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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


This story is a sequel to Last one out

Space! It's big. You can find things in it.

Or so is the hope, at least. Nova Flare - Twilight's best pupil, at least right this moment - has been put forward as the first pony Captain of a Hegemony science vessel and so she really is aiming to find something out there in the inky black.

She does, obviously, though what she finds comes as something of a surprise to everyone...

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What's this? A fic from Cackling Moron that isn't about a semi-clueless human and general fluffiness?

Who are you and what have you done with Cackling Moron? :P

I have RANGE!

Also you can't have possibly read it all yet so hmm...who knows...

I wonder what caused them to have to leave Equestria behind.

Verily, the voracious verbosity viewed vetoes a void-filled vocabulary, vouchsafing a verigation of verbs!

Don't mind me, I get strange when I'm tired.

...yeah, what you said.

Well, if that Author's Note is anything to go by I guess I know why they left Equestria now.

Thank you for this.

I knew what this was as soon as I read the description, super happy to see more of this.

Vash_ts #12 · Jan 15th, 2020 · · · #8 ·

To Find this is a pretty happy ending to a pretty tragic story I thought was over, is a really nice surprise.

I'm not crying, you are crying.

I actually teared up with Jack's heart wrenching pleas for Twilight not to leave him again.

:trollestia: Twilight. Would you care to explain why Silver Shoals is burning up in the middle of winter?
:twilightsmile: Oh sure. It's my fault Equestria is turning into a place nothing can ever live agin while the universe lasts, and we all have to move off planet in the next year or so, or we all die.

:trollestia:.. Purple pony princess says what?!

:twilightblush: Um... Surprise?

No I'm not sorry.

Should have spaced uploads out at least to one or two a day

“Safety isn’t guaranteed on these trips, Nova, you do know that, don’t you?” Twilight asked, bringing Nova back to the moment with a bump.
“That they had to build a new ship did kind of tip me off,” she said.
The possibility that they were simply expanding the survey fleet was always there, of course, but they weren’t and Nova knew they weren’t so the reason for needing a fresh crew for a fresh ship were pretty obvious. Replacement.
Accidents happened, after all. Space was unforgiving and a lot of the wonderful things you could discover were also wonderfully lethal at times.
Not to mention that no ship ever managed to get out of space dock. Not one of the 4,683,279 star ships ever built, and with only one exception, every single crew member of all those ships was lost, too.
That exception was sitting before Twilight right now. And she was going to be captain of the new ship. Nova had been the #3 chef on the previous ship she had served on. She was an excellent student, of course--just a lousy cook.
Things were certainly looking up for her career with this promotion.
After all, any day now, they would be successful to get a star ship out of the space dock.
The odds were certainly in her favor.
Of course, they can't keep up this losing streak. Discord would NOT approve of the odds being THIS lopsided.
Her last ship was the 4,683,279th to try.
"Just a quick question, Princess," Nova spoke up. "Did the investigators ever figure out why none of our ships ever get out of space dock?"
"Oh, that's easy," Twilight replied smiling. "They didn't fit through the door."
Nova sat there as they stared at each other for several moments.
"Will this new ship?"
"Not likely."
They sat there staring at each other for several more moments.
"I'll be sure to pack my space suit, then," Nova muttered. "It served me well the last time."
"That would be wise."
"Well, here's to Lucky 4,683,280."
"Have you decided on the name of your ship?" Twilight asked.
"I just did," Nova grumbled.


Cackling Moron: "Oh, COME ON! :twilightangry2:"
Kevin Lee: ":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:"
Cackling Moron: ":facehoof:"

Why is there a door in the first place?!

This is poor design!

Course, now I'm thinking of this.

Hope it landed alright.

One for the OG's. Or something.

Many years ago I did something - non-pony - that ended on such a dour note my wife compelled me to write an followup with a happier ending.

Kind of happened again, kind of...

Emotions. Sometimes, I can near to them.

Without a question.


Why is there a door in the first place?!

This is poor design!

Course, now I'm thinking of this.

Naturally, I had this in mind, but yours works, too. Both were damned great fantastic scenes. :trollestia:

Intriguing. A planet-ship, perhaps? Or dimensional hop into the system? :rainbowdetermined2:

I feel like I'm going to cry, I'm sick and delirious but so so so very happy.

DisQord, I bet.

To be more or less visible?

I just figured people would want to read the thing. Assuming they cared, of course.

Twilight should at least be able to confirm this is Equus. :twilightsmile:

So, Q̅-but-more-like-Ego.:twilightoops:

Or do we call him Eqo? Eq̅o? eQ̅o? :rainbowderp:

Alright, you had my attention, now you have my paranoia. That setup reeks of trouble.

Quite a bit saner version of Ego (or eQ̅o), but still. :trollestia:

Also, a bit sad, and perhaps bittersweet, but good nonetheless.:fluttershysad:

What's not to like?:pinkiesmile:

BTW, did you know this is Featured? :ajsmug:

Ah, right, that guy. I seem to recall him being somewhat larger. Seems to have done alright by himself, all things considered.

Son of a bitch, you actually did it.

He turned into a great old one. Of course he did.

This is precisely the kind of self-indulgence I adore indulging in with you. I'm so satisfied by this conclusion. And I approve of your stab at trickeration.

You absolute hero, you followed up on that story. I'm probably just a sucker for the triumph of, well, love (philo, eros, philia, whatever Jack and Twilight have, doesn't matter), but this feels pretty conclusive, in a good way.

Thank you.

" I always thought you’d - you’d just died. I’m sorry! But now you’re saying you woke up? All alone? That’s worse! That’s worse than you dying! That’s so much worse!"

Damn that right there is gold. Alone in the utter darkness for thousands of years as you slowly change into something so much more and less than human. Very golden age.

"Under great Luna and great Celestia dead Jack lies Dreaming"

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere,
I'm all alone, more or less.
Let me fly, far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

I now imagine Jack's representation with a H on his forehead

Really the only way it could have gone.

I was giggling wildly to myself at the crass subterfuge, but I'm easily amused.

Like to think it brought to a slightly nicer end than last time...

Kinda undercuttin' the drama of the moment there.

...pretty funny to imagine though, now you mention it.

Arn #47 · Jan 16th, 2020 · · · #7 ·

"I would be happy if he had no emotions at all."
"Why do you say that?"
"Being an emotional being, deprived of social interaction for so long and he can do all this happy....what happens when he gets mad?" Norman Johnson Phsychologist -Sphere by Michel Chriton.

You know, the Ego comparisons only occurred to me after I'd had the idea...

And I did notice, yes. Got two in there somehow!

I haven't thought of Sphere in, like, a million years, wow


DisQord, I bet.

Or maybe not. I hadn't been paying attention to one of the OCs of your other stories, sorry. :pinkiesad2:
Of course, that does raise question of what did happen to DisQord? :fluttercry:
Also, did he create Mount Celestia and Mount Luna over their graves, or is his real body sleeping on their graves? (and maybe over the territory that used to be Canterlot & Ponyville?? :twilightoops:

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