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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Eric, easygoing local human, is winding down for the night when he receives an unexpected visitor.

He is a good host to them.

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Okay, you've got yet another story setup that has instantly hooked me, leaving me wanting more.

Seriously, drug dealers would kill to be as effective as you.

One wonders exactly what a 'folollop' is, in this instance.

A delightful tale none the less.

Bat ponies are the result of concentrate snugglies and cuddles.

Ah, fololloping, what a lovely word. It rolls around the back of my brain, like a story told to me by my grandfather when I was a child. :twilightsmile:

Expected "blah, blah blah!" got aww! instead.

Not disappointed.

How dare you accuse me of producing anything other than blah blah blah.

The song is “Nothing can stop the smooze.” Also I was somewhat disappointed when it showed up in this version of MLP as it wasn’t purple, nor did it form its own acapella bass line.

“And you swoop in and suck their blood?” Eric asked, filling in what seemed like a natural blank.

Lamia looked horrified.

Eric was genuinely amazed. He couldn’t tell if she was joking at first, but then it became abundantly clear to him that she was deadly serious.

What a place! Even the bloodsuckers were nice!

Asking for blood in the same tone a girl scout would sell you cookies? Oh god that's funny.

This really needs a sequel.

I'm amazed I remembered it at all. But then it is hella catchy...

It's a habit.

...and a loose Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy reference...

Love it! But... Since Lamia's not a vampire but a bat pony... And it does cause changes to Eric........ Would he become batman?

good story

I like it.

I think it would be fun to see the further adventures of those two

The monk
“To say that Twilight Sparkle went bugfuck would be like saying the Incredible Hulk had some mild anger management issues.” -DustTraveller

Bat Ponies appeared for like two seconds in the first Luna episode, pulling her chariot. The fandom found them considerably more interesting than the writing staff did.

I'm mainly just picturing what Fluttershy looked like that one time. Because I do what I want. And I liked the fuzzy.

She's the most adorable bloodsucker. Bonus points for the fact that her method of eating basically requires that snuggles be had.

How do they even survive as a species if their whole strategy is simply asking nicely to suck some blood when they almost always get turned down? Do they get donations or buy blood bags from nearby hospitals?

Sweet like candy. This really does read like the first chapter of a longer work.

you wanna learn how to put periods at the end of sentences?


Bad enough I have to deal with CHERNGLERNGS sucking love! *barricades himself in a church, soaked in garlic and holy water, surrounded by crossbows with wooden stakes, and Celestia plopped right beside him.... since she's basically the Sun.*


I get real sleepy after eating, if I could nap I would.

That was an oddly adorable and sweet vignette considering it was about a vampire drinking someone's blood. A nice twist!

To answer your confusion: Batponies are just lunar guard pegasai with an illusion charm placed on them to make them intimidating. In canon, the closest to a real batpony was Flutterbat. In the concept of a multiverse, anything you can imagine is real.

In my head it's Fluttershy I'm picturing. Maybe a different colour. Probably a different colour.

I'm colourblind.

Fuck, I don't even know what Eric looks like. Who cares? Meatpuppet.

Flutterbat was more the result of magical hypnosis gone wrong. Twilight tried using magic to hypnotize a bunch of vampire fruitbats into not eating applejack's appletrees. The spell reflected off an exceptionally shiny apple and reversed onto Fluttershy who was staring at herself in it. She would turn into a feral apple crazy batpony at night and go on a rampage through the orchards. She was fixed but there seems to be a remnant of Flutterbat still in her subconscious.

This is good because I really cannot stress the fluffiness enough

I recommend The Adventures of Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent if you really like batpony cuteness.

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