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The local human, finding himself possessed of strength beyond measure in this strange world, decides to be a brutish nuisance. You know, running around half-naked, stealing cider and that sort of thing.

When his behaviour lands him in jail he casually breaks out and - more on a whim than anything else - breaks out the other jailbird too. Because that's mischief, and she had to have done something wrong, right?

They then run from Twilight, sit around a fire and sleep in a cave.


Ahahaha I got featured and I don't even have a picture what even is this.

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Comments ( 29 )

I wouldn't mind reading more of this.

Have a like.:moustache:

This was fun to read, I would like to see more of this honestly.

New take on an old trope, was a fun read.

That was a fun read. There's a part of me that wishes there was more, but the rest of me is glad to read something with a beginning, middle and end. Stay awesome.

Might I request a sequel?

This was very good, and like many, I would also like to read a sequel, for the story definitely doesn't have to end there. I really appreciated the random bits of comedic comments you put in this story, it gave a sense of character and depth to everything I think this story needed, also would love to see more about Jacks old past, and maybe even more info and story on the Changeling camp, I certainly don't think it's a dumb idea at all, in fact I like it a lot!

Cheers! ~CordisTheBard

We need more Wildman Jack traveling across Equestria busting heads.

love the david bowie reference

I second this. Jack "convinces" the guards he's a changeling in disguise by by painting a hollow log black or something.

So... he doesn't turn into a dinosaur?

I don't want more... no, I need more...

Please, please turn this into a series.

“I dunno. Former enemy, wanting them all in one place...makes my skin twitch let me tell you. Makes me think you’d want to, well, I don’t know. Do something bad. It’s what we’d do back home.”

He glanced down at Eggs, tucked under his armpit. He felt an unexpected and bizzare surge of protectiveness towards her. Weird little bug beast she may be, but she was his weird little bug beast! He’d found her!

“We don’t do that here, Jack,” Twilight said, her voice softening considerably.

That brought Jack back to the moment, and also seemed to put an enormous and sudden weight onto his shoulders. He deflated, staggering back and slumping onto one of the logs by the fire.

“No,” he said, setting Eggs on his lap. “No I guess you don’t.”

Damn. After that rather comical and lighthearted intro, this little exchange was like a punch in the gut. I love it!

Damn fine job you did here.

Dude.... you need to make this a MUCH longer story, i loved it

I could tell a little of the foreshadowing! Makes me feel smart figuring the semi plot twist out.

Thanks for the read! Now to continue with the sequels...

She’s a spicy meatball.

This story has been a spicy meatball, good fellow. :twilightsmile: Have an upvote.

I was half-expecting Eggs to ask that Jack come with her to Canterlot as a psuedo-bodyguard, and Twilight to utterly freak out about the idea.

Also, it's kind of nice to have a story with an overpowered magic-proof human occasionally opposed to the Mane Six where the canon characters actually do have an edge over the human - Twilight's magic abilities, Dash's speed, and Applejack's brawling, in this case. It means they stay relevant to the story and retain their status as obstacles to be worked around rather than just effortlessly waded through (like the anonymous guards). Jack's only outside of a cell in Tartarus because he's a relatively minor nuisance and can sometimes be reasoned with, and because Twilight is probably desperately racking her brain to come up with a friendship-based solution instead of just launching him into orbit. If it was Luna, she'd probably beat the snot out of him until he surrendered. (Celestia would make him Equestria's ambassador to somewhere distant she didn't like, and then personally launch him there.)

All of which are good plans, that would make great stories.

This was really sweet, I'm looking forward to reading the sequels

Eh, kinda had a nice premise but I'm still kinda confused... If it was just a "She was a changeling all along" plot point, then why was she jailed for "disturbing the peace" and the "glowering" and "dark tones" Twilight was throwing out earlier in the fic. There's setup and then there's "set up"... You get me...?

If I was trying to help someone out in a bad situation I sure as hell wouldn't give them a half assed lockup next to the "towns crazy alien(?)" and then proceed to give them the "you know what you did" while telling them you're shipping them to the capital. Kinda throws the message of "were here to help" for a loop imo...

Glad I gave this a solid chance!

I imagined this guy as Jack from the game vampire the masquerade bloodlines. Loved that guy.

I do not request a sequel...
I demand it!
this right here is pure Litrozin for me I need it to live! like oxygen
and no it is not made of rosehip and dogrose...
I was reading this story while listening to the song "bad guy" from Billie Eilish, perfect!
Please make my night and gift me this dream of reading your wonderful story, make it like the changeling will feed on his love for cute things as his sidekick... this right here is a romance of different dimensions in the making, literally! And I am not talking about Flatland "a Romance of different Dimensions" by A. Square...
I enjoyed this immensely and would appreciate a Continuation...

Well, uh, I wouldn't say you were in luck but there are sequels!

And, uh, a conclusion...

Oh well thats what I call prompt
even delivery trough Space and time :D

I could be the 700th upvote, or the 10th downvote, balancing either out neatly, what mad power is this!? :twilightoops:

Ps: I chose upvote. :raritywink:

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