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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.



This story is a sequel to Default

The local human has a lot of time on his hands now, and time proves itself unkind to him in its abundance.

Not that he can do a lot about it.

Still, it's just one of those things.

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Well, damn, you were right in that it wasn't what I was expecting, and definitely not what I was hoping for.

For what had definitely been a fluffy series, this was definitely a melancholic ending.

You definitely tugged on my emotions the entire journey, and while I am sad it has ended (and how it ended), I am not sad that I took the journey.

Kudos to you, and once again, I hope to see more tales spun, more adventures taken, and more enjoyable fluff from you.

At this point I think I rather need some fluff...

And so, Jack has become the Giant.

Once he’d done what they’d wanted and been useful and helpful, then he could rest.

This is one the the saddest things...

This series of stories has been so great, I hope you get taken by another fel mood soon if these are the result.

Jesus fuck,that got super fucking dark real quick. I hoped for Swole Anon X Dorklight Twiggles,not existential pain titan thing.


Sounds like an asshole genie thing.



Nah. I've just had the ending of this down for ages. It's an anomaly. Everything else should be more upbeat.

That's kind of the point of me being here, after all. This is just some bleedthrough. What a crazy random happenstance.

WOW... Surprisingly dark and depressing.

...are you ok?

I think I've got a cold

Yeah, the death of the sun could cause that.

Now talking for real, this story got me down. I can't thumbs up this one. On the other hand, it's very well written (it actually managed to get me down) so I can't honestly give it a thumbs down
That's why I'll congratulate you here in the comments, keep my thumbs to myself and go search me some fluffy goodness

I didn't expect it to go down particularly well - and it bummed me out a little while I was writing it - but it is what it is and like I said, this was the ending I had planned out. So here we are.

At least it's well written!

Your congratulations are earned. Don't doubt that.

Well, that certainly went places. They were the only places it could have gone, though.

To quote Gavin Free, "What a tragically unfunny ending."

Good story series, though.

I read the whole series, and this one deserves its fav and thumbs-up despite its darkness and sorrow that it managed to raise within me.:fluttershysad:

That in itself is a work of wonder by your hand. Congratulations on managing that.:moustache:

And now... write some fluff!:raritywink:

I want to cry now, that was one of the saddest endings to something I've read. I hope one day, maybe when twilight's society becomes advanced enough, they will find a way to contact Jack... I can't even imagine an existence like that...

Well that was a bummer.

Sometimes people get what they deserve

Sometimes they don’t

That was a very melancholy end to the series. Well done. Now, please, some fluff!

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.

all I see when I think of Jacks life after the end.

Have to say that this story's ending is the third to F-me up.
First one was the perma-stuck Twilight from the timeloop trilogy.
Second one was Blackjack from Project Horizon.
Well, this is the third. Really depressing end.

I still think that Twilight would've at least tried to create a small area void of magic to test a theory.
I mean, the presence of Magic is kinda the main difference between their world, so she'd probably think that Magic is responsible for his situation.
He wouldn't even have grown (much) before she reached this hypothesis.
She'd make him a fairly big area for him to live in peace until she'd find a way to safely make enchanted equipments that wouldn't be hindered by his peculiar ability.
She'd even consider (not for long though) the idea to call for Tirek to bring Jack down a feet or two.

...I really want a fluff ending. Goddamnit.

One character that i noticed has not appeared - what happened to discord?

I have no idea how to write Discord and less idea how to stick him in without unnecessarily complicating things.

Uh, I mean, he's on holiday. Like how Merlin went to Bermuda in Sword In The Stone? Like that.

My logic - such as it was - was that not only did he interfere with magic in an unspecified but fairly serious way (and magic being integral to the ship running at all) but also there was no apparent upper limit to his growth.

Given that they might have to lug him around for a very long time, it just wasn't feasible or safe.

That, and he was asleep and there was no good way of getting him on-board.

So ran my logic (read: excuse).

Understandable, but really, Twilight would have thought about the hypothesis fairly early on I think. Possibly on her first few all-nighters after the little 'apology tour' they had.

Needs a "sad" tag

The next time Jack woke up he was somewhere very, very cold and very, very dark.

And he was very, very alone.

Cackling Moron is Tom Waits and I claim my 50 quid

(Tom Waits - Children's Story)

Welp that was fucken depressing end to a, what was an up beat story.

Unable to die even though he wished for it, Kars Jack eventually stopped thinking.

I was never that interested in this story series, as I always felt like reading about Jack was just another story of him destroying things and being mad, but now, after that ending, I thirst for more. Part of me desperately wants to see if anything happens for him ever again. I don't want him to just be floating in space forever. I don't even care if he was a Galactus-type villain, I just want him to not be lonely. He's more or less a god here, and he could literally traverse the universe, but could he ever find his friends again? God, this really REALLY haunts me now.

I don't actually want another story, I'm just venting my feelings. I feel sad now.

I mean, god damn I resonate with that existential dread for some reason. That forever alone feeling really gets to me.

Celestia said that others were left behind as well. It's possible he went with Twilight, or he may have stayed, going into some sort of isolation after Fluttershy passed away. Ultimately does it really matter what became of him?

Very sad, and yet very relatable..

I'd guess that he survived, since that as long as there's people, there's chaos.

I mean really if you think about it all stories have sad endings if you stick around long enough.

He said, like a wanker.

Or like that dude from No Hero - Carrick, I think? - only he wasn't quite so lucky.

This was what I was building in there.

Even if it is just jack floating in space talking to the other cosmic horrors that are also floating through space, I hope the series does not end with this lol.

Wow that's super depressing. Still awesome though

True, I don't want to think he'll just be stuck like that until black holes wither consume everything or everything just splits apart and even then he might not be able to die...

Anything could happen, really - the galaxy is ancient and full of wonders, after all, nd who knows what crackpot rules I'm playing by?

...well, I do, but I'm not to be trusted. Look what I did to Jack.

Really, they could have tied a rope around his leg and just dragged him behind them - he'd survive.

Until they run out of rope. :c

I just want my bittersweet ending of Jack and Twilight loving each other, but Magic is the whole reason Jack is swole and so she can't safely enter a zone devoid of Magic she created for him to live peacefully and they'd struggle in their relationship but still love the shit out of each other.

I tell you, your ending really eff'd me up. :raritydespair:

Got a Harlan Rllison vibe there. :)

I can repair him...

With SCIENCE!! (Alondro cackles madly as he prepared to dump a beaker of concentrated science into a vat of refined magic!) :fluttershbad:

Jack, over open ground, had pace. Terrifying, turf-shredding, earth-shaking pace.

I picture something like this...

I'm totally going to send some Angels for Jack to fight. It'll be amazing! ... Or he and everything in Equestria will be destroyed. Either or...


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