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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


This story is a sequel to She means well

Not even a lazy lie-in is safe from magical horses sneaking in and making a nuisance of themselves.

Still, there are worse things in life, and this time at least she seems to have thought her plans through, and they seem to be going smoothly. Probably because she brought even more help.

Oh well, a man can just go with the flow, can't he? And enjoy himself. Why not? It's not so bad, he's still a softy and she is, all said and done, just plain lovely.

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I smiled when I saw this in my feed which turned into delighted laughter that greatly confused my roommate. I mean it's a bit tricky to explain things when all you can say is "I'm reading pure distilled happiness and peace."

In short, thank you for this. You've made productive day even more lovely.

(Hope the kidlet is doing well.)

“Do you have...freckles? Did you have freckles before?” I asked, squinting

Her smile widened.

“They come and go,” she said.

Heh, sunspots.

Glad you still have time to write.

At that precise moment only bed mattered, and so I clambered back into it. My horse was quick to tuck me back in. Had barely laid down before she was pulling the duvet back into place and once more ensuring I was snug.
, looming over me, big magical hair fluttering into that ever-present, ethereal breeze.
“You’re really not supposed to say that it’s part - ah I don’t care.”

Actually, you forgot the line that it's all part of the plan.

Every time I see a new story from you, I drop everything to read it immediately. Your style is an absolute treat to read every time, with the kind of humor I vibe with on a level that is, frankly, probably very unhealthy. This one is cute and wholesome and gave me a couple of good chuckles, and like most everything else of yours, it's very comfy. I can't wait to read more of your delightful works.


I primarily write to confuse roommates.

And I've learnt that fresh babies mainly have two volumes: So quiet you wonder if something has gone wrong and extremely loud so you know something is wrong but now you have to work out what exactly it is this time.

There was a particular picture I had in mind for that, but I'm not sure where it is right now...

More finishing off something I mostly wrote before, but still, I found time!

And bah, how on earth did that get so badly splinched? Probably while I was scrolling about the doc, hurgh. Fixed now, I think.

Based on my own experience with tiny humans, I have noticed that yes.

A friend's mum tells of the first time he slept through the night as a tiny babe. She woke up from a deep sleep convinced he must've died.

Oh, you're far too kind! I'm just glad this one came out coherent enough to be readable.

That Silfoe picture is just the one I was thinking of.

In many respects, now is the easy time. As Flurry demonstrates here, just wait til they're mobile. Then again, they're more emotionally rewarding then, too. The more options they have, the better it feels when they choose you.

Gosh darnit I love how sickeningly cute these two are together.

I hadn't realized how fluff-deficient I was until this story showed up.

So if sunspots are freckles, does that mean flares are acne?

On seeing that I’d seen her she stopped her blowing and smiled, and so my vision was just full of happy, beaming, magical horse. I’ve woken up to worse.

But did you ever got woken better?

“I’ll be back…” she said, departing. I did not doubt this. It was a habit of hers.

Did she say it like this?

Probably best I don’t think too hard about any of this, on how my life has become rich with intrusion and strange, friendly gestures from a strange, friendly horse. Just focus on that you’re being indulged and getting breakfast made for you, not on the other parts. The horse parts. Don’t think about those parts. Think about the breakfast.

Keeps you from going crazy.

ruined my viewing history on all my streaming services

I wonder what she is watching.

“You’re quite strange,” she said, resting her chin on top of my head.

Says the speaking magical horse who regulary appears out of nowhere.

“Are you inviting yourself?” She asked.
I swallowed.
“I’ve taught you so well,” she said, mock-pride rich in her voice.

Yay! Celly can be proud of herself.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Somehow I did not believe her, and the way she was biting her lip to keep from laughing kind of suggested she didn’t think I believed her either. Not that I would call her out on this. Think she knew that, too.

The good old "I Know You Know" roulette.

Your stuff is just so nice to read...even when the subject is not, home invasion is serious businesses

... God only knows what's going to happen when Celly retires! Oh, right:trollestia:

She even smells like the sun. How does that work? Probably more like the smell of a hot day, but still, it’s where my mind goes. Hot, happy days. Oh it’s all too much.

Probably above :facehoof:

Hecking adorable. The sass in the beginning, so wonderful! And I love how Celestia is just My Horse. So fitting, and at the end, I imagine at least Candy is peeking in through the crack of the door, grinning ear to ear with Luna rolling her eyes and Twilight still struggling with Flurry.

You're a magnificent bastard, you know that Cackling? Never change.

I had a smile on my face throughout the entire story. It's just so warm and fluffy, like a fresh towel out of the dryer ready to use after taking a shower.

Really, quite a joy.

Alternative title: they live... and 'among us' :p

It's a quality picture. And freckles are great anyway, so hell.

The wife and I got buddies with a kid heading towards two years now, so I'm very aware of what I'm in for.

They have an odd relationship based on trespassing and sleeping and weird shared humour.

Eh, poop ain't shit.

Which is to say, it's not as bad as all that, really.

I like to imagine that she watched every single programme to do with baking cakes.

Got to stay on-trend and in-character, after all. Ooh, reminds me, Bake Off is on in like half an hour...

I'll take the seriousest of situations and make plotless fluff out of it all.

Also, your picture always makes me miss EVE. Even if I was rubbish at it.

I like to imagine - for the sake of the visuals - that Cadence made extra pancakes and she and Luna are enjoying them while also spying/eavesdropping. Twilight also has some, but is too busy desperately attempting to keep Flurry from destroying something.

Visuals are important in a written medium, dontchaknow.

Pffbt, far too modern.

This was just an excuse to see if anyone went "Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over" but so far no-one has.

Mate, 99% of Eve players are rubbish...just good at hiding it. (I was so space poor, never got to 1 biil ISK ...had too much fun losing it all in fights)

Hm... i would tell you a chemist joke... but all the good ones Argon...


Right, but I'm obligated by social convention to spout sentimentally at any parent of a child younger than mine. I believe my contractual next line is "Ahh, X! That's a fun age," or one of several acceptable listed rephrasings.

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