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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Greg, local human, is often summoned for reasons that often turn out to be ultimately rather trivial, but he doesn't mind - it's all in good fun, really, and it gets him out of the house.

Today he's dusting cobwebs, but then there's an emergency, apparently?

By a certain loose definition, as it transpires.

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Personally, I'd push her out.

This does not surprise me.

You know me well.

See, that's it in a nutshell.

Also, man, I really under-use Cadence. And Luna...


At this point, weirdly, I apparently kind of do...

celestia just started prank war who ever wins pony kind loses

Luna would be the straightman (straightmare?) except for when you least expect it.

Whenever I have Luna appear - which isn't often - she's forced into the straight man role. I'm feeling out how to have her on her own.

...not that I am doing that now or anything.

and plans to do more non ponies interact with a human story?
discord,tirek,even a yak or griffon

Well none of them are princesses, which is kind of a drawback right from the start, so hmm...

I dunno. I'd have to actually think of something for them to do.

And yaks have a particular syntax I'd have to zero in on, and that sounds like work, urgh.

Griffons though...

discords a lord then again i could see him becoming female and declaring himself a princess just to mess with a human
but fair enough i look forward to what ever escapes from your brain next

I mentally substituted Alumx's Celestia into here. I rather like the results in my head.

Personally I’d have made a big joke about realizing I had hands. If everyone has agreed to that level of ridiculous (or at least can’t activly object to it) you may as well go for as absurd an approach as you can manage.

You can't ignore my pies.

Got a corker about prawns that I’ll hit you with when you’re back on terra firma.

Right-o, then we'll 'ave a bit o' biscuits with tea an' crack a tin 'fore we head out to Barleybottom-Upon-Farn by way of Unpleasantlynamedpool. Then a bit of how's your father's stepsister an' a jabbery tallywalk 'round the moor.

In seriousness, nice silly story of Celestia being the silliest pone of all.

This is the kind of cute/funny story I like to read...

Thanks for writing this, it is well done.

Yeah, that one. Love that one. Always preferred that one to the one's of alumA through to alumW

He missed a trick there

They do that thing where the steam becomes a hand and grabs me by the nose.

Well then, that was just delightful.

Also, spare a thought for the poor guards who had to stand perfectly still and at attention throughout this whole chikanery.

So might as well just enjoy the novelty and enjoy the sights. It’d make a fine anecdote a few weeks down the line, and something the two of them could chuckle over for years to come.

...with the Celestia supprt group at the pub!:moustache:

It's all part of my rich, overarching, interlinked meta-narrative.

In these troubled times, I'd rather not think too hard. So horses in trees.

Hell, better than getting the snot beaten out of them by whatever bad guy is feeling antsy that day, I say - they get paid for this!

This is it

More like one of those sub peaks on a mountain, this is a high, but there are even higher highs to reach.

It's always great to read a story of yours

Your short fluff stories are easily some of my favorite writing on the site. They're so unrelentingly PLEASANT.

I hope we get more of this, because it’s lovely.

I swear, local humans get all the luck!

A direct followup seems unlikely, but who knows?

A lot of these kind of blend together, really. Which is actually sort of the point. Just one vague blur of things that seem kind of similar. It's basically my life.

What about R63 Sombra?

Well I did already do that, so very little should hold me back, really.

She was quite interesting

She turned out rather fun, though I'm well out of practise now - she don't work like Chrysalis!

Ah yes, more for my collection

12 feet isn't a bad drop. You dangle from the branch, and then it's only 6 at most. Piece of cake! Which Celestia will steal.

"Dun dun dun!!!"


absolutely wonderful, a crate of warm fuzzies, read it three times, and maybe a fourth coming up.

Only four? There's a ten-read minimum on all of my stuff!

Hop to it!

Well, such an embarrassment of horses er I mean stories. and some of them also don't suck so far ;) (fim fiction is like mining for gold, but sometimes you manage to hit a vein, and die in a warm puddle)

Mine is poop sprinkled with gold, to lure people in.

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