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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


#58 · 9:35pm November 20th


This thing! This thing is now out in the wild!

Someone actually read something I've done! Out loud! Without me making them!

And it's super good! Look how good it is! Or listen, rather.

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#57 · 1:21am November 9th

I take a moment to peel away from being bollock-deep in NaNo to express sadness that the week was kicking so much shit out of me I was unable to do something fluffy, pony-based and Bonfire Night inspired - sigh! I could see it in my brain but my brain had been turned into white sauce and would not do what I wanted it to. Next year, I suppose...

Still! My birthday this weekend. Let's all be appropriately thankful that I exist and am aging.

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#56 · 9:39pm September 15th

Today in "Things everyone here knows about but I don't because my access to the show is severely limited and I'm at least four or five years behind everyone else at this point": I don't know what a Silverstream is but I want one. She's adorable. In fact, make it two.

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#55 · 3:37pm September 8th

After all that transporter discussions back from Grunts I've got onto the DS9 episode where the duplicated Riker shows up!

I mean...this has nothing to do with ponies, it just caught me off guard.

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#54 · 11:58am September 2nd

Does one set out to create a verse? Does one decide that that is what one has made, or does someone else decide this for you? Is there an accepted definition for what must be present for a verse to exist?

So many verse-related questions...

Everyone and their mums' got a verse these days.

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#53 · 12:58pm August 30th

I subscribe to the 'Please God keep me stimulated' school of writing, where I have to keep doing stuff all the time or my brain boils inside my skull.

Hence the endless stream of hot nonsense.

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#52 · 3:06pm August 24th

Welcome, friend. You know, a lot of people say: 'Cackling Moron? Isn’t he the guy who writes all that HiE crap?' Well, good luck to you, you’re an idiot. Because my stories always say something, even if it’s just something simple like: 'Don’t genetically engineer crabs to be as big as men', there's always a message or a theme. When I wrote, directed, and starred in Cackling Moron's Endless Deathmarch of the Same Story Over and Over Again back in the 1980s, I gave every episode a theme

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#51 · 11:07pm August 22nd

Thirty stories in the bank! Ah! I love an arbitrary milestone.

Uh, agreeably, like, three of them still need finishing...but still! They still count towards the total.

And most of them people also seem to want sequels to? Which is nice.

You know what, I don't know where I was going with this.

Hurrah! Words! Horse words!


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#50 · 10:13pm August 3rd

Of course I've rather written myself into a corner with Johns now, as either he experiences a massive change in personality in which case the story has to go hard down that route which isn't really what I'm interested in - despite it being conceptually interesting - or else it turns out the whole thing wasn't that big of a deal at all and he was freaking out over what is actually basically nothing.

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#49 · 2:38pm August 1st

I often get the feeling - here and elsewhere - that folks put a lot more care and attention into the reading of what I pinch out than I do into the writing of them. But that's life, I suppose. Death of the author? No, no, wrong term. Something else.

It's all just a joke, really...

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