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This story is a sequel to Scary Monsters

Following on from his jailbreak the local human finds himself in something of a rut, and decides that this is due to his nagging feeling that the previous matter had not been resolved to his satisfaction.

He decides the best way of rectifying this is to break into at least two castles, get locked up again and disappoint just about every single entity he happens to encounter.

Often while naked.

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Comments ( 24 )

I don't know why I like this nutter, but I do. He should build a still, swipe some potatoes, and show the ponies what proper booze is.

This and the story before are really good. I would love to keep reading more if you think something up.

There's this sort of quiet melancholy over the story (and the last) that I like a lot, though I'm having trouble putting it into words. It's good though, I like it.

See, a comedic tragedy is possible.

See, you fucked up again, you’ve made the same mistake as last time...

You left us wanting more.

Now I wanna see Jack punch the dragons. All of them.

This is what happens when you cave in to demands.

Kratz #7 · Oct 30th, 2018 · · 1 ·

An origin story would be interesting. Curious about why is he acting like a clown.

I love this. I want to see some epic dragon fights!

This was so much better than I thought it'd be.

Now I wanna see him fight Ember.
And likely wind up in a dragon prison.

Dude, I'm going to read everything you write on Jack. MOAR

BEST PART: anytime twilight is interacting with jack. also starlight asking twilight if they banged and everypony in town assuming.

WORST PART: kinda the rest. story is kinda all over the place.

what do you want to tell the reader? a story about a man and his misadventures in horse land while being an ass? that sounds awesome. but the whole sequence with rarity, twilight talking to celestia, and eggs kinda just showing up... i didn't feel like it was from the same story.

the whole scene where jack drags the royal guard just to boop celestia should have felt epic. it just felt disjointed.

please continue your story how you see fit, i'll still read it. i did giggle when twi asked about that hydra.

This and the last one are absolutely wonderful, great work!


Nah, he whips her good, and dragons being dragons he's made viceroy.

Why do I keep seeing you everywhere?

I like that this turned out as it did. Some minor issues with the beginning of the previous story left me a bit off put. Though with this it seemed quite well executed and made me interested in a sprawling adventure where he finds, fights, and inevitably befriends dragons only to come back to Ponyville and start up a bar with proper dragon inspired brews... But maybe that's just me, lol.

Are you blind?

It's a story about a decent man who is self-destructing because he doesn't know how to cope with losing everything. He's fortunate enough to have one person who genuinely gives a damn, except he's incapable of releasing his facade, so instead of finding some acceptable way to continue living he just winds up dragging Twilight through the mud with him. The longer his madness persists, the more broken and miserable they will both become.

The story is a tragedy punctuated by the same humor and mental gymnastics Jack uses to distract himself from his problems. He would be a pitiful and reprehensible creature if not for his two redeeming qualities:

1. He gave a fuck about Eggs. While his morals are twisted, he still possesses a sense of right and wrong that's powerful enough to motivate him to make sure everythings OK.
2. He finally accepted that his game was tormenting Twilight, so he tried to set her free.

The story has an incredibly consistent tone, but it feels jerky because Jack keeps trying to pretend the world isn't as sad as it is. The feeling that the story's all over the place? That's what Jack feels inside every day, and it's miserable.

Totally agree.

Jack, as a character, is at the point where he’s embraced how society sees him as a “Monster”. When he arrived in Equestria many of the populace would have seen him as a scary force of nature with his increased strength and durability as well as his strange looks.
I’m sure he got to the point where he got tired of everypony being afraid and said, “Screw it. If everyone sees me this way I might as well become the monster everyone wants me to be.”

What’s really interesting about Jack is that we’ve only known his “monster” side in the stories and it’s only through his interactions with Twilight that we get to see a part of what he was before he became the beast he is now.

I was really hoping Eggs might have been the one to bring him back from his wild ways but it was not to be.

I must admit I’ve been viewing Jack as having come from an English lower class chav area and was expecting him to call Eggs “Eggsy”.

I was kind of hoping he would decide that it's perfectly okay for a monster to get along with other monsters and end up befriending the changelings, love eating bug ponies that they are. That and I love the sound of Jack and Eggs. Sounds like breakfast to me. Of course, maybe Dragons will work out better...

This story is beautifully melancholic, but still draws about plenty of great laughs
I want more of this big dafty!
Perhaps he can teach the dragons about real alcohol
Though honestly I could see him kicking dragon ass and claiming the title of dragon lord for shits and giggles :rainbowlaugh:

Probably for the best,.

Accidental comma.

Must...at least...slap...god...empress…
As menacing as it was possible to look while stark-bollock naked, at least.

An arm extended, a finger uncurled and, as if in slow motion, Jack tapped Celestia on the tip of her nose.

Epic Boop!

A wolf, but a regular one. All on its own. It lunged from the undergrowth with a snarl and bit onto Jack’s arm, teeth sinking into flesh. Jack hissed and then raised the arm, standing up straight with a slump to his shoulders. The wolf dangled in a fashion quite undignified, determinedly holding on.

Hah! I loved this part!

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