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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.



Twilight - with one thing leading to another - has rather talked herself into a corner with her Canterlot friends, and now requires Anon's help in straightening it out maybe.

It's all very awkward, if she's being honest, but he's a happy-go-lucky-chap and what's the worst that can happen, really?

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Anon with the the super power of genre savviness

It's a special kind of guy who'll go and get himself lynched to help a friend out of trouble.

Well, that could have gone worse.

Cute. I like it. :twilightsmile:
Will there be a continuation?

Oof. I smell a slow burn story here.

ah, i'd have gone with taking him to twilight's house.

sets it up for a potential follow up and if she's been telling her canterlot friends, then her family, maybe the princesses had heard of him too...

i enjoyed this quick slice into one of twilights misadventures

The chemistry between these two is really well written.

Yes, please! This is a nice and cute story and I would very much like to see a sequel.

Wow, first depiction of anon that was... amicable, benevolent even! Usually "Anon" is either a right dick, explodes with righteous barely contained fury, or dumb as a stack of bricks but it takes a special kind of person to go through that sort of punishment and come out the other end laughing!
anyways, nice story! got a nice bit of fluff right at the end there so I wouldn't mind an epilogue unless that's too much to ask!

Cute. Congrats on the feature.

And then they fucked. The End.

He feels he's seen an episode of something like this before...

He's a very laid back kind of chap

I don't know how that keeps happening...

Why thank you. Personally, this kind of 90's-era-sitcom-why-don't-you-just-explain scenario would be great fun to be stuck in. Assuming they were all adorable ponies.

An epilogue might not be an awful idea...


It was super steamy but I figured no-one wanted to see that part.

Yeah you're right. No one on fimfic likes that kinda stuff :moustache:

Thank you for the story!
(even if I had to download it and autorename anon to Steve to be able to read it :)
Why anon anyway?
The character has nice personality and backstory (quite enough for short story imho) - why have the story associated with less than stellar reputation of anon stories posted around here?
In any case - thanks again for the story. It's nice and warm and funny and overall great :pinkiehappy:

It's Anon 'cos I'm lazy and meh. He's just a meatpuppet anyway that exists to serve my nefarious, fluffy purposes. His name is irrelevant beyond making working out who's speaking easier.

I could just come up with some other, regular name on the spot but I didn't. And here we are!

Well, it is likely my personal situation, but every time I see Anon in text - I imagine that greenheaded featureless monstrocity they use for illustrating such stories usually. Kinda spoils everything.
Though in this particular case I will happily read anon stories as long you are the author :)
(after downloading and renaming to something less repulsive readable :)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a real friend does for you.

This, very much this. If you have a friend like this, go give them a hug or something.

It’s amazing when a story gets such traction without a cover image and an extremely short description. That just goes to show the real talent on display here. Bravo.

Cute. Really dug the Bob Ross ref too.

You lost me in the description the moment you called the human 'Anon'. Instant immersion kill. Can't have Any suspension of disbelief if all I can think of is 4chan because of the characters name.

Is this a thing now? This place was the first time I saw people using the name Anon so often and I just thought it was the done thing, but now I'm hearing people hate it? I can't keep up with this.

Anon, or Anonymous as a 'character', most often used as a method of self-insert for the reader, comes from 4chan, where all users are called 'anonymous'.

For some of the longtime 4chan users, like myself who's been using that site for the better part of a decade, they groan and roll their eyes at the mention of Anon. Cancer that's killing /b/ and all that jazz. Most of the time, when someone says Anon, this is what comes to my mind, and I laugh, totally breaking immersion:


If you're trying to do the whole self-insert for the reader thing, then using Anon is, no offence and quite frankly (keep in mind I haven't read your story so I'm not passing judgment on your work, but rather expressing my opinion based on my past experience reading other stories), lazy writing.

There are a multitude of different ways that a self-insert story can be written, the easiest would be to write the entire thing in 1st person (The character describes the story as the Narrator, referring to themselves as 'I') or 2nd Person (An unknown Narrator refers to the character as 'You') and just not mention the characters name at all, with all other characters using nicknames or something similar.

Writing a story in 1st or 2nd person is a difficult thing to do, as it's not something that is traditionally taught in creative writing classes in school, and writing in 3rd person is far easier, with 1st person being the next easiest.

The Biggest mistake made by self-insert writers who use Anon try and do it by writing the story in 3rd person (The Narrator refers to the character by Name: "Anon said this") and just calling the character 'Anon' or 'Anonymous'. This is actually pretty Jarring and world breaking for some readers, like myself as described above. If the author did this, they'd likely be better off using ANY real name and write a traditional 3rd person story. You'd appeal to a larger audience.

Of course, if that is not what you're trying to do here, then ignore me (or keep my advice in mind if you ever do try to do a self-insert story).

I was just like "I need a name...fuckit use Anon again who cares."

I have since learned people care. I may well actually do a find-and-replace to just change it to Steve now.

Urgh, and this isn't the only one...

Who knew this was so complicated?!


Actually you can stick with Anon. The thing is Aceman67 is right, but they're a 4chan user as well as a fimfic member.
The character of Anon - as far as I can tell, and I've read a lot of stories here - can be two people: the green-skinned Anon, or some rando with the name Anon. Ironically, green-skinned Anon has a set identity and is well-known.
I actually love this Anon because he's smart, kind, and pleasant. He is not the 4chan Anon turned nice, he's just some guy. In fact if you call him Steve, or try the 1st person/2nd person narrative, it can turn some people off (like me, I don't much like 1st person self-insert stories).

TLDR: There's green Anon and rando with the name Anon, and using another narrative can turn people off just as much as using Anon. If you wanna use Anon or you don't feel like creating a person, use Anon. There will always be people turned off by some writing style, so you might as well use the one you feel comfortable with, which will usually contribute to creating a good story.

A cover image sounds like a lot of work.

And there was talent here?! Where?!

I was watching a lot at the time, for whatever reason.

Names are just eh to me, really, Anon was one that was just there. I hadn't ever considered that he might exist as a fairly well-defined entity some people might have disliked. Learn something new every day!

And whew, if you don't like first person self-insert I'd recommend avoiding, like, half of all I've done here.

Kinda surprised they managed without getting caught.

His plan was FLAWLESS! Perfect execution.

Oh the execution was fine, just surprised one of her friends didn’t follow her out of concern.

She needed space? Though they'd likely be a little worried when she subsequently vanishes...but that's a problem this story doesn't have to deal with.

Well, you're true to your name Cackling Moron, your story turned me into a cackling moron. Was a cute, funny one-shot.

Look, look with your special eyes.


There are several people who gripe about the use of "Anon" or "Anonymous" around this site, but really, you're not trying to bait people into your stories using the name. It's perfectly okay to use it, because lets face it, names are hard, and Anon is a neutral name online anymore. Now if you were writing shitpost stories with Anon, that's the kind of thing most people don't like.

Oh my, he has his own separate character thingy!

I thought it was a tag in the 'human' or 'second person' sense. Shows what I know.

Let us all cackle as one

Wow, that plan was going all right but he overdid it on the 'cad' part. I would have just said, "It's still early, you know? All sorts of things could still go wrong. That's the point of dating instead of getting married straight off."

That'd leave room for doubt! Never! Scorched earth only! If it's worth doing it's worth overdoing!

...you're probably right...

Indeed. Well there is one. Just a heads up, I know a lot of people don't like it when stories are tagged inaccurately or relevant tags are neglected.


It's a special kind of guy who'll go and get himself lynched to help a friend out of trouble.

A friend will help you move.

A real friend will help you move bodies.

This is actually just straight up fun. No hints of adventure, or so forth, just a fun little fic. Probably doesn't hurt that you nailed the kind of protag I most enjoy; laidback, chill, but still an intelligent soul. Bravo.

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