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You know there's something wrong with your life when you start writing fics in another language than your native one.


Free at last, Nightmare Moon just got back from her thousand years banishment on the Moon.

She barely has time to cast a few spells and terrorize the local village and kidnap the Solar Princess that a group of mares burst into the ancient throne room.

As they manage to reactivate and wield the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon tries to summon the foulest beast she can think of to protect her.

It doesn't go well.

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Depending on the Anon, I wouldn't subject my enemies to him either.

Have you read "Chaotic Neutral" by Fugger? There's almost always a worse Anon.

I didn't. I'll read it tomorrow probably. Thanks for the suggestion :)

I didn't plan on making it a mystery, so you'll find out in the next chapter.

Yeah it's a dumb idea I had in mind for a while. It'll lead to another thing though.

You spelled view wrong in the third sentence

Ah, thanks! I wrote the French word by habit ^^'

Who needs them?

One minor Nitpick. If this is just after the Series Premiere, the CMC wouldn't be friends yet and doing stuff together. Apple Bloom at most would be hanging out with Twist.

Well that's a major overlook from my part.
Let's just say that they started their friendship some time before the whole NMM incident.
(Woo for the Alt. Universe tag)

Changed the 2nd chapter's name from "Questions and Answers" to "Diagnosis".

Okay, this first chapter hooked me up, and excellent show of our main character's personality.

Will be tracking this down.:pinkiehappy:

I was laughing out loud while reading this chapter.:rainbowlaugh:

Have a thumbs-up and a fav! :moustache::pinkiehappy:

Ah, so he starts the fetch quest to gain Durandal-er I mean, he's being quite a helpful guy, right? :trollestia:

The plot thickens now. I wonder what secrets lie beneath Anon's appearance? What makes him an horrid abomination like the description of the text says?:moustache:

My bets are that Dissy's a former human, so nice use of the foreshadowing, by the way.:twilightsmile:

Well, the pony that wrote this log in the book was terrified of humans.

Imagine living in a world where everything and every being have magic, then you summon a creature that negate and/or absorb magic. Their existence would go against everything in your world.

Also the thin wiggly fingers can be scary.

You know? You're right.

And if that pony actually was subjected to 'The Hold'(TM), then more reason for the fear. That doesn't explain the whole of it, though.

To summarize, do not attempt to summon this creature as the danger of doing so is too great. It is an abomination you wouldn't even wish to send on the ones standing against you. It is most possibly the worst creature to summon on your enemies.

Did that pony get a medieval noble or archbishop by any chance? A bratty self-entitled laddie, perhaps? :trollestia:

Le Gasp!:pinkiegasp: Or even worse: He got a Facebook Attention Whore!? Oh my god! That's even worse!:trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

:ajsmug: Don't you think it'd be written about the first human then?

Doubtful, considering the lousy record-keeping they have shown to date.

My bets are that it was a spell passed down for 'funny purposes' like getting a slave or something, and due to our species' trademark resillience, predatory and chaotic nature, we earned the reputation and the spell was tagged like that for future generations.

Of course, disregarding the warnings could cause said ponies to later on write it down as well in case all things went down to hell.

Anyways, I'll be waiting for a future release. :twilightsmile:

I legit got stuck thinking of a reply for an hour.

Interesting conclusion though, but have you thought about 'how' they managed a human summon?

I'm torn between a variation of Twilight's mirror (the EQG one), or a pact with an eldritch being that can keep travelers alive through the journey between realities. Why such a being would deign to do that for puny ants is another thing entirely. :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Too far-fetched Sir Eldritch Horror :p
I'd like to give more info but that'd ruin the fun though.

Nah, it's alright. I don't wanna spoil myself, that's for sure.:rainbowlaugh:

... Wasn't there something about him being turned immortal the moment he fully turned familiar?

And the last part was somewhat confusing. Just what the hell happened? What was happening to him that he refused to listen to?

And when will the next chapter be released, to answer these questions?:trollestia::yay:

Immortal? Dunno where you got that but no that's not a thing. The closest thing I can think of is the familiar bond being unbreakable?

And it should be pretty easy to take a guess about what happened if you look at the signs :p

I know you want to have him as a familiar Pinkie, but I will not disclose this information :trollestia:

I think I'll keep it a mystery.

I've had no Internet since Friday, it may take a while before a technician comes to check on the cables.

The provider said they won't come until Thursday at least so echhh. No updates till I get my Internet back. Sorry.

Why the (Redacted)? Why not use Pieter? Or Arthur? Or even Pierre? Gustave?

Come on! Jack would've done the trick, man! But not that!:raritydespair:

Rant aside, it was a good chapter. We'll have to see how his presence here affects the dealing of Discord.

Keeping it a secret to add unnecessary mystery :trollestia:

" A bear? " She mumbled to herself before shaking her head. "Just talk to her. I think she'd be ther perfect choice for you."


Thanks for pointing that out! It's corrected now.

Lol, so the nameless Anon isn't so nameless after all. :trollestia:

Well played, mister writer. :rainbowlaugh:

Well played.:moustache:


Damn, learn to capitalize your 'I's.

I still wonder why i listened to my sister.

Why'd you capitalize one and not the other?

Woah calm down please. I just didn't see this mistake.

"Prince Celestia! We came as fast as we could." Twilight said to her mentor.

Typo or suprise gender change?

so, I was reminded of this video because of anon's name and so now I cannot imagine him as anything BUT this character. It is both a blessing and a curse

Another mistake! Fixing it.

Thanks for pointing that out!

I can see why! :rainbowlaugh: Also TomSka 👌

So his attitude towards them takes a 180° just because they said it should? And then they all ditch him when they were told to bring him to the hospital? I hope this doesn't end up with a doormat protagonist.

Yeah. I think chapter 2 is the worst chapter story-wise. There's a lot of things that could have been done/explained better.

The thing is, this really was supposed to be a short story, so I tried to rush the (normally slow) change of Anon's resolve in chap 2, but it clearly wasn't enough, seeing as I'm going into chap 9.

To be short, Anon giving them a chance because they saved his butt could've been handled better.

Also can you put your comment in 'spoiler' please? Else I think i'll have to remove it so it doesn't ruin part of the mystery.

Ah. Well you didn't have to, but thanks for acting fast.

Welp the only story to make me go what the fuck and laugh my ass off at the same time, what an achievement!

That's a really kind comment, thanks éuè

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