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This story is a sequel to Just Tell Me The Nasty Bits

Left at a loose end, the local human ends up being asked another question by the eternally-curious Rainbow. He doesn't think too much about why she might ask about what she's asking about. He probably should.
I only put this up yesterday, what featured do? Huh?

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The next one had better have some “relation*ships*”

This is part 2 of 346,723.

I hope you like slow burns and missed opportunities!

I love these.

Love is strange.

Note, if I ever end up in Equestria, set up a 20 foot radius cootie ban.

Not sure if this is "Anonymous in Equestria" or "Oblivious in Equestria". :)

"Guy fails to notice obvious attempt to convey romantic overtures" is a deep, refreshing well from which we all drink.

Oh come on! How thick are you man? I could have picked up those signals with two rocks and a bent coat hanger! Heck, even Patrick Star could have figured this one out!

In his defence he did wake up somewhere unusual. He doesn't know the etiquette! He doesn't want to presume.

In my defence, chaps being dense about the romantically obvious is a delicious agony, and I'm revelling in inflicting it.

Anon's logic admits he's ok with a marefriend, admits that all the qualities he's looking are also what Rainbow has, then 404 logic not found leading in to a confused Dash.

this is the a equivalent to getting the first question wrong in a test. e.g " Name: 4.996"

a Good read by the way

The aim was sort of to have people going "Listen to what you just said, you idiot! Open your eyes!" and I seem to have achieved this.

you're a evil and despicable person, I shall follow your leadership of eternal romantic frustration.

:rainbowhuh: films?
:flutterrage: forget Hurricane Fluttershy?
:rainbowlaugh: Films Yes!
:facehoof: . . .

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