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#116 · 4:14pm Oct 24th, 2021

The more TNG I watch (over and over again, forever), the more I come to appreciate whoever went out and got John de Lancie to play Discord.

Fucking masterstroke.

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The script called for an impersonator, but that still proves they knew exactly what they were doing when they made the character.

explains what Q doing when he not crew bothering with enterprise, also love fanfic with this idea especially when they involve his son Q

Reminds me of a reaction to S2E1+2 I saw, I can't remember who it was but he was like "that voice.....I know that voice... ...HOLYSHIT THAT'S JOHN DE LANCIE!!" then laughs for the next 3 minutes

gah that's gonna bug me now, I can't remember who it was. I wish I had saved it as a lot of the original Let's Watch MLP videos have evaporated into the ether. Sonicsounds, or something.

[edit] CobaltSky, his friend was Soundspeed

It was such a shock at that point when we first saw Discord. All of a sudden FiM had this air of legitimacy to it, and it's hardly surprising that there's a high probability of overlap between Trekkies and bronies.

Au contraire mon cap-i-tan, heee's back!

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