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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Twilight is just going about her business when she comes across Owen Jones, local human.

His circumstances contrive to make her day unusual and tiresome.

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He lives! Another masterful creation. Your stories just have this special quality to them that cannot be found anywhere else.

I don't know if that whole/hole pun near the end was intentional or not but I groaned either way. Also good story as usual.

He really should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque. Silly things happen when folk miss that turn.

I find myself postulating that Mr. Owen Jones is not, in fact, a human being after all, but a bear that has been shaved and that has a preference for the clothing of humanity et al.

It is, at least, the only reason I can immediately imagine as to why he acts less like any human being I know of on record in such a situation, and more like one Edward Bear, commonly called Winnie-The-Pooh, or at least as said Pooh would, and has, in similar circumstances.

I had to do something other than my NaNo or else chew my own leg off.

It's a reflex action at this point, puns

Wholesome things, mind


he acts less like any human being I know of on record in such a situation, and more like one Edward Bear

I had the exact same thought...

Now I want to see Rainbow and Owen goof off around Ponyville some more.

Basically one of those ultra friendly kids show hosts. His agreeability is unsettling yet familiar.

An interesting sense of humor on this one.

He laughed again, and Twilight reflected that it was probably just as well he could see the funny side. She circled around him, just to try and get a better handle on things, but this didn’t tell her much. The hole he’d fallen into was a snug fit. A perfect fit, in fact. Like it had been made for him.

Was this a deliberate reference to “Enigma of Amigara Fault”?

Oh hey, a music reference I actually understand.

You know, going by your picture there I never would have predicted that.

I think more stuff around here should have Junji Ito references.

For my next trick some big sea monster will wash up on the beach and a load of nude, bewildered humans will spill out, some of them the onlookers recognise!

That's probably one of the more charitable ways of describing what tickles me.

This might be the most stereotypically, Mr Bean meets Shawn of the Dead-ish thing I’ve ever read.

I’m absolutely tickled to have read this. Good job.

I'm sorry I had to be the one to make the like count go up to 70...
on a side note though, it was a nice funny little story!

After all the effort Bill and Ted put in, too.


What happened?” Twilight asked.

Given the circumstances it seemed the best thing to open with.

“He fell in a hole,” Rainbow said, pointing to Owen who nodded.

“I was asking Owen,” Twilight said, coming very close to saying it through gritted teeth.

“Oh, I fell in a hole,” Owen said.

Twilight did actually grit her teeth then, grumbling briefly into a hoof and feeling that she was dealing with those being obtuse by choice and those being obtuse without realising it.

You'd think Twilight would learn by now to roll with the crazy of Ponyville.

The hole he’d fallen into was a snug fit. A perfect fit, in fact. Like it had been made for him.

...A hole, that was made for somebody? I would rather we not make these references, if it’s okay with y’all.

Can I make Uzumaki references?

I don't know how else to express it, but here Mr. Jones seems to be... very... 1960s middle-class English. It's very nostalgic, really.

No-one seems to have picked up on him supposed to be being Welsh...

With the name of Owen Jones, I don't know how I missed it. That's absolutely more Welsh than English. :facehoof:

I could immediately tell he was from somewhere in Great Britain, but I figured out he was Welsh when I googled Port Talbot.


Could be worse.

Could be Endsville or Dimsdale.

Man, not even the trains hang about in Port Talbot.

The only reason anyone would stay in Port Talbot is if they don't know where they are!

When I was a much younger man, on the way to somewhere in Wales - Swansea, maybe? - I was listening to The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents on the radio whilst travelling past Port Talbot and only briefly looked up and, since it was sunny, it didn't seem so bad.

Last year, on the way to a wedding in the arse-end of Wales, I went past again and actually looked this time.

Ye Gods.

It could not be worse.

Well, it might be Bracknell...

Everything in the place is covered in the soot from hell itself.

At night and From some angles the steelworks make it look like some blade runner esque distopia. Which would still be better than what it is now.

You're not wrong.

And having a whacking great motorway practically runing through the middle doesn't help either.

In my mind's eye I see Owen as David Tennant:facehoof:

Still. You had to laugh.

Indeed :moustache:

I hate it when videos get taken down and I have no idea what they were.

I gave Owen Danny's fancy voice from GameGrumps

It made this infinitely better than it was already

I'm not sure how you did it, but you made the most stereotypical Welsh person I could have ever read about. It was just impossible not to read his dialogue in a Welsh accent.

Thank you so much for this story. Its good to read a story like this. Incredible work. Hope there's more shenanigans

There were a couple times where I could tell you were skimming over the details of what was happening in the scene, just for ease of writing. I found it kind of hilarious.

Twilight’s vague outline of how she thought things should go then followed, and all agreed it sounded perfectly acceptable.

Also, this expression will now forever be burned into my mind, thank you:

Further and further out Owen slid, more and more of him emerging from the ground until some part of him - likely his fine, manly, child-bearing hips - seemed to catch, whereupon some strain began.

If I got paid by the word I'd probably care more about details...

And I got a potent gift of potent imagery. Sometimes.

I really like the song the the title hails from

It's a great song!

And clearly one I was listening to at the time.

Underground, by Tom (i think), I remember hearing it for the first time in the Pixar movie “Robots” where we see the Chop Shop, I used to rewind it over and over to listen to it

Huh, didn't even know it was in there, only ever seen bits of that one.

I just liked it, really. Like much of Tom Waits' material, in fact.

Maybe I like so much because it was a part of my childhood

Often the way, I find. Fond memories!

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