She's actually laid up with food poisoning and tripping balls.

I'm a simple man. I like Princess Celestia, I like stories which don't actually really have anything happen in them-

That's the only thing I needed to read to follow you.

Please enjoy my back catalogue of not a whole lot happening.

Hope you feel better when you wake up! Lovely little story.

I normally don't stand for self inserts. I make exception for your particular brand of interdimensional English befuddlement though.

I imagine reenacting the opening Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote scenes:

Freeze on the human fleeing: Anon = Princessus Interruptus

Then Celestia flying after: Celestia = Solarus Invictus

It's surprising how often the simplest things make the best stories

“Well it’s not the first time. This sort of thing usually works out itself out sooner rather than later though. It’ll be fine,” he said.

one too many "out".


"Cackling moron" that name doesn't suit you well when you write good stuff like this.

A short and amusing fic, i liked it.

Huh, doors randomly connecting rooms that shouldn't be connected. Is it weird that my first thought was the "Tesseract" episode of Black Hole High?

Luna was barely in this yet stole the show. Maybe next time this human comes back ('cause your humans always do), there should be a mysterious partially painted hallway branching off Luna’s chambers. Delightful as always.

I've decided to avoid another headache by drinking cheap lager from Lidl.

Well I mean they're not me, strictly speaking, they're just so heavily drawn from me they might as well be me.

But aren't. For one thing they're all way nicer than I ever could be.

Mean, aren't we all in what we write, right? Right? Right?!

One idea becomes a seed from which WORDS DOTH SPROUT

I don't know, really. I'm often gripped by mirth and the depths of my idiocy have yet to be fully plumbed...

You've already put far more thought into this than I did while writing it.

Nooo! Not more ideas! I'll never rest at this rate!

Sequel idea, Celestia couldve gone through the door with him


I've seen some shit, your gonna have to try REALLY hard to prove your name is true.

She's got letters to sign!

Hmm, this is rather intruiging. Short, but sweet. Very well done, dear author. :moustache:


Well, when you write a story so bad that it breaks all rules of morality, common decency, and good taste, then gets booted off Fimfiction, I'll give you your dues


"This must be Thursday," said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer, "I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

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