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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


A man, sitting alone, isn't feeling his best, really.

He has also forgotten to clean the fluff out from beneath his sofa.

This has consequences for him.


Straight To The Points Studios again to the rescue with a reading.

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this reminds me of a old youtube comedy skits where entire countries were in a guys furniture, makes me wonder then if sofa is equestria what other furniture would be the other nations,

If everyone in the world watched a Ghibli film right now we would get rid of so much stress.

Like, MLP nations or just any nation?

I love - love - that you got what it was I was talking about.

Porco Rosso. Great movie.

It's so good! How come when people are (rightly) talking up Ghibli they don't mention Porco Rosso? It's bloody brilliant!

Everyone could use a Celestia under the sofa to snuggle at this time it seems

So today I learned that if I want a nice magical horse-lady to crawl out from under the sofa, I should not clean the fluff under it. Also, a bowl of junk food as bait for myself is recommended?

Well! That was easy. Mission accomplished.

im starting to think discord trying to set celestia up and all theses stories are just him messing with her, she get tricked into going through a portal into strange place and exits to find strange creature and act nonchalant while she panicking inside then she tries to go back through the portal discord created only to find it closed and she now incredibly embarrassed while hiding in the sofa

That's easy for you to say.

I was thinking something like that. Then again, I am usually thinking something like that...

Who knew it was so simple?

You're already putting far more thought into this than I ever did.

that one of the things that i find fun with your stories, a good story even a simple one will give it readers inspiration to come up with ideas and details that even the author dint think of

That's just downright ominous.

A British gentleman of leisure sits in his drawing room. Calibash in one hand, a glass of a quite presumptuous port in the other, he ponders what deeply complex, multi-layered vision exploring the vagueries of mortal existence he may concoct for the enlightenment of his teaming hordes of admiring readers.

Looks at the squib at the top of his own page, shrugs, bangs out 2000 words, and has his manservant throw it over the transom at some web site or another. "Let those blighters curry their own sausages" as the more common rabble are wont to say.

I couldn't resist! I saw this and I finally had the time to and I was like, "NYAHHHH! I'M GONNA READ THIS!" Hope ya didn't mind that I did! Tis a fantastic and sweet lil silly read!

Adiou Lkin: https://youtu.be/i-qf2wNQ1dk

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

This is a much loftier vision than the reality, which was me sat on my sofa in my dressing gown with a can of Carlsberg bashing it out before going to bed. So let's forget that that's what happened and imagine that what you said happened, uh, happened.

You and me have synergy.

There was a window beneath the sofa?? :twilightoops:

It's got a great view.

I had literally never heard of it until now, but I just might have to check it out now.

I hadn't heard of it until they put it on Netflix! Why?! It's a travesty! It's wonderful!

I love this random nice stories with Celestia. Extra fluff indeed!!

I have something of a soft spot for her. Maybe. It's been said.

Awwww. That was very cute.

It's important to stock up a good supply of Celestias when things look dour.

You can't have them they're MINE ALL MINE

Now now, you can't go hogging all the Sun Butts to yourself. What would Celestia say? Or Luna?

I wish I had a sofa princess.

"Laws don't apply to pigs!"

I would've thought that was Pinkie in Celestia's body at first, then she started waxing philosophical. Then I was like, "Nope, that's definitely just playful Celestia."
I love these. :twilightsmile:


Damnit, he's right!

Man what are you doing!? Oh the humanity! what if she's infected? You've gotta keep a full meters distance for safety. You don't know where she's been! I mean besides the underside of your couch... but still!

Stay safe bro, health before horses. :moustache:

Lovely story by the way.

Probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Ghibli film.

Well she was the, uh, fuck...

Element of joy? Did I imagine that?

Whatever, she's just nice. I like 'er!

I didn't mention it in the story but she's wearing a full hazmat suit. Or a hazard suit, rather. Basically just Gordon Freemaning it up. With the helmet on too, obviously. That's totally how it is.

No need to get worked up, I wasn't trying to be critical. I like seeing Celestia let her mane down and just act like when she was first teaching Twilight (at least I'd imagine she'd be playful like that, given how young Twilight was). I write her as having a playful side on occasion, too. I can imagine it gets tiresome having to be so regal 24/7.

I was joshin' ya, silly.

As do I. In any given situation tbh
Seeing as 80%of mlp base fandom thinks of her as filler Dumbledore ripoff whos incompetent. While completely neglecting her story and what she went thru.
There is possibly a humongous amount of what ifs and what could be's for why things happened the way they happened.
I made a whole fairly realistic scenario and explanations in my mind as to the whys and answers to them. So i see her as a genuine great Character that lets me fill in the blanks. While still showing her beauty and her struggles

Fuckin porco rosso and its weird airplane magic

"Remember that time you became a pig?"

Celestia's getting weird without work to keep her grounded.

... oh god. What's Luna getting up to?

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