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#124 · 4:16pm January 24th

With my child on an apparent WALL-E watching binge I am reminded that it contains a dynamic that is a very particular soft spot of mine:

Supremely powerful, focused lady with a specific and very important (either actually important or she simply holds it to be important) task to accomplish meets wide-eyed, whimsical fellow who could probably snap in a stiff breeze but keeps going just because he's an incorrigibly cheerful blithe spirit. Together, they find joy in life and probably also get all lovey-dovey and romantic (assuming they have time).

I feel this dynamic would have application with ponies.

...but then I would.

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Next stop: Cackling Moron’s newest fimfic, PON-E

Gee, I can't imagine how. n_n But you'll find a way I'm certain!

Also, your kid has good taste.

There's just something oddly appealing in the idea of winning the heart of a lady who can fly and toss you around like a sack of flour and also blast great glowing holes in solid rocks with the plasma cannon that she has concealed in her arm.

Maybe that's just me.

Learn from the best. I also got them to watch Short Circuit by billing it a film I watched when I was younger, so therefore it became "Film daddy watched when he was a kid" and it was a raging success.

Ooh, gotta love when kids get hype for stuff you experienced at their age. n_n

I mean to be fair to WALL-E, he is a living trash compactor, he's probably stronger than a lot of the robots on the Axiom.

Oh my gosh I adore that shipping dynamic as well ^^

It's not just you.

There's also something supremely satisfying about the thought of being the person that makes that amazing woman/mare/gynoid smile and laugh with joy.

I recommend *Batteries Not Included for the next watch

ohh, I remember that one! Had it recorded on vhs :D

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