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You know there's something wrong with your life when you start writing fics in another language than your native one.

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If Twilight wasn't Celestia's student (poll) · 12:01am January 16th

In an alternate Equestria where Twilight didn't get to be Celestia's student, which of these causes do you like the most?

1- Another powerful unicorn got the position first. (possibly Starlight)

2- Sunset Chimmer never crossed the magic mirror and stayed Celestia's student.

3- Celestia and Luna are still the wielders of the Elements. (Nightmare Moon never happened)

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Thanks for the watc-- Hey I didn't even have time to thank you yet! :trollestia:

Give me your cookies. Give em now.
*Holds a Revolver at gunpoint.*
And I mean all of them!

Thanks for faving virtual mischief augmented darkness.

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